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Software Weekly - 03/25/2019

Serverless GraphQL, code reviews, data masking, QUIC, multi-threading Redis, defending YAML, cloud gaming & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Serverless GraphQL with Tanmai Gopal. Tanmai, the CEO of Hasura, discusses the advantages of using serverless functions together with GraphQL, and how to architect an event-based serverless application. 

Old favorite: GraphQL and Relay with Nick Schrock. Nick, one of the co-creators of GraphQL, talks about what GraphQL is, how it's different from REST, what Relay is, and more.

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SE Daily Events

A live recording of Software Engineering Daily: A Conversation with Haseeb Qureshi. Wed April 3, 6PM PDT in San Francisco. Come meet Jeff in person. Register for the event at the link above. Also, check out the podcast episode: Crypto Bubble with Haseeb Qureshi.

FindCollabs Hackathon: $5000 in prizes. The FindCollabs Online Hackathon is already underway. We are meeting at App Academy (April 6 at 10 AM in SF) so you can find collaborators and put together your project to compete for the first place prize of $4000. Check out this post from Jeff: FindCollabs: Share Your Open Source Projects and Find Collaborators.

We hope to see you there. Reach out if you have any questions.

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Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Serverless is a State of Mind. Serverless is not just Lambda. It's how you think about architecture and infrastructure. Serverless is focusing on business value. 

Protocols are Important: Martin Thompson at QCon London. Martin discusses documenting protocols and how protocol choices are important, including encoding and sync vs async.

Agile Does Not Mean Unstructured. Better summarized as "Agile is not an excuse for poor planning."

Boosting application performance and reducing costs with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis. AWS makes improvements to Redis based ElasticCache by off-loading network processing to a different CPU, breaking away from the Redis single-process, single-thread model.

Why Fastly loves QUIC and HTTP/3. Fastly explains what QUIC is and how that allows for better connectivity at the edge/PoP. 

How to Reindex One Billion Documents in One Hour at SoundCloud. Use large batch sizes and know a lot about the internals of Elasticsearch in order to optimize it.

How To Start Reviewing Code. This is helpful for those comfortable with reviews and those wanting to improve their code review process.

How On-Demand Pricing Slashed our DynamoDB Bill by 90%. For spiky workloads, serverless/managed/on-demand is really the best way to go.

In Defense of YAML. YAML is being used as a programming language and that's the flaw. I tend to agree, but also I don't like that there is no way to validate the integrity of a YAML file.

Data Masking in the World of GDPR. From a database security perspective, how can we anonymize or obscure data to comply with GDPR.

Azure Container Service simplifies the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes. Check out the Azure Container Service at

What's New in Tech

The arrival of Java 12! A new garbage collector that reduces GC pause times by doing evacuation work concurrently with the running Java threads.

Google Stadia: Everything we know. At GDC, Google outlined its plans to change gaming forever by introducing a cloud-based gaming experience that will overtake console gaming.

Aluminum manufacturing giant Norsk Hydro shut down by ransomware. I worry when this happens at an airport or power plant. Security is important.

Facebook Stored Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords in Plain Text for Years. Do we need regulations that dictate how we store passwords? Without auditing/enforcement how do we protect our information?

GoCD is a continuous delivery tool created by ThoughtWorks. It’s great to see the continued progress on GoCD with the new Kubernetes integrations–and you can check it out for yourself at
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