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Winter Newsletter June 2020
“An inner knowing, along with a burning desire,
is the prerequisite for becoming a person
capable of manifesting his or her heart's desires”
Wayne Dyer
Lockdown lingers longer
Too much has been thought and said about lockdown!
But it would be remiss of me not to mention it in my newsletter
purely because it has touched all of our lives.
In some way, each and every one of us has changed.
We cannot be who we as humans naturally are. 
We can’t hug, kiss, or touch as we used to. 
Our shows of affection have become viral weapons. 
It goes against our very nature.
But, we also understand how contagious this virus can be.
There is so much that we don’t know.
But what we do know is this -
What is unknown about this virus will linger for a while.
From a deep space of acknowledgement,
and without appearing to nullify any fears;
I am going to suggest that we all stay away from the negative news,
 stay away from interacting on social media where the fear is front and foremost.
It is important that we surround ourselves with positivity as much as we can.
We need to keep our vibrations high, our immune system supported,
our exercise levels better than they were before lockdown
and our thoughts gentle.

During the 6-9am walk time allowed I have thoroughly enjoyed the earlier mornings.
Nature has had some really special messages for me.
From feathers, to flowers, to bird song.
I found this amazing tree and each day I walk by we have a chat.
Exchanging energy.
I thought I would share it with you….

A Course in Miracles
“In asking for Miracles, we are seeking a practical goal:
a return to inner peace.
We are not asking for something outside us to change,
but for something inside us to change"
Card Reading

This reading is from Angela Hartfield's "Nature's Whispers"Deck


Just as a full moon sheds its light on our world, you are being shown that there is hope and guidance for you. Have faith.  Just holding on to a belief in yourself will plant the seed of manifestation in your life. you are being asked to release any worry or fear that you may be harboring.  The clarity you desire is at hand. All you need is something in which to place your faith. So trust in yourself, your support and the Divine. You will be assisted in difficult times. This can also signify inspiration and new love.  There is a shedding of light on hidden treasures or surprises. 
Soul Whispers

365 Bullet Journal


Soul Studio

My 365 Journal, my passion from last year has been so successful.  Many people are using it on a daily basis and are loving all the added subtleties.  Lockdown prevented any deliveries, but we will soon be back on track. The fact that this journal is evergreen allows it to sell at any time of the year.

This period of isolation has been a funny thing.  Sometimes I question it and but most times I have loved it. It  has allowed me long spaces of time to spend on my writing.  I have managed to complete a number of tasks which I have been meaning to finish for a while now.  My first card deck is done!!! And at this moment I am chatting to printers.  It is called "A NEW SPACE"

Lockdown has not allowed me to see any clients, which has been restricting, as I love people. I have been very successful with distant healing sessions, both in Reiki and Integrated Healing. Which is thrilling because many people are afraid of face to face sessions right now.

Lockdown  has also dead ended any of my usual group get togethers. Nothing Zoom couldn't fix though.  We virtually spend time with each other now.  Great for the friends who have moved countries. The zooms have progressed as I have learned. I can even record meetings now. Aside form my scheduled get togethers,  I am offering a 35 min zoom meeting once a week, to anyone who would like to join, where we discuss Angels and Archangels.

I created a 4 Facebook  posts, which I sent out once a week. I am sharing the steps in my newsletter because I believe that now is the time for decluttering. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Imagine IF
while in lockdown you could begin to create your new normal.


*Declutter you home
*Declutter your diet
*Declutter your exercise routine

If you have the energy or inclination to declutter your home, a room, or just a shelf, start there. 
Sort through all the stuff that you have. Pack, donate, throw away. Tidy the space around you.
Give your garden some attention. Walk with your barefeet touching the Earth. 

If you have been thinking about what you are eating. If you want to change your eating habits. 
Now is the time. If you love your food, then enjoy.
If you have been considering changing your eating habits, change now.
You are what you eat. Think about this.
Declutter old eating habits. Create new ones. Choose what works for you.

Lockdown has certainly changed our exercise patterns.
Some of us have had to adjust to exercising at home, constrained by whatever equipment is available.
Some of us have had new ideas on how to include exercise in our days.
Some of us are just beginning to exercise. Choose what works for you now.
Choose what will work for you in the future. Choose what to leave out. Choose what to include.

In decluttering your home, your diet, your exercise
you are allowing space for the new normal to fit in.


*Declutter feelings
*Declutter emotions
*Declutter habits

Often, we are caught unaware by a negative feeling that just seems to sidle in and take over. 
These negative feelings sometimes get the better of us, and consume our minds, 
especially when we are in a vulnerable space.

These negative emotions seem to hover, interfering in our daily lives, 
dragging us down into a space of belief that we are not OK, that we are not worthy.
We get looped into emotional repetition.
We vortex down into this space of habit,
where our negative feelings and emotions seem to control us.
Catch yourself as you recognise that first feeling or emotion. Label it. 
"Ahh. I know that feeling" "Yes I have felt that before"
Anger. Jealousy. Self pity. Guilt......
Then choose to declutter them.
Allow outdated feelings and emotions to just BE.
Don't try to control them, don't let them control you. 
Just recognise the feeling or emotion.
Choose whether you want to loop with them.
Choose whether you want to just let them into your space for a moment.
Choose whether you want to bypass them, to something more neutral or even positive.
By labelling, we begin to see a pattern, a habitual pattern.
When we acknowledge a pattern, we can choose whether it is still serving us.
Break those old habits and patterns that no longer serve you.


*Declutter thoughts 
*Declutter mental stagnation
*Declutter mind games

What if we could declutter our thoughts?
What if we could clear out all the negative thoughts that enter our minds each day?
How can we fill our minds with positive thoughts? 
Focus on what comes into your mind each day.
Can you recognise the same weary thoughts from yesterday?
Can you imagine just letting them pass through your mind?
Not allowing them to hover. Not allowing them to take root.

If you keep the same thoughts that have circled in your mind for days, months, years; 
if you keep the same thoughts repeating their stories; 
you wont have the capacity for any fresh new thoughts or ideas. 
Make space for the new; put an end to mental stagnation.
Get rid of thoughts that are on repeat, that are no longer serving you.

And... while decluttering and stepping away from mental stagnation,
what if we could catch ourselves playing our own mind games?
If we could stop our negative thoughts from vortexing,and creating negative feelings and emotions.
If we could stop these thoughts from becoming toxic in our mind, 
and downplaying our own self worth....
Could we recognise those mind games for what they really are? Could we step away?


*Declutter conditioning
*Declutter dogma
*Declutter belief systems

What if you could look into your life and watch how you deal with things;
how you act, how you speak, how you react, how you communicate,
how you cope, and how you understand?
What if you could celebrate what you love about yourself?
What if you could acknowledge what you don't like about your actions and reactions?

What if you could ask yourself
"Are these actions and reactions mine?"
"Or are they someone else's?"
"What makes me react or respond the way I do?"
"Have I copied someone?"
"Am I living in someone else's shadow?"
"Have I adopted other people's belief systems of how things should or shouldn't be?"

Own what is yours.  Disregard what no longer serves you. 
Choose what works for you.
Choose your own path.

Declutter all that no longer serves you.
Having respect for where it came from.
Thank it and let it go.
Consciously choose what you have around you.
Values, morals, belief systems, acknowledge the ones that you declutter.
Welcome your own chosen ones.
Make them yours, because you have chosen them.
Declutter outdated social conditionings.
Clear through any dogma that no longer resonates.
Assess your belief systems.
Rewrite you.

Soul Studio Space for the next quarter

35 min Zoom group meetings
- Meet the Angels and Archangels. Send me a message if you want to know more.

For the rest -
We will wait until the fear, panic, and contagion has left our space, and then we will pick up as normal
Champagne and Cards – casual get together where we read from different decks of cards (knowledge of how to read cards is not necessary)
Meditation Moments – gentle, guided meditations to allow you a time out from your busy schedule
Ohm Meditationlistening to the Eternal Ohm sound for intervals of 11 minutes
Vision Boards– create a vision board that you will enjoy looking at each day.  Work towards yourown vision for your future.
Personal Growth Space a mini retreat where you spend time in the group, and then spend time with yourself. Reminding, relearning, releasing.Labyrinth Walks –Full Moon journeys.  As always weather dependent.
Modern Hypnosis, Regression, Soul Retrieval, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tibetan Healing, Integrated Healing, Metaphysical Counselling

On – the – go – thoughts

Pay attention to the turning of the seasons. Feel the differences as nature goes into her quiet time. Do as nature does. Allow the June solstice, the longest night, to be the time that you are still and quiet long enough for you to hear your own breath. Let the full moons over the next 3 months feed your energy. Grow as the moon grows, wane as the moon wanes. become one with her energies. 

And, while we are in this period of lockdown, be gentle with yourself. Always. 

"You see but your shadow when you turn your back to the sun" Gibran

 “If our not-good-enough feelings are outweighed by positive feelings of self esteem,
then we will succeed and be relaxed and calm about life."
 Diana Cooper

Wishing you magic in all of your days.


084 566 3243

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