A love letter means taking the time to share your feelings and reflections with the people you are invested in. So while this is not a love letter in the traditional sense, this is a letter to share and emphasize the relevance of certain messages.

So here is my love letter to you... I hope this letter provokes thought and a desire to be a part of the conversation.

Halloween marks the end of this month, can you believe that October is already over?

I was at the store the other day and out of the blue, the cashier commented that he would like time to be like it was when he was a kid… remember those days?   As I left the store I wondered was it my guide or his that prompted that random thought while in a checkout line.  Whoever it was got me thinking about those days what has happened?
Some of this could be due to planetary placement, maybe it is climate changes?  Social media? Technology?  or maybe it is when we walk into any store from grocery to big box it is always about the next holiday?  My husband came home the other day in disbelief that home depot already had its Christmas displays up.   I am not sure that any one thing is to blame, but what I am sure of is,  all of this information we believe that we need to be part of takes us away from doing what is the most important…living a joyful fulfilled life.

 No tricks here just treats!
Sit down and look at the events that are current in your life right now.  What are you tricking yourself into believing is crucial to your experience? 

Something I tell my clients is that everyone is intuitive.  We all get feelings and hunches that can't be explained with factual evidence or logical reasoning. We've all said "I knew that would happen!" when things play out in an unexpected way.  
Our ego often interferes in our lives and tricks us into living in fear and anxiety. Sometimes we think what our ego is telling us is actually spiritual, intuitive guidance, but it's not!
Other times, we receive pure, helpful, divine guidance that aids us through life. This is always a treat! We feel calm and secure in ourselves and are able to make the best decisions.

"How do we know if it's Trick(ego) or Treat (intuitive awareness)?"

The simplest answer is to become addicted to you.  Treat yourself to what makes time feel like you have embraced every minute.  Just like when you were young!

Start by designing your day
As you wake in the morning take a moment and ask; “what do I need to do today?” 
Really listen…
example: you might hear get some sleep.  Don’t trick yourself by thinking this is a sign to stay in bed and miss work, this is your guides telling you that you need to treat yourself to some new nighttime sleeping habits.

Strengthen your intuitive sense.  A place I like to start after I have designed my day is with my oracle cards. As I have said before, working with oracle cards is one of my favorite ways to connect… They offer quick daily guidance just for me that I can use to as I go through my day.  If you would like to learn how to work with oracle cards, I offer a class on how to work with them.  Check out my calendar and join me on  for the dates and times

Back to the basics
Shut down social media, surfing the internet, email, or voicemail.
What… before you shut it down…keep a journal; record how much time you spend with technology, be honest.   Record every minute…along with what you really got out of it.  It’s no secret that our society is tech driven and has become an addiction for many.  
Don’t trick yourself into believing that you have the emotional space to watch how everyone else’s lives play out in front of you.  Treat yourself to keeping a handle on your tech time. What…pick up that journal and write about how you spent your time tech free. 

For some reason this can be a difficult task…I relate it to 3rd grade when we had to journal every morning, I never knew what to write. So don’t let your ego trick you into believing that a journal is not beneficial.  I like to end my day with my journal. This is a great treat to clear your mind before going to bed.  Start by taking 5 mins to clear your mind and create a direct line of communication with your guides.

FALL in love with yourself. 
It all starts with you, once you decide how you are going to participate, your guides coach you along the path. 
Once upon a time this connection was not so difficult to cultivate, but in this life we have to be active participants.  Treat yourself to each day, embrace every minute.

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