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Software Weekly - 08/26/2019

Open-source models, static analysis, inaccessible captcha, WebAssembly interfaces, fingerprint breaches & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Open Source Business Models with Karthik Ranganathan, Heather Meeker, and Matt Asay. Three open-source leaders join the show to talk about open source business models, discussing their experiences with open source databases and other software products.  

Old favorite: Uber’s Monitoring Platform with Rob Skillington. Rob talks about monitoring at Uber–from the requirements of the system to the implementation of M3, a monitoring system built to scale Prometheus and effectively scale storage and compute for data.

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Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Static Analysis at Scale: An Instagram Story. Instagram runs a Python monolith. To keep things sane, they rely on automatic linting (they go into great detail on how it works) and automated code refactoring mods. Quite amazing. Don't try this at home, kids.

The 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps: Elite performance, productivity, and scaling. "No 'one size fits all' approach, but concurrent efforts drive success." "Elite performers are more likely to use the cloud." "Low performers use more proprietary software than high and elite performers." Read for insights on how your organization can help your people perform better. 

The problem with counterfactuals. Counterfactual reasoning doesn’t help to avoid or deal with future incidents. Instead, you need to understand the conditions that enabled past incidents to occur.

Inaccessibility of CAPTCHA. The very nature of the interactive task inherently excludes many people with disabilities, resulting in a denial of service to these users. Research findings also indicate that many popular CAPTCHA techniques are no longer particularly effective or secure.

Lesson Learned from Queries over 1.3 Trillion Rows of Data Within Milliseconds of Response Time at MySQL didn't scale enough so use TiDB, a distributed SQL database hitting p99.9 of 50ms for queries (take it with a grain of salt: measuring SQL query performance is hard because you can have convoluted SQL statements). 

Amazon Prime Day 2019 – Powered by AWS. I am always a fan of managed services and seeing the scale of the managed services that AWS provides is amazing. DynamoDB peaked at 45.4 million requests per second. 426K EC2 servers. 63 petabytes of disk storage (EBS). If you haven't read it already, read the original DynamoDB paper. On another note, DigitalOcean introduced managed MySQL and Redis. Now please stop managing your own database servers.

Common Design Patterns in Distributed Architectures. Learn about CQRS, 2-phase commits, sagas and side-cars. 

How Rust optimizes async/await: Part 1. It's amazing that we can see a language evolve over time. Learn about generators and async/await. (Both are supported in JavaScript, which is way ahead of its time).

WebAssembly Interface Types: Interoperate with All the Things!. A deeper look at what it means to run WebAssembly outside the browser and how it will work with different native modules (from compiled to C++ to interpreted like Python). 

Injecting Chaos to Amazon EC2 using Amazon System Manager. The author warns about using this in production blindly. I want to emphasize that chaos engineering is not just about injecting failures. It's also about having tooling that automates the process and does it safely, rolls back automatically, and integrates with your infrastructure and monitoring. Using SSM is dangerous and I wouldn't recommend it. is a team management platform that brings all your work, external tools and communication into one place, making cross-team collaboration easy. You can try and get a 14 day trial by going to And if you decide to become a customer, you will get 10% off by using coupon code SEDAILY.

What's New in Tech

The year-long rash of supply chain attacks against open source is getting worse. The attacks are happening through backdoors in OSS libraries added by the attackers. Can you trust anything anymore?!

New Data Breach Has Exposed Millions Of Fingerprints And Facial Recognition Records: Report. The problem with biometrics is you can't reset your face or fingerprints. Biometrics for identification is not the same as passwords, social security, or credit card numbers.

Google, Apple, and Mozilla block Kazakhstan government’s browser spying. Each company deployed a solution unique to its browser and blocked Kazakhstan's root certificate.

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