January 2019
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Our Favorites of 2018
2018 has come to a close and we are looking forward to new photo adventures in 2019. In looking back, though, we decided to share a couple of our favorite photos taken in 2018. Hope you enjoy...
My Space
My Space
Photography by: Debbie Jordan
Although I have many "favorite" photos from 2018, the story behind the two shown here is what really makes these photos special to me. On one of our trips to Bombay Hook NWR this past summer the birds were especially plentiful. We were there as the tide was coming in bringing water from the Delaware Bay into the impoundments. And on this particular day, the fish must have been abundant flowing in with the bay water because the egrets, herons, and black skimmers were all gathered around one area where the water was in-flowing. There was constant motion as birds flew in and out of the area to fish. In fact it was hard to get a shot of a single bird without the head or feet of another bird appearing in an awkward spot in the photo, or a bird flying in front of the scene in a blur - resulting in a totally unusable shot. There was also a lot of loud squawking and bickering as the many varieties of birds jockied for space.
Move Over
Photography by: Debbie Jordan

We watched the scene in amusement since - as bystanders - the activity was rather comical. I tried repeatedly to capture at least one shot of a bird fishing without interference from the surrounding crowds of birds, when these two Snowy Egrets caught my eye. Each was adamant about fishing this one spot, and just would not allow the other even an inch of space to fish. They went back and forth chasing each other away from the prime fishing spot, which kept both of them too busy to actually fish. I fired off a couple of shots as the action unfolded and captured a few fun images - these are two of my favorites. I still smile every time I look at these photos remembering the unusual cacophony of sights and sounds. 
Tidal Stream
Photography by: Benjamin DeHaven
"Tidal Stream" was taken during my first trip to the ocean in 2018. Upon arriving, it was evident that we were in the middle of a very low tide - lower than I had seen before. I found this great stream of running water draining the remaining tidal pools out into the ocean. This stream of water worked perfectly for a leading line. And even though I ended up with soaking wet feet getting the shot, I think it was totally worth it for the end result.
Photography by: Benjamin DeHaven
"Antlers" was taken on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Upon arriving at the Big Meadows area while the stars were still out, I set up at the edge of the meadow. I watched the blue hour come and go and the sky light up with golden hues. When I could finally see into the meadow, I spotted many deer including two bucks who were sparring with each other, but it was not light enough to photograph them. So I stood watching the deer until the sun finally broke the horizon and they left.

Shortly after that, I spotted this dead tree that reminded me of the antlers on the deer and I knew it was the subject I was looking for. Now that the golden sun light was flooding the front of the field, it was time to snap the shot. I love the way that the front of the field is illuminated and the distant area is still in shadow creating a layered look. 

Photography by: Benjamin DeHaven
This is the owl that almost got away. I was driving in Bombay Hook NWR looking for Short-eared Owls and I almost drove right past this one sitting no more than 10 feet off the road. His camouflage was spot on! And as I was taking pictures, he was kind enough to keep looking back and at me... and the growing number of cars lined up to photograph him. Everyone stayed in their cars and the owl seemed very relaxed. After about 10 minutes, he flew away after a mouse or vole or other unseen rodent.
We hope you have enjoyed our newsletters this year. If you have a favorite photo that we've shared over the last 12 months, send us a quick email and let us know... We would love to hear from you!
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