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Software Weekly - 09/09/2019

Delta DevOps, federated GraphQL, ORMs are backwards, interactive SSH, IgushArray, message tracing infrastructure & more


Last week’s most popular episode: DevOps at Delta Air Lines with Jasmine James. Jasmine joins the show to talk through the process of changing the developer culture within Delta, as well as what it is like to build software for an airline.

Old favorite: DevOps Handbook with Gene Kim. Gene discusses his book, The DevOps Handbook, which explores how to move an organization toward DevOps.

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Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Federated GraphQL Server at Scale: Zillow Rental Manager Real-time Chat Application. Why a federated GraphQL server helped to achieve developer productivity and synergy between different teams.

Inca — Message Tracing and Loss Detection For Streaming Data @Netflix Built on top of Kafka, Netflix designed a message tracing system for their data infrastructure. Learn from the scalability challenges and what didn't go so well for Inca.

ORMs are backwards. "They force you to design schemas in your implementation language (Python, JavaScript, Java) and then export them to SQL ‘somehow.’ (The ‘somehow’ is usually a half-baked migration tool)."

Array with Constant Time Access and Fast Insertion and Deletion. Very interesting read. By using an array of pointers to point to double-ended queues, we get something between a list and an array.

How Web Content Can Affect Power Usage. Learn about building efficient user interactions (goal is zero CPU while you are in the background).

Building interactive SSH applications. Learn a thing or two about shells and SSH application authentication.

Our journey to type checking 4 million lines of Python & how Dropbox's move to typechecking Python increased their performance.
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What's New in Tech

Fraudsters deepfake CEO’s voice to trick manager into transferring $243,000. That's why I and any others never pick up the phone anymore and only text.

In a swipe at Chrome, Firefox now blocks ad trackers by default. Good for users maybe but websites might not be so happy about that. is a team management platform that brings all your work, external tools and communication into one place, making cross-team collaboration easy. You can try and get a 14 day trial by going to And if you decide to become a customer, you will get 10% off by using coupon code SEDAILY.


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