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Issue 2018.4
MUSKOKA FLOOD WATCH May 9, 2018                                     

What’s Happening Now ?
The ice went out May 1st. Water levels have continued to rise and are now where they were last June – which is at top end of summer range. Water levels are continuing to rise and will not peak until flow out of Lake of Bays reduces and impacts from rain, predicted later this week, have passed.
While flooding on a par with previous years is not expected, those with low elevation shoreline structures will likely experience high water and are advised to protect their properties accordingly. We will keep you informed of developments in lake level until Spring freshet has peaked.
Please note that late ice out has delayed the normal boat launching activities at marinas and this will likely delay the start of boating season for many cottagers.

Data for May 8th Lake Muskoka Lakes Rosseau & Joseph
Gauge 9.75 9.05
Elevation m 225.7 226.17
Target Level m 225.6 226.2
Normal Zone Range m 225.3 to 225.75 225.8 to 226.25
Summer Zone Range m 225.28 to 225.65 226.0 to 226.65
In Figure 1 [below] lake levels are shown for the past year through May 8th. The right-hand side of the graph shows that water levels are continuing to rise due to inflow from Lake of Bays [South Muskoka River].   
Lake levels are some 4 inches above the MRWMP target for this time of year and two inches above the top of normal summer levels. While above target, it should be noted that the lake levels are within the NOZ [Normal Operating Zone] allowed by the MRWMP [Muskoka River Water Management Plan]. As water is expected to go somewhat higher, due to inflows and rain in the forecast, residents with low elevation structures are advised to take precautions to protect vulnerable lakeshore property.

Figure 1 : LAKE MUSKOKA – 2017/18 WATER LEVELS [meters above gauge 02EB018 Beaumaris]


Lakes Rosseau and Joseph Status:
For Lakes Rosseau and Joseph Figure 2 [below] shows lake levels are also continuing to rise.  On these lakes the water level is at MRWMP target level and within the range of normal summer levels.  Barring major rainfall events, these lakes are at less risk of high water than in previous years. No flooding risk is forseen based on current weather forecasts but residents who experience high water in June should take precautions to protect vulnerable shoreline property.

Figure 2: LAKE ROSSEAU/JOSEPH WATER LEVELS 2017-18 [meters above gauge 02EB020 Port Carling

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