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 We have a new address
 CMS direct phone lines out of action
Committee roles & responsibilities
Managing employees made easy
New Executive & Governance Seminar
The Secretary role
Record Keeping
CMS Roadshows
Safety made easy

Welcome to our March Newsletter

As we near the end of the first quarter of 2016, (and didn't that go quick) the CMS team has been at work providing Guidance, Advice and Support to many of our members.

We have recently moved to our new offices in Kelvin Grove and we are all settling in nicely. If you are in the area pop in and visit the team.

The Employment Relations team has been working hard assisting members in various employment matters and work health and safety issues. They have been attending to / dealing with over 20 cases in this first part of the year, as well as a constant stream of phone / email member enquiries.

Our Financial Services team has been working tirelessly completing financial year audits for some of our members AGMs and Bookkeeping / Payroll teams have taken on a number of new clients (members) requiring our payroll and/or bookkeeping services.

In the second quarter of the year, we have more roadshows and seminars happening. Keep a look out in your email/mail for the notices of these events.

If you want to find out more about our services, from Financial Audits, Bookkeeping/Payroll, WHS Audits, or help with staffing matters, entitlement calculations, or you just want to check if the committee is doing it right! - Then please do not hesitate to contact the team, we are here to help you!

From all of us at CMS, please have a safe and Happy Easter!

We have a new address

Our new address is now Unit 5, 321 Kelvin Grove Road, Kelvin Grove. We also have a new postal address which is PO Box 3252, Newmarket Qld 4051. All other contact details have remained the same.

Phone: 07 3852 5177 or 1300 007 110
Fax: 07 3852 5188

CMS Direct Phone Lines - Out of Action

We are currently experiencing some slight technical issues with our direct phone lines in the office. We will have these back up and running as soon as we can. In the meantime please use the main office number 07 3852 5177 or 1300 007 110 to contact the CMS team.

Do you know your responsibility as a new Committee Member?

Now you have been elected to the committee, you are responsible to the members of the association for the proper management and conduct of the affairs of the community association. A major responsibility of the committee must be above all to ensure that their decisions and actions are at all times taken in the best interests of the members and clients of the association.

Some of the functions and duties arising from this responsibility are:

  • To ensure that appropriate staff are employed at all times.

  • To ensure the proper maintenance of any assets including building, grounds and equipment.
  • To ensure that proper control is maintained over the finances of the association not only for the present but also with the future in mind.
  • To be aware of the needs of the community in which the organisation operates and ensures that this knowledge is reflected in its decisions.
  • To encourage active client and general community participation in the activities of the association and to ensure that the community is aware of what the association is doing.
  • To initiate fund-raising and social activities so as to foster a close relationship between the association and the community.
  • To have an understanding of the organisation's programmes and its benefits for the clients and attempt to foster a general awareness of these aspects in the community.
  • To be aware of and ensure the regular review of the constitution and any by-laws, regulations and policies so that these are appropriate to the current situation.
  • To have a willingness to learn about the organisation, its operation and its people/staff.
Since the committee is representing all the members of the association it is highly desirable that its decisions and actions always have regard to what is in the best interests of the majority of members of the association. Failure to do so may well lead to conflict within the association.

To assist you with your roles and responsibilities on the committee we have put together our Guide to Good Governance. This Guide provides you with 18 example documents to help you easily manage everything from Handover from outgoing to incoming Committees, through to Financial Reports and Meeting Agendas.

View our website to find out more

Managing employees made easy

To help to put your mind at ease, our professional experts offer a basic or full audit of your staff management systems and processes. An audit will look at all your HR and IR information and ensure that you are not only fully compliant with the law but that you are getting the best out of your current staff members.

You will receive a written report outlining areas of compliance and non-compliance, areas of best practice and recommendations on areas of improvement. Most of all, you will get peace of mind.

Contact us on 1300 007 110 to find out how we can assist you.

New Executive & Governance Seminar

Every year CMS comes across organisations struggling to deal with governance issues that have gone horribly wrong. Start 2016 off on the right foot by coming along to our seminar on being a New Executive and Good Governance.

This is your opportunity to make sure you understand your constitution, your role and responsibilities as an office holder and the protocols you need to follow for decision making. Full of practical tools and examples, this seminar is designed to help you achieve great things for your organisation and avoid some of the pitfalls associated with being a volunteer committee member.

Read More

What is the Secretary's role?

It is a requirement that all incorporated organisations (P&C Association Statutory Body) appoint a Secretary. Like committee members, Secretaries must be at least 18 years old, however they are not necessarily committee members in their own right, and the task may be carried out by a paid employee, unless your rules state otherwise.

The position of Secretary is perhaps one of the two busiest within any organisation. The following are some of the Secretary functions and responsibilities:

  • Recording of minutes of all meetings.

  • Handling all correspondence for the organisation.
  • Maintaining the files.
  • Maintaining membership records.
  • Maintaining employees/personnel records. (employment contracts, correspondence).
  • Provides safe custody of "Common Seal" and maintains records of use of Common Seal
  • Maintaining a Register of Officers and committee members
  • Ensuring that all rules relating to meetings are complied with including:
    • Notices
    • Quorums
    • Meeting procedures
    • Preparing agendas for all meetings (in consultation with the President)
For more information contact the CMS team on 1300 007 110.

When it rains, (sometimes) it pours

Welcome to March, we are already into the third month of the year and this month is international Umbrella month. So let's consider how to protect ourselves from rainy days by discussing record keeping.

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CMS Roadshows

Is your organisation running efficiently?

Are you having problems with your employees?
Would you like to know whether your organisation could be making more money?

We would love the opportunity to meet with you and have a chance to chat through all the issues you are facing - and maybe solve some you didn't know that you had! Schedule an appointment with our CMS team while we are in your area. Meet with one of our Employment Relations Advisors to discuss any staffing issues you might have, and a member of our Financial Services Team to discuss any issues relating to your organisation's finances or find out how we can help you!

We will be in your area...

  • April - Brisbane South

  • May - Sunshine Coast
  • June - Gold Coast
  • July - Ipswich
  • July - Cairns
  • August - Townsville
  • September - Gladstone
  • October - Brisbane North

Contact Rebecca White to book an appointment today!

Phone: 07 3852 5177 or 1300 007 110

Parents & Citizens Association Award Modernisation Update

Parents and Citizens Associations can expect a new Award in 2016. The Award modernisation process has been ongoing for a number of months and we are fast approaching the due date for a draft submission. CMS has been working hard with members and industry experts to develop a comprehensive draft Award. CMS will thus be submitting a draft Award on 24 March 2016. From there the Commission will draw it’s on draft for feedback. Members can be assured that CMS will be advocating for flexibility, cost effectiveness and the sustainability of Parents and Citizens Association operations.

We have heard your concerns with regards to the minimum engagement in the retail sector and lack of flexibility for all business operations and are thus pursuing changes in these areas. Please keep your contact details up to date so that CMS can ensure you receive timely updates with regards to this change.

Safety Made Easy


Creating a safe work environment for your staff and volunteers is a key factor in the success and productivity of your organisation. Providing a safe working environment for your staff also demonstrated that you care about their well being in the workplace.

As a CMS Member, we provide your organisation with guidance on WH&S matters that can help you stay ahead of the game. Putting proactive policies and strategies in place now will help you avoid any issues ever arising.

Your CMS Membership includes:
  • Advice on employers obligations in regards to WH&S
  • Advice and interpretation on various Acts and Legislation
  • Audit Checklists
  • WH&S Fact Sheets
Your CMS Membership also gives you access to members-only pricing for services such as:
  • WH&S Audits to ensure you comply with all the relevant legislation
  • WH&S Policies (Workplace Bullying, Fitness for Work etc.)
  • A comprehensive WH&S Guide to help you manage your risks day to day
  • A Workplace Bullying Toolkit to guide you through the new legislation
  • Work Cover claim responses
  • WH&S plans and systems
Call us today on 1300 007 110 to find out more about how we can help you make your workplace healthy and safe.

Fair Work Four Yearly Modern Award Review Update

The Fair Work Commission's Casual and Part-Time Employment Common Issues case has commenced hearing this week in front of the Full Bench. This is part of the four yearly review of the awards.

We will keep you up to date on the progress of this important hearing.


Our team at CMS like to keep our members updated with any upcoming grants. Please keep checking our website for all the details on how to access these. 

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