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We proudly announce - The series production of the 2. generation of our barrel parts is now up and running and we are ready to ship! This includes the standing base, the new lids and the two 2-inch net pot adapter parts to grow lettuce and herbs: 
All parts incorporate the improvements of the last two years of development and support from professional growers:
  • An inside wing structure, directing the liquid to the root areas of your plants, also allowing for much higher barrels.
  • A new connection mechanism between the adapter parts ensuring a tight more exact fit, easier assembly, facilitating to stack and handle barrel ring segments.
  • A new irrigation option - an inverted sprinkler, and a new lid.
  • Materials used: ASA as the main material for the 1/6th parts being the most robust and uv-resistant option and PVC for lids and stands.
If you are interested in running or testing the barrel concept please get in touch now. Here you can find pricing and shipping information and more detailed images of the parts and how it looks in production (scroll down).
In 2017 we plan to extend the barrel concept further into new soil-less adapter parts, that can be used for bigger plants and more versatile grow space set-ups. And we will even extend into a nifty movable soil-based wickerbed version. Click here for more information.

The soil-based 1/6th part with an open shelf.
A soil-based barrel using shelf- and closed parts alternating and using a wickerbed base and steel stand.
The new two 2-inch adapter and the closed part.
One centered 3-inch net pot insert, can be alternated with the closed part for even bigger plants.
PCT Announcement

In the meantime the PCT announcement of our patent has been published (WO2016/156334) extending the priority phase to localize IP internationally. This is a major milestone to protect new partnerships.

We are currently looking for strong partners to manufacture and/or set up sales channels outside Germany/Europe! For more information please get in touch with us!
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The Aponix Vertical Barrel

The aponix vertical barrel can be used as growing component like an NFT in an existing liquid nutrient cycle for high density growing.

Barrels can be build using simple and compact plant adapter parts, being assembled into barrel ring segments. By stacking ring segments you set up your grow spaces without the need for additional fixed table- or rack structures. The available cubic growing space determines the number of grow spaces you can run. Of course multiple barrels can be connected inside your production facility providing >60 grow spaces per sqm. Please check this page for some integration examples.

Barrels can be rotated. Hanging and standing versions are available. Currently each barrel is powered by one top sprinkler or a spray nozzle. Nutrient solution is running down the inside from the top lid being directed by an internal wing structure towards each root area of your plants, practically turning the barrel into a giant vertical 3D-NFT. For more details please check our FAQs.
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