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The month of August is upon us and that means we are more than halfway through 2017! 

Dancetime Publications is thrilled that you have been a part of such an eventful year for us. 

What a time of change. As an artist, historian, anthropologist, musician, educator... how are you using art to explore or express the recent changes across the nation and around the globe?

In this month's newsletter, we want to feature some highlights over the last several months and continue to inspire other artists use their voice to create art, to make meaning and to preserve it! 

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VIDEO-ON-DEMAND continues and with new streamable films!
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500 Years of Social Dance Volume I
15th – 19th Centuries

Volume I of Dancetime dances through four centuries of Western social dance history. Authentic recreations of the dances teach the viewer about socializing and romance in past times. Explore the revelry of the Renaissance, the elegance of the Baroque style, and the charm of Regency Country Dances.Watch as the Regency era’s scandalous Waltz grew into the exuberant, swirling dances of the Romantic era, and were later refined into codified and precise Victorian couple dances. Volume I showcases a compelling, entertaining, and illuminating recreation of 400 years of dance. [...] Dancetime! 500 Years of Social Dance, Volume I captures a performance by Carol Téten’s Dance Through Time company and their survey of 15th – 19th century dances.

Basic Run-time: 45 minutes


Additional 45 minutes of simultaneous instructive text and diagrams with descriptions that truly take advantage of combining video with original sources. Thus, users can view text that provides historical context and identifies each movement source, while watching the video.

The details of each dance in this film, including choreography, costumes, and music are the culmination of extensive academic research. The video not only includes remarkable views of historically significant dances; they contain features that please the most demanding historian as well as the casual dance enthusiast! Overview:

  • 400 Years of Social Dance Styles, reflecting the changing cultural relationships between men and women

  • 38 Period Fashions

  • 20 Selections of period Music

  • 226 Original Text Documents of Historical Origins of the Dances

  • Cultural Timeline, linking dances with events

Preview below!


Where We Danceddirected by Brian "Lucky" Skillen and produced by 1881 Productions, is the first in a three-part series that chronicles the evolution of America social dance. The film tells the story of America's dance through the lives of dancers who shaped the art form as well as the places they danced. The story begins on the plantations where African and Western European culture collided to create America's first truly indigenous social dance, the cakewalk.

Available soon On-Demand and DVD through Dancetime Publications!  

Preview below!

Over the last several months many individuals like celebrities and actors to other artists, politicians, activists, educators, the list goes on... have been sharing their thoughts about the new administration.

A short speech given by Meryl Streep this year at the Golden Globes struck a chord with many. One of the things which stood out to me as an artist, educator and activist passionate about equality were these following words from her speech:

In the year of 2017, "Take your broken heart and make art" is our theme.

Even if your heart is not broken, as artists we must understand that we have been given a gift to create. To change peoples lives and affect change positively and profoundly. Maybe help someone else with their broken heart. The time is now. 
Latest Posts
INTRODUCING: Dancetime Publications' June 2016 On-Demand Films
INTRODUCING: Dancetime Publications' June 2016 On-Demand Films

As the new Head of Product at Dancetime Publications, I am happy to announce the launching of our streaming platform on the Dancetime Publications website! Over the next several months, we will be releasing DVDs for streaming and downloading for our customers to view and download Dancetime Publications films on-demand.

Read in full on
the Dance Culture Editorial
WHAT IS: The New Dance Group Gala Historical Concert - Retrospective 1930s - 1970s
WHAT IS: The New Dance Group Gala Historical Concert - Retrospective 1930s - 1970s

This mid-20th century period of dance, while not so long ago, produced many fascinating and artistically significant dances worthy of meticulous preservation.

Read in full on the Dance Culture Editorial

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97-year old dance teacher still teaches and choreographs for adult dancers

An Alvin Ailey dancer plans his debut as a choreographer! Jamar Roberts, a dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, will take the leap from performer to choreographer next season with the premiere of “Members Don’t Get Weary,” his first piece for the company.

Read in full in The New York Times
Carmen de Lavallade Looks Back on an Extraordinary Career  
Carmen de Lavallade, 85 

Carmen de Lavallade Looks Back on an Extraordinary Career  

"Horton, [Carmen de Lavallade] says, 'choreographed  like a director. We were performing story ballets, like Salome and Yerma, dramatic pieces. The technique was difficult and quite wonderful and — choreodramas, he called them. He let you be an individual. He didn't expect cookie-cutter dancers'. "

Read in full on The Village Voice.
Dance review: Diversity Shines at newMoves Contemporary Dance Festival 


Misty Copeland Becomes a Face of Estée Lauder, Ballet Takes Note

Supermodels and actresses have generally been the ones to land high-profile, lucrative modeling contracts to promote major cosmetics companies. Enter the ballerina.

The ballet world took notice on Monday when Estée Lauder announced that the public face of one of its fragrances would be Misty Copeland, the American Ballet Theater star.

Read in full on New York Times

L.A. Dance Project Takes on Merce Cunningham
Silas Riener performing Merce Cunningham’s “Changeling” at the Hammer Museum. credit: Liz Kuball/The New York Times

RESTAGING: L.A. Dance Project Takes on Merce Cunningham

"So it's fitting that the L.A. Dance Project, founded by Benjamin Millepied in 2012, has made Cunningham choreography a recurrent part of its repertory. Cunningham is the only dead choreographer whose work this troupe includes; he's also the greatest and, it's fair to say, the most divisive, choreographer it programs."

Read in full on the New York Times.

A Nonprofit in Harlem Wants to Bring Dance to Every Public School in America - Huffington Post

A Nonprofit in Harlem Wants to Bring Dance to Every Public School in America
National Dance Institute gives students free dance classes. Why? Because arts education matters. 

"My mother believed that children shouldn't be considered learned or educated without being able to play a musical instrument or sign or both; know something about theatre and have performed it; know something about poetry and have performed it; public speak; and dance". - Jacques d’Amboise, 82

Read in full on Huffington Post.
Close-up: Valerie Winborne, 2016 Master Dance Educator of the Year 
Courtesy Valerie Winborne for Virginian Pilot.

Close-up: Valerie Winborne, 2016 Master Dance Educator of the Year 

"There are students who learn best through movement, which is the value of dance being offered in our school system... in community outreach programs, we see many young people finding their 'voice' in their body, in the freedom of expression that dance provides." - is the thing, I think, that keeps me sane." -Valerie Winborne  

Read in full on Virginian Pilot.
California Ballet Raising the Bar  - Company's 'Beyond he Barre: Beer and Ballet' aims to break down the barrier between dancers and the audience...
Reka Gyulai, professionally trained at the Hungarian Dance Academy in Veszprém, Hungary, dances during a Padres game at Petco Park as Grace Drosi looks on. - K.C. Alfred.  


California Ballet Raising the Bar  - Company's 'Beyond he Barre: Beer and Ballet' aims to break down the barrier between dancers and the audience...

"There's a trend on tap and its threatening classical ballet's lingering reputation for being a stuffy, symphonic, white-bread affair an effort to reach a broader audience, California Ballet, San Diego's oldest professional dance organization, is presenting 'Beyond the Barre: Beer and Ballet'. " 

Read in full on the San Diego Union Tribune.
Lauren Bakst in “Re: Nude in a Landscape,” one of two works commissioned by Danspace Project on a shared bill at St. Mark’s Church. credit: Mark Abramson/The New York Times.


At Danspace Project, Examining the Relation Between Bodies and Things

"Would you be all right holding my ankle?" she asked a woman seated by her feet. "Do you mind pulling on my elbow?" she asked the man closest to her propped-up arm. The resulting pose looked like a step on the way to lying down — reclining, interrupted. 

Read in full on the New York Times.
LEARN: The Physics of the Hardest Move in Ballet
"Ahmad Joudeh is no stranger to dancing in dramatic locations: from rooftops overlooking the rubble in Yarmouk to the ancient ruins of Palmyra, he has defied death threats to perform. Now Joudeh has entertained crowds at the Eiffel Tower and outside the Paris Opera, leaping, whirling and pirouetting to "Dance or Die," a song created especially to help spread his message of peace and cultural understanding."

Watch in full on CNN

Watch 19-year-old Alessandra Ferri Dance with 52-year-old Alessandra Ferri! 

Read more here on Dance Spirit.

Watch this dancer while Yo Yo Ma plays cello...

"This weekend, Buck is taking a break from touring with Madonna and working with artists like Spike Lee and Baryshnikov for What Moves You, a two-night-only engagement at the Broad Stage."

Read more on LA Mag.

Dancetime Publications is cooking up new projects. That means new film productions, documentaries, still image galleries, exhibitions and some other little gems we can't yet let out of the bag. Stay tuned, you won't want to miss!

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