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Software Weekly - 10/29/2018

Javascript with Google, breaking MongoDB, IBM acquired Red Hat, websites in 2018


Last week’s most popular episode: Google JavaScript with Malte Ubl. Learn about Google's advanced JavaScript Engineering work and the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project. Malte discussed AMP and JavaScript innovations being built to make the internet faster.

Old favorite: Rust with Steve Klabnik. Learn about Rust the programming language and its inception at Mozilla. Explore Rust's features of memory management, type safety, and concurrency. 

OpenShift is a Kubernetes platform from Red Hat. OpenShift takes the Kubernetes container orchestration system and adds features that let you build software more quickly. OpenShift includes service discovery, CI/CD, built-in monitoring and health management, and scalability. With OpenShift, you avoid getting locked into any particular cloud provider. Check out OpenShift from RedHat, by going

Read: From Software Engineering Daily

MongoDB Atlas: Database as a Service by Gokhan Simsek. MongoDB provides a highly available distributed NoSQL database with a fully managed offering. Very useful if you are considering database options.

React and GraphQL at the NYTimes by Adam Conrad. Adam takes us through NYTimes' journey and how they refactored their front end to use GraphQL, React, and Relay and built their next-gen media website.

Recommendation Systems by Gokhan Simsek. Gokhan takes us on a journey through recommendation systems, what they are, and explores both old and modern approaches.

Finding the Right Company Values by Adam Conrad. Learn how to discover your personal key values and how to match them with company key values.

Stay tuned for more episode summaries, digests, longform articles, and other great content from the SE Daily blog. What else do you want to read about? Let us know.

Jaspersoft offers embeddable reports, dashboards, and data visualizations that developers love. Give users intuitive access to data in the ideal place for them to take action—within your application. To check out Jaspersoft, go to find out how easy it is to embed reporting and analytics into your application.

What's New in Software Engineering

Jespen verifies MongoDB sharded cluster properties by Kit Patella. Recommended Read of the Week. Jespen ran tests in order to verify some of MongoDB's recent claims about casual consistency. Jespen tends to find limitations in the guarantees made by distributed systems and works with the vendors on correcting them. Read this and learn about system verification and systems safety.

Consistency without Clocks: The FaunaDB Distributed Transaction Protocol by Matt Freels. One of the new NewSQL databases, FaunaDB is similar to CoackroachDB and Google's Spanner. FaunaDB shared the findings in a very interesting read about how to solve the global consistency problem. Without atomic clocks, I don't think FaunaDB or CoackroachDB can truly compete with Spanner.

RedisGraph, a graph database module for Redis. Delve into how the creators made a graph-based database on top of Redis. Get the simplicity and power of Redis and build graph databases. Check out the Redis demos.

gRPC-Web is going GA. gRPC-Web, a Javascript client that allows building pure gRPC end-to-end applications. This is an uprising against the REST paradigm. Will be interesting to see how this gets adopted and how it runs in production.

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Websites in 2018. Click the link. No explanation is needed. Also check out Simple Server Side Rendering at Scale.

TEN PLATFORM COMMANDMENTS by Charity Majors. Great commandments for building distributed systems and platforms

Unikernels: No Longer an Academic Exercise. With the introduction of Unikernels as Processes paper at SoCC '18, Unikernels could be coming up as the next productivity tool in Linux systems. Think next-gen Docker.

Microservices Design Guide by Thilina Ashen Gamage. Thilina goes over an introduction to microservices, design patterns, and best practices. Good read for the novice and a great refresher for the experts.

OOP is dead, long live OOP by Hodgman. Hogdman makes a claim about how to write Object Oriented Programming and discusses the Entity-Component-Systems framework. The article is very controversial but I still think it's an interesting read, and you get to think more about OOP and ECS frameworks. Also check out the Hacker News comments. My opinion: all code sucks sometimes, OOP is no exception.

Triplebyte is a company that connects engineers with top tech companies. We’re running an experiment and our hypothesis is that Software Engineering Daily listeners will do well above average on the quiz. Go to

What's New in Tech

IBM acquired Red Hat for $34 Billion. Red Hat will join IBM's Hybrid Cloud Unit. Does this mean IBM is endorsing more Open Source? Red Hat is to continue its partnerships with other cloud providers, AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Hubble Telescope’s Broken Gyroscope Seemingly Fixed After Engineers Try Turning It Off and On Again. Turning it Off and On Again fixed it. Can we do this for all production outages? Do we need monitoring and devops if we can just turn everything on and off when it breaks?!

Yale Researchers broke Smart Living Home app during a load test. Customers were unable to disarm their alarms or use the app to manage their smart homes. Cloud failures can be catastrophic to those who depend on them. Another lesson: make sure to inform your dependencies before running a load test.

Apple's Tim Cooks calls for stricter US privacy laws. Tim is becoming more and more a champion for user privacy with Apple leading the way asking for stricter regulations. "Profits over privacy."

Microsoft completes GitHub acquisition. Together, Microsoft and GitHub are positioned to change how we think about collaboration, open-source, and future of technology. Overall positive sentiment from the public over the acquisition.

TikTok’s owner Bytedance is now the world’s most valuable startup. A company you probably never heard of overtook Uber as the most valuable startup. Bytedance is valued at $75 billion. TikTok is a social video sharing platform.

Azure Container Service simplifies the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes. Check out the Azure Container Service at
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