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Software Weekly - 09/03/2019

Facebook engineering process, Paxos, modern applications, code coverage, avoid lock-in, Reactgate, Twitter CEO hacked & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Facebook Engineering Process with Kent Beck. Kent discusses his time at Facebook, and how the company’s approach to building and scaling products thoroughly reshaped his beliefs about software engineering, some that he had previously thought were immutable.

Old favorite: Facebook GraphQL with Lee Byron. Lee, one of the co-creators of GraphQL, tells the story of GraphQL and how it fits into Facebook’s shift to mobile. A fascinating episode about GraphQL and Facebook culture.

GitLab Commit, GitLab’s inaugural community event, is intended to be a home for learning and collaboration, so we can all experience success through DevOps transformations. Commit to making the DevOps process better. Brooklyn, NY September 17, 2019. Go to with code COMMITSED to save 30% on conference passes.

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

The Paxos Algorithm or How to Win a Turing Award. If you are here to learn about Distributed Systems this is the best thing you will see this week. Two videos by Leslie Lamport on Paxos and TLA+ by their creator.

Modern applications at AWS. Werner Vogel, CTO at Amazon, discusses two-pizza teams, microservices, databases, operational, and security aspects of running AWS.

Code Coverage. Amazing post by about how to instrument your code, including behind the scenes looks at how code coverage tools work. This includes sophisticated coded coverage reporting for end-to-end testing and full integrations.

Tests from the crypt. "Think of chaos engineering as unit testing your monitoring and alerting—or as exorcising your haunted house." Some truly fascinating stories about failures and lessons for monitoring your monitoring, and how to prevent failures by testing using chaos engineering.

Don't get locked up into avoiding lock-in. A question that is on top of every CTO, VP and engineer's mind. Are you locked in? Dive into different mental models and layers of lock-in.

An Engineer’s Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep. Rethink your operations and support. Focus on fixing what's broken. Push on Fridays. Automate failure recovery. Break things and practice.

An explanation of the difference between Isolation levels vs. Consistency levels. Disambiguate the difference precisely and understand how today's databases make technical tradeoffs between the two. 

Things I Learnt from a Senior Software Engineer. Great reminder and learning resource even if you are a senior software engineer already.

Should you be using Web Workers? (hint: probably not). Seems controversial but the author takes a very commonsense approach to decide when to offload processing to a different thread vs processing on the same thread. is a team management platform that brings all your work, external tools and communication into one place, making cross-team collaboration easy. You can try and get a 14 day trial by going to And if you decide to become a customer, you will get 10% off by using coupon code SEDAILY.

What's New in Tech

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was hacked Friday. Here's how to safeguard your Twitter account. If Jack can get hacked, then seriously nobody is safe online (we all knew that right?!). The advice in the article is sound, including using Google Voice instead of a phone number.

React, a popular open source project that started at Facebook, is adopting a new code of conduct after several people on Twitter called out racism in the community. After reading the article I want you to watch this video: How Privilege Defines Performance by Tatiana Mac.

 With Triplebyte, you do one online interview, and then you get to go straight to final interviews at hundreds of companies (from tech giants like Dropbox to exciting startups). It’s like the Common App for software engineers. No resume needed. Apply now at If you take a job through Triplebyte, you’ll get a $1000 signing bonus.


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