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Software Weekly - 04/22/2019

Protein deep learning, Google Cloud Next, AutoML, estimates, scientific JavaScript, folded phone disaster & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Protein Structure Deep Learning with Mohammed Al Quraishi. Mohammed explores the interplay between biology and computer systems and DeepMind's AlphaFold involvement in protein structure machine learning.

Old favorite: Data Engineering Automation with Mike Kim. Learn about smart query and reporting tools and the advances of data engineering.

With MongoDB Atlas, you can take advantage of MongoDB’s flexible document data model as a fully automated cloud service. MongoDB Atlas handles all the costly database operations and admin tasks that you’d rather not spend time on, like security, high availability, data recovery, monitoring, and elastic scaling.Try MongoDB Atlas for free today! Visit to learn more.

Google Cloud Next 19 Recap

Google Cloud Next | New Hybrid Cloud ‘Anthos,’ Partnerships, Data Centres. A hybrid cloud management product based on Kubernetes.

All 29 AI announcements from Google Next ‘19: the smartest laundry list. Some Amazing AI APIs. AutoML for everything (ML without coding!). A lot of ML on BigQuery.

The Good and the Bad of Google Cloud Run. Serverless for those who like containers.

Some Videos of the conf are online, like keynote.

Recap Day 1. Hybrid cloud, full-stack serverless, open-source partnerships, and more​.
Recap Day 2. Working smarter, better, and more securely in the cloud.​
Recap Day 3. Building the cloud community.

Netlify is a modern way to build and manage fast, modern websites that run without the need for addressable web servers. Netlify is “serverless.” Automatic forms, identity management, and tools to manage and transform large images and media. Learn more about Netlify’s powerful platform at

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Thundering Herds & Promises. Instagram caches promises instead of actual values! A simple way to help increase system stability.

Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model. We are bad at estimating. Bad estimate + bad estimate = extremely bad estimate.

15 Reasons Your Query Was Fast Yesterday, But Slow Today. Short & to the point (or 15 of them).

Pyodide: Bringing the scientific Python stack to the browser. You can use NumPy, Pandas, Scipy, and Matplotlib in the browser!

Designing a modern serverless application with AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate. "For about the price of my daily cup of coffee I can have an application crawling more than 80k open source repos a day."

BosqueLanguage by Microsoft Research (the creators of TypeScript). Immutable everything. Not production-ready yet, but interesting for language design purposes. My favorite feature is Typed Strings!

Improving Key Expiration in Redis. How Twitter experimented to improve its key expiration in Redis.

Best Practices for Optimising Video Streams On The Web. Learn about Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.

Linode enables developers to deploy scalable compute, storage, and networking solutions. Experience our new open source Cloud Manager, explore our robust API and CLI, and run power hungry applications on our Dedicated CPU plans. Visit and sign up today with code 'sedaily2019' and get $20 credit towards your new account.

What's New in Tech

Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media, Fearing More Violence. Our prayers are with the people of Sri Lanka who lost loved ones in these horrible attacks. The country stopped social media in order to stop the spread of misinformation. 

Facebook Suffers Third Major Global Outage This Year. #HugOps to the Facebook team.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Review: Broken Dream and a broken screen. Many people were excited about this. Hopefully, the next iteration is better.

A ransomware attack took The Weather Channel off the air. The FBI is investigating.

GoCD is a continuous delivery tool created by ThoughtWorks. It’s great to see the continued progress on GoCD with the new Kubernetes integrations–and you can check it out for yourself at
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