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Council Plan
Message from our CEO

Since the last update in the West Wimmera Wire, the Councillors and senior staff of the Shire have been busy working on the development of a new Council Plan. This plan is a guide to the direction that the Councillors wish to take the Shire for the term of this Council. 

Once the plan has been collated and further fine-tuned with Councillors, it will be advertised for public comment and submissions will be invited to enable resident input into the plan. Council is then obliged to consider the submissions made and will ultimately adopt the plan and submit it to the Minister by the end of the financial year. 

At the February Meeting of Council a number of significant resolutions were made by Council. These included a review, update and endorsement of the Local Law pertaining to meeting procedure and management of the common seal, the allocation of funds to a number of organisations within the Shire and a reduction in the statutory fee applied to planning permit applications for native vegetation removals. 

The fee reduction was designed to encourage people to ensure they comply with the regulations by lodging permit applications. It is also worth noting that the original fee was higher than the penalty applied to non-compliance. 

One of the positive highlights of the meeting was a discussion on the achievements of two talented young sports-people in West Wimmera. Council resolved to write congratulatory letters to Zoe Hawker and Jesse Iese who have both been recognised with regional awards. 

Zoe was recently named 2016 Junior Sports Star of the Year in the Wimmera for her excellent results in her chosen field of shooting. As a young competitor, Zoe has the opportunity to continue to develop and even greater success awaits her. 

Jesse Iese received the 2016 Sports Star of the Year for his brilliant results in Discuss and Shot Put. Jesse has competed on the national stage and set records that will stand for a long time to come. Like Zoe, he is a young competitor and is about to compete at national level again where his continued development in the sport will no doubt result in further success. 

Both of these young sports-people have done themselves, their families and their communities proud and everyone at the West Wimmera Shire congratulates them on their achievements to date. 

David Leahy
Flood Recovery Program

Flood Recovery Program

The flood recovery program continues to track well with works taking place across the shire.
Completed Roads over the past month have included
  • A Watkins Road 
  • A Isacasons Road
  • Burns Ext Road
  • Bowles Road
  • Birds Road
  • Bades Road
  • Adams Road
  • Anthony Waits Road
  • Cove Estate Road
  • Butterworth Road
  • Powers Creek Road
Current works in progress:
  • Apsley - Natimuk Road
  • Fergusons Road
  • Border Road (Frances)
  • Border Lane
  • Brodys Road
  • Alex Pahls Road
  • Babba Mia Road
  • A Rainsford Road
Next Works to begin:
  • A Rainsford Road
  • Ozenkadnook Mortat Road
  • Border Road (Naracoorte)   
We ask you to please drive carefully and to the condition of the road, especially through work sites. Observe the speed restrictions to ensure your safety and the safety of the road crews delivering the reconstruction works.

Regular updates will be posted on the West Wimmera Shire website and Facebook page to inform the community of current and impending road works throughout the shire.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our project manager Les Edmistone on 0402 166 325 or email lesedmistone@westwimmera.vic.gov.au
Kaniva Community Hub building structural steel installation

Kaniva Community Hub Project Update

The Kaniva Community Hub project, funded under the Victorian Government’s Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, continues to steadily progress. 

A significant milestone was reached on the 1 December with H & T Kuchel Builders pouring the concrete slab for the main function space, meeting rooms and kitchen, with the veranda and umpires change rooms completed in a second smaller pour the following day.  

In the week prior to Christmas, local firm Wallis Engineering commenced the installation of the structural steel and for the first time the scale of the building could be appreciated.  Work continued in January with the installation of timber frames and roofing as well as the securing of other trades, to complete the fixtures and fittings that will be needed as the project advances.  

The project management committee meets regularly to make oversea the implementation of the project.  In particular they are reviewing the provisional items that were originally removed from the accepted tender price.   Items such as the air conditioning, freezer room and cool rooms, kitchen and bar cabinetry and equipment, vertical lift and the operable wall for the meeting room, have been negotiated and considered individually before adding to the contract.  It is anticipated that savings can be obtained by this approach while still
delivering a quality building that the Kaniva community will be proud of for years to come.   

Further information on the Kaniva Community Hub project including updates are available at www.westwimmera.vic.gov.au/Council/Kaniva-Community-Hub.

If any member of the public have questions about this project please to contact West Wimmera Shire Council on 03 5392 7700.  

Beat the bite message

Mosquito Control Program | Victorian Government and West Wimmera Shire Council working together 

West Wimmera Shire Council has joined sixteen other higher risk and flood-affected councils across rural Victoria that have received a special funding package to combat the spread of mosquitoes this summer.

Recent heavy rainfall and floods across the Wimmera have led to ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes that can spread disease. High numbers of mosquitoes will continue over the summer months across rural Victoria.

Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, and Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE) – all serious, infectious and potentially life-threatening in the case of MVE.

West Wimmera Shire Council has accepted nearly $75,000 from Department of Health and Human Services funding to initiate mosquito control activities and help prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

Activities will focus on:
  • Monitoring
  • Control through minimisation, prevention and education
  • Supporting and educating event organisers to promote the "Beat the bite" program at local events
Activities will focus on public areas of water in the Shire that see higher human populations, either through visitation or local residents.

At this stage, a number of sites have been identified for larvae testing including:
  • Glenelg River at Harrow,
  • Lake Wallace and associated inlet drains,
  • Goroke Recreation Reserve Dam and associated inlets,
  • Lake Charlegrark,
  • Lake Bringalbert,
  • Lake Ratzcastle,
  • Apsley Wetlands, and
  • Serviceton Reservoir.
The program will have a low environmental impact and a positive community health outcome.

Everyone can do their part by taking simple precautions such as making sure there is no stagnant water where mosquitoes can breed around homes.

Other simple actions can be taken such as wearing loose fitting clothing when outdoors and using a mosquito repellent containing DEET or picaridin on exposed skin are promoted through the "Beat the Bite Campaign", advertised on social media and Council's website or visit www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/campaigns/beat-the-bite.

For information about the education program or other details about the mosquito control program, contact Nicole Wearne, Environmental Health Officer |  eho@westwimmera.vic.gov.au, or via an online customer request.
Kindergartens - Children playing with blocks

Rabbits and the RHDV1-K5 Calici release in the West Wimmera

Sites at Telopea Downs and Minimay are amongst the 700 strategically selected sites across Australia to be involved in the fight against Australia’s number one invasive animal pest- the feral rabbit. 

March sees the long awaited rollout of the new strain of Calici virus (RHDVI-K5) right across Australia with priority given to rabbit prone areas, placed to ensure maximum nationwide coverage.

The fight against this pest unites all environmentalists and landholders across the nation. Rabbits are now estimated to cause over $200 million dollars damage to Australian agriculture every year, competing with grazing stock, contributing to soil erosion and are a recognised threat to at least 304 threatened native species. Management strategies have evolved from exclusion fencing, warren destruction, fumigation and poison baiting. 

Broad scale population level control became possible with biocontrol agents. Our first successful strike was with the myxoma virus, MYXV, known as “ mixy” which, from 1950 to 1954 had the outstanding knockdown rate of 90% and today is still estimated to affect up to 30% of the rabbit population. Calici, Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus, RHDV1, originally from Czech, was imported in 1991 and escaped quarantine trials, most likely on flies, from Wardang Island, SA in 1995. Officially released the year after, the virus quickly spread and drastically reduced rabbit populations, with an estimated saving of nearly $ 6 billion to the agriculture industry. 

Despite this success, rabbit numbers are on the increase again due to increased genetic resistance to RHDV1. The latest Calici strain- K5 is a Korean variant of RHDV1, with the added ability to cause death in the young kittens and be more effective in cool-wet regions.  Scientists estimate the virus will spread anywhere between 9-404km radius a month depending on winds, climatic conditions and our current rabbit and fly populations. We hope that it will have moved throughout West Wimmera And Hindmarsh shires by cropping season.

Despite all our hopes the rabbit population carries a lot of immunity to all Calici strains and knockdowns are only expected to reach 40% reduction at best. Landholders will still need to continue with an integrated multi-technique rabbit management program. Currently yearly baiting and roadside warren ripping is conducted through Landcare groups and West Wimmera and Hindmarsh Shire programs supported by the State government roadside pest and weed funding  and CMA  Landcare grants.    

Contributed by Kim Hawker, Kaniva District and Telopea Downs Landcare

For more information www.pestsmart.org.au
(All citations in this article from Wishart J and Cox T ( 2016) Rollout of RHDV1 K5 in Australia: Information guide. 2nd ed.  Pestsmart Toolkit publication. Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra, ACT)

Goroke Kindergarten Children playing

Little Construction workers at Goroke Kindergarten 

Goroke Kindergarten children have enjoyed their first weeks at Kindergarten for 2017 in the outdoor area.

A great first few weeks has been had by the Goroke Kindergarten children who enjoyed working collaboratively to organise a construction site. From fixing the road with cement to a traffic controller coordinating the traffic jam the children a great day of learning and play was had by all.

We aim for the children to be connected and contribute to their world.  

Kaniva and Edenhope Kindergarten children have been settling into their new routines and enjoying playing with their new friends. A great start to 2017.
Group of senior citizens having coffee

Memory Lane Cafe 2017 

We have pleasure in inviting you to our 2017 Memory Lane Café - back by popular demand

For people with memory loss and their carers.

An enjoyable outing, the chance to meet people, enjoy some entertainment, find out information, share stories& experiences, in a relaxed atmosphere with a scrumptious morning tea.

10.00 am - 12.00 noon
14 March | Elsie Bennett Centre
16 May | Edenhope Senior Citizen’s Building
18 July | Goroke Community Health Centre
19 September | Elsie Bennett Centre
21 November | Picnic at Lake Wallace

For further information contact the Home and Community Care team | 03 5585 9900.

Audit Advice Notice

A quality review team from the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency will be visiting our offices on the 16th March 2017.

The purpose of their visit is to assess the quality of care and services we provide to you and all our clients.

As part of the review, the team will talk to management and staff and will look at our systems and processes.

They are also interested in speaking to clients about the care and services they receive. You are welcome to meet with a member of the team to speak with them in confidence about the services you receive from us. Just let a member of staff know so a time can be arranged with the review team.

Or you can contact the Quality Agency in Melbourne directly on 03 9843 1400 or  vic_tas@aacqa.gov.au.

You can always ask someone else to speak with the review team on your behalf if you wish – like a relative or friend.

Following the visit to our office, the Quality Agency will prepare a report about our performance against the Home Care Standards. We are happy to talk to you about how we meet the Standards.

Your personal comments will be taken into account by the Quality Agency when conducting their review, and also when they prepare their report about our services. However, it is important to note that the Quality Agency is unable to provide feedback to you personally, or include specific details of your comments in their report.

If you would like to know more about the Home Care Standards and what they cover, visit the Quality Agency website www.aacqa.gov.au or phone the Quality Agency.
West Wimmera Shire welcomes two new faces to the Building Department

Recent months has seen increased activity in all areas of the Shire, including building and construction.  

In line with this increased demand, Council is pleased to announce we have expanded our Building Department, welcoming two new Building Inspectors to our Building Team. 

Adam Manson is available on Tuesday and Wednesday based in Edenhope, visiting the Kaniva Shire office on Tuesday afternoons.  

Darren Scott is available on Thursdays and Friday mornings based in Edenhope. 

Both Adam and Darren bring much knowledge and experience to the Department, and are available to offer you advice on building issues and assist you with your Building Permit applications and conduct building Inspections.  

Wayne Wilkie remains the Municipal Building Surveyor, and is available every 2nd Wednesday by appointment.

The addition of these new team members now provides Council with a extended building service for our residents, with the support of Administration Officer Rae Stone and Planning & Environment Manager, Gill Bradshaw, available to assist if required.

If you require any assistance or advice relating to building issues within West Wimmera Shire, contact the Edenhope office | 03-55859900 or the Kaniva office | 03-53997700 to arrange to make an appointment with one of our Building team or e-mail your enquiries to council@westwimmera.vic.gov.au
Registrations are NOW OPEN.

Come along and enjoy a weekend sharing ideas, experiences in agriculture, business and personal development. Try your hand at something new, further develop your skill set and have fun getting together with other rural women from across the state.

The West Wimmera Women On Farms Gathering (WOFG) 2017 hosted in Harrow 24-26 March has a diverse and exciting program of entertainment workshops and tours that will be available over the weekend including an agricultural program.

There is truly something for everyone, with workshops such as Card-making with Coco, Watercolour Postcards, Mechanically Minded Mums, Building a Home-based Business, Kayaking, Introduction to Dogs, Agricultural Apps, Finding your Family History, First Aid for Farmers, Sheep Genetics and the list goes on........

All this along with tours to communities throughout the shire, local product stalls, a fashion parade, engaging speakers, entertainment from the Harrow Sound & Light Show at Friday's dinner, meals featuring locals produce & products and health checks by the Centre for Farmer Health.

$210 Full Registration | Three Day Program
includes all workshops/tours*, Friday-dinner, Saturday-morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and Sunday-morning tea, packed lunch.
$110 Saturday Registration
includes all Saturday workshops/tours*, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner.
$10 from every registration goes to the WOFG Heritage Committee
*Fascinating Feathers & Bows, Basket Weaving & Apsley tour options incur additional charges

Visit the WOFG2017 website to for Workshop/tour details, to download the program and to register. 

Get together with your girlfriends from near and far for a weekend of entertainment, laughs and learning. Join us in showcasing West Wimmera. Look forward to seeing you there!!!
Grant Highlight

Round 31
Closes: 5.00 pm (AEST) 31 March 2017
Small Grants for Rural Communities is open twice per year.

A collaborative program supported by various partners, which has the flexibility to address issues that make a difference to the sustainability of rural, regional and remote communities including projects that address the following:
  • Strong Leadership & Community Capacity
  • Sustainable Community Infrastructure
  • Equitable Access to Opportunities
  • Vibrant Local Economies
Grants of up to $5,000 are available for projects and activities that offer clear public benefit for communities in rural, regional or remote Australia. Priority is given to communities of 10,000 or fewer.

Further information, application and guidelines available at
Community and business directories 

Ensure that your business or community group is:
• informed of upcoming grants
• advised of changes to permits and requirements
• advised of training opportunities
• kept informed of council programs
• promoted to visitors, existing and new residents.

We will be launching our online community and business directories in the coming months so please update your details now.

tact the shire office in Edenhope | 5585 9900 or Kaniva | 5392 7700 communications@westwimmera.vic.gov.au.
10 March 2017

Music, Memories and Madness
Edenhope Mechanics Hall more....
11 March 2017

JB Greenhill West Wimmera Shire Cup
Edenhope Racecourse more....
14 March

Memory Lane Cafe
Elsie Bennett Centre, Edenhope more....
24-26 March

West Wimmera WOFG 2017
Harrow more....
1 April 2017

Kaniva Town Garage Sale
Kaniva more....
8 April 2017

Harrow Sound & Light Show
Harrow more....
To view the complete West Wimmera Shire Event Calendar visit the upcoming events webpage.
To promote your event on the council events calendar and Facebook page submit your event details on our website or contact Amanda Munn | 5392 7700.

Events submitted to the West Wimmera Shire Events Calendar are also promoted through Wimmera Mallee Tourism on their Facebook page, neighbouring Visitor Information Centres as well as various other publications and outlets. 

Dont miss this great opportunity to promote your event for FREE.
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