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Software Weekly - Week of 10/22


Last week’s most popular episode: Data Warehouse with Christian Kleinerman. Christian, VP of product at Snowflake Computing, talks about Snowflake's cloud data warehouse. He discusses the difference between a data warehouse, a data lake, and a transactional database.

Old favorite: Indie Hackers with Courtland Allen. Indie Hackers is a community where developer-become-entrepreneurs take their projects to profitability without raising the money. Listen to the Courtland Allen, the creator of the website, talk about bootstrapping software businesses and taking them to market.

Accenture is hiring software engineers and architects skilled in modern cloud native tech. If you’re looking for a job, check out open opportunities at Working with over 90% of the Fortune 100 companies, Accenture is creating innovative, cutting-edge applications for the cloud, and they are the number one integrator for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

Read: From Software Engineering Daily

DataOps and the Data Platform by Kobbi Gal. Kobbi explores DataOps, the filed that's accelerating how data engineering and data science organizations collaborate. Learn about automating data workflows, data integrity, and data reliability.

An Introduction to Database Reliability by Mackenzie Clark. Mackenzie delves into the field of Database Reliability Engineering. Learn about how to plan for database failure, how to exercise such failure scenarios and why to use managed databases.

Stay tuned for more episode summaries, digests, longform articles, and other great content from the SE Daily blog. What else do you want to read about? Let us know.

QCon San Francisco 2018 features 18 editorial tracks with 140+ speakers from places like Uber, Google, Dropbox, Slack, Twitter, and more. At QCon, we create a platform for senior software engineers, team leads, architects, and leaders working at innovator and early adopter companies to share their stories. SED listeners can save $100 off the price of a ticket using the promo code SED100.

What's New in Software Engineering

GithHub launches Actions to execute code. GitHub is changing how we model software development workflowActions are the "biggest thing we’ve done since the pull request.”

AWS Lambda increases function limit to 15 minutes. Your serverless functions can now run longer. I am super excited by this. This opens up the opportunity for more projects to go fully serverless. The 15 minutes should cover the few edge cases for long running processes like image processing. 

Apple releases SwiftNIO. SwiftNio is a cross-platform async event-driven network application framework. It's like Netty but written for Swift. Very exciting for those using Swift for high performance workloads.

How to limit the effectiveness of tools commonly used by malicious actors. A collaboration by five nations, this report highlights publicly-available tools for cyber hacking. Interesting read. Free download.

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Efficient Fault Tolerant Java with Aeron Clustering by Todd Montgomery. Todd introduces Aeron Clustering, a way to deploy replicate state machines in Java. This talk dives into new architecture in Java to build distributed fault tolerant state machines. This is my top recommendation to Software Engineers this week.

SRE: The Biggest Lie Since Kanban by Ernest Mueller. Ernest got a lot of buzz online for his article. Ernest is a proponent of SRE, he is advocating for doing SRE the right away rather than covering up bad practices with fake/shallow SRE practices.

I’m Leaving Google — Here’s the Real Deal Behind Google Cloud by Amir Hermelin. Ex-Googler Amir describes his experience creating the vision and building Google Cloud Platform and discusses the strengths and weakness of GCP.

Facebook Marketplace powered by artificial intelligence. Facebook Marketplace engineers talk about how they used AI to build the product index and scale it up.

Building Respectful Products using Crypto: Lea Kissner at CITP by Nathan Matias. Nathan reviews Google's Lead of Privacy Technology, Lea Kissner's, talk on user safety and physical device security.

DoiT International helps startups optimize the costs of their workloads across Google Cloud and AWS, so that they can spend more time building new software–and less time reducing cost. DoiT International helps clients optimize their costs–and if your cloud bill is over $10,000 per month, you can get a free cost-optimization assessment by going to

What's New in Tech

Lyft hired J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse & Jefferies for its 2019 IPO. Will going first, beating Uber to the public market, help accelerate Lyft's growth in the American market? Uber is valued at $120 billion for possible IPO. Will Uber try to IPO in 2019?

Google's removes the ability to unlock the Pixel 3 via voice. The current rumor is there is a security flaw in the voice recognition. With voice assistants becoming ubiquitous and voice becoming the mechanism to unlocking your phone, car, and home, these flaws could have high risks. 

The Chinese chip spy battle is not over Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, asked Bloomberg for the story to be redacted. Between Apple, Amazon, Microchip and the secretary of the Department of Homeland all denying the reports and existence of any tainted hardware, we await what Bloomberg will do. Who do you believe? Check out this interesting commentary.

YouTube was down for about an hour last week. The outage was unplanned and took the internet by surprise. Some called 911 to report the outage, some took to Twitter to vent. We are sending #OpsHugs to the YouTube team.

Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen passes away. The world lost a great technology pioneer. Read the kind words people shared about Paul Allen here.

Mesosphere’s Kubernetes-as-a-service provides single-click Kubernetes deployment with simple management, security features, and high availability to make your Kubernetes deployment easy. To find out how Mesosphere Kubernetes-as-a-Service can help you easily deploy Kubernetes, check out today.
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