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Software Weekly - 05/28/2019

Monorepos at Google, AutoML intro, Python logging, the art of programming, Facebook coin & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Monolithic Repositories with Ciera Jaspan. Ciera discusses repository management, internal tooling, and Google’s approach to researching developer productivity within the company.

Old favorite: GitLab with Pablo Carranza. Pablo discusses GitLab’s product, the engineering stack, and a postmortem of an outage from January 2017.

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FindCollabs 2nd hackathon

The FindCollabs Open has started. It is our second FindCollabs hackathon, and we are giving away $2500 in prizes. The prizes will be awarded in categories such as machine learning, business plan, music, visual art, and JavaScript. If one of those areas sounds interesting to you, check out!

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Introduction to Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) by Gokhan Simsek. Learn more about automating the creation of machine learning models.

Flexible data tables with CSS Grid. CSS is a truly powerful language and this post is great learning for everyone, front-end expert or not.

Technical Debt. An updated post by Martin Fowler. What is Technical Debt and what can we do about it?

4 Serverless Myths to Understand Before Getting Started with AWS. Serverless is a natural next step in the evolution of cloud technology but don’t be fooled by common myths!

WebAssembly at eBay: A Real-World Use Case. Learn how eBay used WebAssembly to build a barcode scanner for the web with consistent native speeds.

Python Logging: A Stroll Through the Source Code. Truly marvelous read with low-level details about how logging works to best practices and design patterns for using logging.

How We Moved from Heroku to Google Kubernetes Engine. Great lessons summarized in the article. My favorite: "Simple Usually Beats Complicated."

The Art of Programming. "Computation is exact, but programming is not. The first is a result of a machine operation, and the latter is still a human activity."

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What's New in Tech

Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' currency in 2020. I would have named it ZuckBucks. Facebook could truly make an impact in the world of payments since the majority of people use Facebook products (including WhatsApp and Instagram).

GitHub launches Sponsors, lets you pay your favorite open-source contributors. GitHub seems to be moving fast and adding a ton of value to their product and OSS ecosystem.

Hobbling Huawei: Inside the U.S. war on China’s tech giant. Google pulled Android from Huawei. Other companies are pulling away from Huawei on claims of IP theft, cyber security threats and more. 

GoCD is a continuous delivery tool created by ThoughtWorks. It’s great to see the continued progress on GoCD with the new Kubernetes integrations–and you can check it out for yourself at
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