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Software Weekly - 10/07/2019

Self-driving engineering, testing in production, networking at scale, abstractions, design system development, MFA & more


Last week’s most popular episode: Cruise: Self-Driving Engineering with Mo Elshenawy. Mo talks about the engineering that is required to develop fully self-driving car technology, as well as how to structure teams to align the roles of product design, software engineering, testing, machine learning, and hardware.

Old favorite: Self-Driving Engineering with George Hotz. George explains how normal cars can be augmented with advanced cruise control and lane-assist features using Comma hardware with a deep dive on the software stack and machine learning infrastructure.

[Free Resource] DevOps with MongoDB: Learn how to integrate DevOps practices into your MongoDB development cycle as well as how to leverage the automation tools in MongoDB Atlas to simplify your operations and accelerate development cycles. Check out this free resource.

Interesting Picks in Software Engineering and Architecture

Testing in Production: the hard parts. Blast radius, outages, deployments, recovery, rollbacks and more. This is the best article you are going to read this week. 

Programming Languages InfoQ Trends Report - October 2019. Nothing too surprising: PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript are very popular, Python is on the rise. Go & Rust are still in the early adoption stages.

Networking @Scale 2019 recap. Lots of interesting talks with speakers from Google, Microsoft, Netflix, and AWS. Highly recommend "Failing last and least: Design principles for network availability."

A Detailed Explanation of Abstraction in Software Development. The post goes into everything from what abstractions are and why we need them, to specific software and objected-oriented implementations, and pitfalls of abstractions.

How Sqreen handles 50,000 requests every minute in a write-heavy environment. Great advice: cache, use queues, deploy often, and use managed services.

Processing 40 TB of code from ~10 million projects with a dedicated server and Go for $100 (13129 words). The post goes into detail about every detail of the project. The main takeaway here is you don't need to set up an EMR Cluster or do any special big data infrastructure most of the time.

Design Systems for Developers. An actual guide on how to build a design system and how to extract it from existing interfaces.

SQL queries don't start with SELECT. Do you know the correct ordering of how SQL is evaluated? 

A standard webpage process tree with and without AdBlock on. These ads are really consuming lots of energy.

API Management vs API Gateway and where does API Analytics and Monitoring fit? Learn the benefits of an API Gateway (the actual proxy server) and how it is different from infra for managing APIs and API Gateways.

Jaspersoft offers embeddable reports, dashboards, and data visualizations that developers love. Give users intuitive access to data in the ideal place for them to take action—within your application. To check out a sample application with embedded analytics, go to

What's New in Tech

Three threats posed by deepfakes that technology won’t solve. We need human moderation. Relying on technology by itself won't help those most harmed by adverse technology. 

Your password doesn’t matter—but MFA does! and All your creds are belong to us! Although still hackable, the rate of compromise is <0.1 of the population. With <10% MFA coverage, hackers don't usually bother breaking it. High-value assets can and do break MFA. 

 With Triplebyte, you do one online interview, and then you get to go straight to final interviews at hundreds of companies (from tech giants like Dropbox to exciting startups). It’s like the Common App for software engineers. No resume needed. Apply now at If you take a job through Triplebyte, you’ll get a $1000 signing bonus.


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