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Software Weekly - 01/06/2020

Roblox Engineeering, why distributed systems, websockets fun, experimentation engine, AI radiologist & more


Recent popular episode: Roblox Engineering with Claus Moberg. Claus discuss the engineering of Roblox and the future of gaming. He is a vice president of engineering at Roblox. Roblox is a system where anyone can design and monetize their own games within Roblox.

Old favorite: Niantic Real World with Paul Franceus. Paul describes his experience building and launching Pokemon Go, as well as abstracting the technology from Pokemon Go and opening up the Niantic Real World platform to developers.

 Heroku knows you need fast access to data and insights so you can bring the most compelling and relevant apps to market. Heroku’s fully managed Postgres, Redis, and Apache Kafka data services help you get started faster, and be more productive, which means you can focus on building data-driven apps, not data infrastructure. Visit to learn more about Heroku's managed data services.

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Why do we need distributed systems? The short answer is availability, durability, and efficiency. The long answer: read the article.

Build Your Own WebAssembly Compiler. How much do you know about compliers and how much do you know about WebAssembly? Learn more about WebAssembly and how to build a compiler for it. Lesson is WebAssembly is a relatively simple virtual machine.

Making the LinkedIn experimentation engine 20x faster. A shared library deployed across the company for randomized splitting of and segmentation of a population and assignment of an experiment variant faced challenges with memory, garbage collection, and execution speed. A rewrite and a rearchitecture led to 20x improvement in performance. Many great design patterns here.

What Are the React Team Principles? 1. UI Before API 2. Absorb the Complexity 3. Hacks, Then Idioms 4. Enable Local Reasoning 5. Progressive Complexity 6. Contain the Damage 7. Trust the Theory. You have to read the article to actually understand what those phrases mean. Facebook does have a unique way of engineering, the React team especially.

Improving Incident Retrospectives at Indeed. What's a safety culture and why do we need one as part of a retrospective process? How can we improve remediation and still drive organizational change?

Microservices and Biological Systems. "Biological systems, which evolved over millions of years, are much more complex, have a considerable amount of redundancy and lack a direct top-down control architecture as found in software like the Linux kernel." "Good microservices come from using the foundation of well written monoliths as a template for splitting out and creating smaller components." It's science!

WebSockets for fun and profit. From request/reply to websockets and everything you need to know about messaging on the internet. An inside look at websockets under the hood.

The 2010s in Software Development. What was new in 2010s? What was an improvement? What has been stable throughout the years? (Java!!!).

Year in Review: 2019 Highlights from the Uber Engineering Blog. Uber produces some of the most innovative open-source tech in the industry and they really love sharing what they are doing. From analytics engines, to QUIC optimizations, to the M3 monitoring platform, there is so much to read and learn.
What You Probably Didn't Know About SUDO. Learn about aliases, users, groups, sessions, digests, and more.

Datadog's intuitive, full-stack monitoring platform provides unified insights into your metrics, traces, and logs. Check it out.

What's New in Tech

Ghosts in the Clouds: Inside China’s Major Corporate Hack. "The hackers seemed to be everywhere. In one of the largest-ever corporate espionage efforts, cyberattackers alleged to be working for China’s intelligence services stole volumes of intellectual property, security clearance details and other records from scores of companies over the past several years."

Driving sideways to move forward: Stanford engineers show how an autonomous, drifting DeLorean can improve driver safety. Engineers in Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab are teaching a driverless DeLorean to steer with the agility and precision of a human driver with a goal of improving how autonomous cars handle in hazardous conditions.

Google’s AI breast cancer screening tool is learning to generalize across countries. DeepMind and Google Health have developed a new AI system to help doctors detect breast cancer early. The researchers trained an algorithm on mammogram images from female patients in the US and UK, and it performed better than human radiologists.

Wall Street’s year in the public cloud: we tracked which big banks are starting to embrace using the tech. Exchanges were the early adopters of the public cloud on Wall Street. However, some of the biggest players have resisted the tech.
 MongoDB is the most popular document-based database built for modern application developers and the cloud era. Try MongoDB today with Atlas, the global cloud database service that runs on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Configure, deploy, and connect to your database in just a few minutes. Check it out at


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