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Software Weekly - 03/04/2019

Internet of things, FindCollabs, incidents and lessons, UI redesign, Docker vulnerabilities & more 


Last week’s most popular episode:  AWS Internet of Things with Dirk Didascalou. Learn about IoT security, edge computing and deployments, and machine learning for the edge. Dirk takes us through various requirements and infrastructure needed for complete IoT solutions.

Old favorite: Car and IoT Security with Chris Craig. Craig talks about cloud and network security, IoT security, and how it impacts our smart cars. A fascinating show about how digital security is physical security.

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China Scale: the New Sandbox to Battle-Test Innovative Technology. China's tech contributions are growing. Lots of open-source comes from China and some of the biggest and best tech companies and innovations are emerging.

FindCollabs is a product we have been working on to enable people to find and collaborate with each other. If you want to try it out, you can go to We are sponsoring a series of hackathons on FindCollabs. Our first hackathon started on Sunday March 3, and ends at 11:59 PM PST on Saturday March 16. 

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Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Incidents — Trends from the Trenches. Love these lessons from analyzing major outages and incidents. Major causes of outages: changes and config drifts. 40% of incidents self-mitigated before respondents figured out what was wrong! Read for potential ways to improve. 

Serverless Architectures I/III: Design and technical trade-offs. High-level definition of serverless and pros and cons of it.

Practical Go: Real world advice for writing maintainable Go programs. Principles that apply for other programming languages also based on principles of simplicity, readability, and productivity.

Redesigning the Discord Overlay. Discord takes us from the inception through productization of their UI overlay. Really amazing design thinking.

Fescar: A Distributed Transaction Solution Open Sourced by Alibaba. Interesting solutions to distributed transactions. I would like to see performance numbers and reliability measures, but in the meantime check the article for a detailed explanation and great illustrations on how this works.

Seven Myths in Machine Learning Research. How good are our training methods? 

A brief introduction to Markov chains. Markov chains were one of my fave things in grad school. This article explains what they are, how they work, and how to use them, with some mathematics sprinkled throughout. Check it out and learn about another classic ML algorithm.

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What's New in Tech

Top ten most popular Docker images each contain at least 30 vulnerabilities. Surprising? No. Hopefully seeing the numbers encourages better tracking of dependencies and vulnerabilities in public Docker images.

The battle against cashless stores. Cashless stores discriminate against those without bank accounts or credit cards -- mostly the poor, the elderly, or immigrants. The real technological innovation needs to focus on our communities and social advancements.

Microsoft Excel will now let you snap a picture of a spreadsheet and import it. Why did we need to wait 'til 2019 for this?! Great news though.

Lyft plans to spend $300 million on Amazon Web Services through 2021. That's $8M/month. Everyone is talking about the huge AWS spend, but when your revenue is in the billions, this infrastructure cost is negligible. And picking a cloud provider allows Lyft to focus on its business, ride-sharing, and not data center operations.

HPE OneView is the foundation for building a software-defined data center. HPE OneView integrates compute, storage, and networking resources across your data center and leverages a unified API to enable IT to manage infrastructure as code. Go to and learn about how HPE OneView can improve your infrastructure operations.

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