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Software Weekly - 11/12/2018

Machine Learning Fixing Bugs, Cloud Costs, Scaling MySQL,
Containerless Serverless & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Commons Clause with Kevin Wang. Kevin built FOSSA, an open-source tool that helps you manage other open-source software. Great overview of software licensing and the Commons Clause, recently introduced to the Redis project. Understand how software licensing and compliance affects your business and product.

Old favorite: Uber’s Postgres Problems with Evan Klitzke. Learn about Uber's migration from Postgres to MySQL and the distributed database challenges that made this move necessary.

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Read: From Software Engineering Daily

Cloud Cost Optimization by Harrison Flatau. Explore the pillars of cloud computing cost optimization and how to monitor and reduce your cloud costs

Converged Data Platform: Unifying Streaming Data using MapR by Gokhan Simsek. Explore differences between batch and real-time processing and how MapR provides a converged platform for all your data needs.

12 Factor Applications with GatsbyJS by Scott Taylor. Learn how GatsbyJS can help you build static sites with code examples. Truly serverless. Scott was also previously a guest on this SE Daily episode on React and GraphQL at New York Times.

How we serve 25M API calls from 10 scalable global endpoints for $150 a month by Jonathan Kosgei. How ipdata went from 503 error codes to 25M API calls going serverless. Great lessons at the end.

Capacity planning for Etsy’s web and API clusters by Daniel Schauenberg. Another article this week about planning your cloud capacity and reducing costs and the tool, Ausbilck, Etsy built to visualize and democratize capacity forecasting.

Stay tuned for more episode summaries, digests, longform articles, and other great content from the SE Daily blog. What else do you want to read about? Let us know.

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What's New in Software Engineering

Getafix: How Facebook tools learn to fix bugs automatically. Facebook built an AI to fix bugs automatically. Including this in the NEW section because it's a huge advancement for Software Engineering! The article is great and goes into details on how they built this and what it can do.

MLPerf: A broad ML benchmark suite for measuring performance of ML software frameworks, ML hardware accelerators, and ML cloud platforms. Many companies, researchers, and universities submitted benchmarks to help characterize ML software, frameworks, and hardware in the future. Dave Patterson talks about this and more in this SE Daily episode on Computer Architecture.

Announcing Cloud Scheduler: a modern, managed cron service for automated batch jobs. Google announces a cloud cron scheduler. This opens doors to many serverless applications on GCP

Post implementation, GDPR costs higher than expected. 6 months in, companies realized they are paying a lot of money to become GDPR compliant. What is GDPR?

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Build, Buy, or Customize? How New Relic’s Engineering Ops Team Decides on Tools. Read about New Relic's approach of buying and customizing and building on top of other tooling. I really like their Slack integration. I love useful Slackbots like this one.

Sharding Cash: scaling up the CashApp database with Vitess. Square used Vitess to shard and scale up their MySQL database. Great visualizations and some interesting learnings about transactions. Also check out the 
SE Daily episode on Vitess: Scaling MySQL with Sugu Sougoumarane.

Cloud Computing without ContainersCloudflare built their serverless infrastructure using V8's Isolates (basically very small and cheap processes using the same technology that runs Node). It has a lot of limitations but is an interesting read on a different type of Serverless that's not based on containers. Also check out the SE Daily episode on Serverless at the Edge with Kenton Varda.

Takeaways from ServerlessNYC 2018. Jeremy Daly sums up his learnings from ServerlessNYC, from Unlimited Scale to how Unlimited has limits, and how Serverless fails. Unique take on data and how that's the hardest part about applications.  

What You Have To Fear From Artificial Intelligence.
Non-tech read on terrifying developments in AI, specifically focusing on counterfeit audio, video, and bots. Thought-provoking especially with Google's Duplex AI rolling out soon.

Why Big Tech pays poor Kenyans to teach self-driving cars. Non-tech article. In Nairobi, Kenya, workers prepare tags, annotations, analysis, and data used for training AI systems.

Azure Container Service simplifies the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes. Check out the Azure Container Service at

What's New in Tech

VMware acquires Heptio, the startup founded by 2 co-founders of Kubernetes. VMare is diving into Kubernetes space and putting a strong bet that containers and Kubernetes is the future.

Facebook’s GraphQL gets its own open-source foundation. GraphQL is moving into its own GraphQL Foundation hosted by Linux Foundation. Huge investments and standardization going to GraphQL.

WarehouseAWS CEO Jassy Taunts Oracle’s Ellison After Amazon Turns Off Oracle Data. Amazon moves off Oracle and AWS's CEO taunts Oracle's CEO. Check out the tweet here

Microsoft develops flexible AI system that can summarize the news. Microsoft built an AI framework to understand weakly structured text and summarize it. Read for an easy summary of the work using a hybrid sequence encoder and a neural network.

Flaws in major encrypting SSDs allow attackers to bypass encryption and decrypt data. Researchers discovered major flaws in SSDs where attackers can access encrypted data on self-encrypting SSDs.

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