December 2018
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Backyard Wildlife
December marks the beginning of winter and the time when traveling out to see the wonders of nature may be a bit more difficult. However, the cold weather often brings many different types of birds and wildlife into your own back yard in their search of food. This is a great time to sit inside where it is warm, enjoy a cup of coffee, and watch nature from the comfort of your sofa. This edition of the DAJ Designs newsletter is dedicated to the wildlife in your own backyard.
Through the Trees
Photography by: Debbie Jordan
A frequent visitor to my yard is the Carolina Chickadee. These feisty little songbirds are very inquisitive and are often seen flitting from branch to branch foraging for food. Their acrobatics can be quite amusing as they chase each other around, and it is not unusual to see one clinging to a branch upside down tugging on some tiny morsel of food. They are cute little birds with beautiful black, gray and tan coloring. The Carolina Chickadee is one of my favorites to watch all year long.
A Slanted View
Photography by: Debbie Jordan
The Carolina Wren is another of my favorite backyard birds to watch. They are quick, agile, and quirky. With their tail feathers straight up in the air, they frequently bob their bodies up and down in jerky little movements, keeping a nervous watch on their surroundings. They are comical to watch and their song is a delight, frequently serving as my morning alarm on weekends.
Carolina Wren
Photography by: Debbie Jordan
Fattening Up For Winter
Fattening Up For Winter
Photography by: Benjamin DeHaven
Don't forget that while watching backyard birds you can also be photographing the birds. There are two ways to go about this. First, open a door or window (without a screen in the way) and give things a few minutes to settle. At first there will be what are known as thermals as the hot and cold air mix, and it will be impossible to get a sharp shot through these. But after a few minutes this will subside and you can shoot away. The other option is to shoot through a large sliding door with no screen. Make sure the glass is spotless and keep the camera as close to the glass in the door as possible. It will also help if you have a darkened room to minimize reflections in the glass. The last tip is to shoot perpendicular to the glass, don't shoot at an angle to the glass. Window glass will distort the image if you don't shoot straight through it.

If you have lot of natural perches for the birds to sit on you can end up with some great looking shots. Birds will often perch and stake out a feeder for a few moments before landing on the feeder to eat. During this time you can get natural looking photos without a feeder in the photo.
Barred Owl
Barred Owl
Photography by: Benjamin DeHaven
You never know WHO might show up!!!
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