Wishing You a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season
December 2016                                                                      Volume 6.6

Dear HealthStart Supporter,

In this season for peace and joy to the world it’s important that everyone knows they have a right to enjoy wellbeing. Our wellbeing is built on physical health, emotional happiness, safety, and meaningful work or activity.

Wellbeing is not now, nor has it ever been, a zero-sum game where only some of us can be healthy, happy, and safe. Safety is a key aspect of good health and wellbeing. People feel safe when they do not expect either harm or hurt, emotionally or physically.

Just as it is essential to teach our children about good food and fitness habits, we must also teach them how to keep themselves and others safe.  It is HealthStart’s emphasis on this aspect of health, taking care of one another both emotionally and physically, that truly makes our organization unique.

With your recurring donation you can us construct a future where every child has an established foundation for wellbeing. As little as $10 per month can pave the way for twenty children to understand how to have a safe and healthy life.
Wishing you a healthy, happy holiday full of family and friends, and of course good health and wellbeing all year long.
Robin Herskowitz

Austin Gives Miles Charity Chaser Contest

From now and until January 15, 2017, HealthStart is taking part in the online competition to become the official Charity of the 2017 Austin Gives Miles Charity Chaser. This years chaser is Chikage Windler, CBS Austin Chief Meterologist. She will start last and for each runner she passes High Five Events will donate $1.25 to the winning charity. 

There are four pieces to this competition and you can help with ALL or choose which ones fit your talents, time, and treasure best. 

Help by: 

  1. Facebook: Share the official HealthStart Charity Chaser Facebook Photo with your network and encourage them to give the photo a thumbs up (like).  While you're at it you should like the photo too!. Share the Link, http://bit.ly/2h1qU8d, with all your friends! [1 Like = 2 points]
  2. Online Voting: Vote in the official Charity Chaser online poll daily and share the link with your friends and family. There is no limit to how many times you vote, so vote early and vote often.. Share this Link,  http://bit.ly/AM17vote, with all your friends! [1 Vote = 1 Point]
  3. Instagram: Have an Instagram?  Give the official HealthStart Charity Chaser Photo a Like - Follow @yogi.erun and @healthstartfoundation. [One like = 2 points]
  4. DONATE NOW: Donate $10, $25, $50 or even $100 to your favorite #TeamHealthStart runner. Every dollar donated during the Charity Chaser Contest is one point. [$1 = 1 point]
TOGETHER we can create healthier kids and communities!

Campfire First Texas:
Children's Health Education Workshops

Americorps VISTA, Erin Damm, completed our second round of Children's Health Education Workshops (CHEWs) on Thursday, December 8 with 15 students and 2 educators in attendance. This CHEW was held at Campfire First in Fort Worth, TX thanks to the diligent work of HealthStart's Dallas Liaison, Akina Dimock, and a gift from the Miles Foundation. These workshops show students at the Campfire Early Childhood Development Center all about the way their bodies work and how to keep them healthy. The students enjoyed learning about their muscles and the food/fitness necessary to keep them healthy. 

If you are interested in booking a CHEW for your school, community center, or other location please contact us for more information.

Our mailing address is:
HealthStart Foundation
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Austin, Tx 78703

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