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Dear Reader

Saturday Mar 28 2020

A newsletter by Visti Larsen, the founder of
Guide and Guru: Pt. Sanjay Rath
I hope you are safe and comfortable whilst tiding over the world's virus-scare.
In 2 days time Jupiter will enter Capricorn, and the world will need to brace themselves for another gruelling time of the corona-pandemic. Mars will relieve the world slightly on 5th May 2020 as he leaves Capricorn but will torment Jupiter in Capricorn under the sickle of Ketu, Mars and Rāhu by giving fear and problems with theft. Those countries who've yet to grasp and prepare for the pandemic will be especially vulnerable until May, but security issues arise until 19th June.

On 19th June 2020, Mars will enter Pisces and end the health crisis, but focus on the financial aftermath brewing under its lid. Mars' aspect upon Rāhu and Sun in Gemini will be an unpleasant wake-up from the pandemic. Jupiter's return to Sagittarius on 30th June will highlight this until 18th of August as Mars' changes signs to Aries. After 18th August 2020, an ounce of normalcy enters the days of everyone.
Here's hoping that you and your loved ones are safe during this time of uncertainty.
If you didn't catch my teacher's word's on the current transits, do find them at his website here:

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What's Roga?

In both Ayurveda and Jyotish, which are very aligned, we differentiate all forms of dis-ease as being one of two types, namely nija or caused by ourselves, or aguntaka which arises from outside/external sources.

Nija means innate, or own, suggesting that it arose out of our own karmas. It's useful at this stage to assign karmic baggage as a 'predisposition' to problems. What that means is, that certain karmas in the chart will create a tendency or behaviour in the person which makes them more susceptible to the problems they face! Herein, Mantra practice becomes focussed on resolving that tendency which caused the problem! The tendency is here termed as samskara.

An example is appropriate at this stage, viz. if Venus is afflicted in the chart the person will be very kind, very accommodating, easily convinced by other's, very giving and may compromise upon their own well being for others. As a result, the person is taken advantage of by others! Such individuals will suffer heartbreak and can suffer ill health as a result. Knowing this a Jyotishi can besides giving remedial advice for the future karmas, also highlight the predisposition and help psychologically with ascertaining and undoing the predisposition.
This brings us into the role of Jyotish as being able to tackle the lesson BEHIND the karmas.
Hope you liked this newsletter. Here's looking forward to providing you many more!

Visti Larsen

@ Shri Garuda

Vedic Astrologer, Scholar, Guru and Pandit
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