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Mayor Bruce Meyer presenting the Ambassador pin to Dr Nouria Salehi OAM
Message from our CEO

We are rapidly entering into the event season for West Wimmera with a number of annual large events about to occur. 

Australia Day events have been held across the Shire with good numbers of people coming out to celebrate all that is great about our Country and living in West Wimmera. I would like to congratulate the winners of the various awards across the Shire and also congratulate all the people who were nominated. The task of choosing people and events from a high quality field was difficult but the following people are the worthy recipients of Australia Day awards in the Shire. 

The 2017 Australia day Citizen of the Year is Tanya Taylor of Apsley. Along with the contribution that Tanya makes in her profession as the Principal of the Apsley Primary School, Tanya is also involved in everything that happens in Apsley and surrounding districts. 

Other activities that Tanya is actively involved in include, the Apsley Action Group, Edenhope – Apsley Netball Club, Apsley Alligators (Playgroup), the local Angling Club and the Bringalbert Foreshore Committee. Tanya provides fantastic energy and leadership to all of these groups and is a fine example of the high standards set by volunteers in West Wimmera. 

The community event that was recognised as part of the awards went to the Apsley Racing Club for the Apsley Cup meeting. This committee has certainly set the bar very high for country race meets as the entire day is a very professionally presented event. 

In 2016 the event included the Jimmy Tarpot Cup to decide the fastest backwards runner and it is hoped that this component of the event will grow and provide greater exposure to the race meet and the region in general. 

The Young Citizen of the Year was awarded to Johnathon Kyle of Kaniva. Johnathon provides a volunteer service to a number of organisations in Kaniva including the Football Netball Club as a trainer.

All clubs struggle for volunteers to ensure that they can operate in a safe environment and his efforts are welcomed by his community. 

The other upcoming events for the region include the Kaniva Car and Bike Show in the first week in February. This is followed by Henley on Lake Wallace and the Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon. The Edenhope Cup is run and won on the long weekend in March and at the end of March is the Women on Farms Gathering which will be based in Harrow.

Registrations for the Women on Farms Gathering are now open and the program has something to offer everyone, so I encourage people to register as soon as they can. 

There is an event for all tastes so we look forward to seeing as many West Wimmera residents as we can out and about enjoying the hard work of the various organising committees. 

David Leahy
Citizen of the Year 2017 Tanya Turner with Mayor Bruce Meyer
Citizen of the Year 2017 Tanya Turner with Mayor Bruce Meyer
Community Event of the Year 2017 the Aspley Cup, Apsley Race Club members with Mayor Bruce Meyer
Community Event of the Year 2017 the Aspley Cup, Apsley Race Club members with Mayor Bruce Meyer
Young Citizen of the Year | Jonathan Kyle receives his award from Cr Richard Hicks
Young Citizen of the Year 2017 Jonathan Kyle presented with his award by Cr Richard Hicks
Australia Day Ambassador Dr Nouria Salehi OAM with Cr Tom Houlihan at Australia Day celebrations in Harrow.
Australia Day Ambassador Dr Nouria Salehi OAM with Cr Tom Houlihan at Australia Day celebrations in Harrow.
Flood Recovery Works

Flood Recovery Program

The flood recovery program is tracking well with works taking place across the shire including Powers Creek Road and Cove Estate Road which are almost complete.

We will continue to implement works across the shire moving into 2017.

Current works in progress:
•     Powers Creek Road 
•    Cove Estate Road 
•    Benayeo – Neuarpurr Road 
•    Brooks Road
•    Caldows Road – Temporary Works 
•    Apsley- Natimuk Road – Temporary Works 

Next Works to begin:
•    Fergusons Road 
•    Anthony Waits Road 
•    Apsley – Natimuk Road 

Temporary works have been completed in many locations across the shire and will continue to be done as the need arises as it was this week on Patyah Bringalbert Road.

We ask you to please drive carefully and to the condition of the road, especially through work sites. Observe the speed restrictions to ensure your safety and the safety of the road crews delivering the reconstruction works.

Regular updates will be posted on the West Wimmera Shire website and Facebook page to inform the community of current and impending road works throughout the shire.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our project manager Les Edmistone on 0402 166 325 or email lesedmistone@westwimmera.vic.gov.au.
Grants open

Community Strengthening Grants  

Do you have a community project that you would like to complete?

The annual Community Strengthening Grants program is designed to promote and increase participation of local residents in community initiatives, to build and strengthen local networks and partnerships and to support community leadership, learning and skill development.

Grants are available for the following categories:

•    Community Projects
•    Community Events
•    Facilities Upgrades & Equipment Purchases

Information sessions are being held to provide community organisations with details on the program. Applicants who attend these information sessions prior to the closing date will be highly regarded when assessing the applications.

Information sessions will be held as follows:

Kaniva | 7pm 2 February | RSVP 31 January
Edenhope | 7pm 6 February | RSVP 3 February 
Apsley | 6.30pm 8 February | RSVP 6 February 
Harrow | 6.30pm 9 February | RSVP 7 February 
Goroke | 7pm 13 February | RSVP 10 February

RSVP to Heidi Gajic on 03 5585 9900 or communications@westwimmera.vic.gov.au

NOTE: If no RSVP's received the information session will be cancelled

Further information, guidelines and applications are available from the Community Strengthening Grants Program webpage.
Beat the bite message

Victorian Government and West Wimmera Shire Council working together to reduce mosquito numbers 

West Wimmera Shire Council has joined sixteen other higher risk and flood-affected councils across rural Victoria that have received a special funding package to combat the spread of mosquitoes this summer.

West Wimmera Shire Council can now access funding to initiate mosquito control activities and help prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

Recent heavy rainfall and floods across the Wimmera have led to ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes that can spread disease. High numbers of mosquitoes will continue over the summer months across rural Victoria.

Mosquitoes can carry diseases such as Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, and Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE) – all serious, infectious and potentially life-threatening in the case of MVE.

We are taking action to reduce mosquito numbers by initiating management activities and community education programs.

Activities will focus on using control agents such as larvicides to stop mosquito larvae from growing.

The annual ‘Beat the Bite’ campaign started a month early this year due to the increased mosquito numbers. It urges all Victorians to take simple steps to protect themselves and their family from mosquito bites.

The campaign’s top tips to ‘Beat the Bite’ are: 
•    Cover up. Wear long, loose fitting clothing because mosquitoes can bite through tight fitting clothing.
•    Use effective mosquito repellents containing DEET or picaridin on all exposed skin.
•    Control mosquito numbers. There’s a wide range of ‘knockdown sprays’ or vaporising devices for inside use, including caravans.
•    Install fly wire screens on all windows and self-closing wire screens on doors.
•    Make sure mosquitoes can't breed around your property by removing stagnant water at least every week. This includes in flower pots, tyres, buckets, tins, bird baths and pet bowls.
•    Empty children’s wading pools when not being used and keep fishponds stocked with fish.
•    Use screens when camping. Mosquito nets or screens will help keep mosquitoes out of tents and added protection can be provided by treating the nets with an appropriate insecticide.
•    Limit outdoor activity at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active.

If you have any concerns about your health, talk to your doctor or call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 606 024. For more information visit: Better Health Channel - www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/beat-the-bite.

For further information on the West Wimmera Shire Mosquito Management program contact Nicole Wearne | Environmental Health Officer | 03 5585 9900
Kindergartens - Children playing with blocks

Kindergarten begins for another year

Next week we will see the familiar scenes of anxious parents and exited children as the 2017 Kindergarten year begins on Wednesday 1 February.

The West Wimmera Shire Kindergarten programs begin next week:

Wednesday 1 February
Goroke Kindergarten | Pre-kinder & Kinder
Edenhope Kindergarten | Kinder
Thursday 2 February
Kaniva Kindergarten |Pre-kinder & Kinder
Edenhope Kindergarten | Pre-kinder 

Kinder (4 yr) Session | 8.30am - 4pm
Pre-Kinder (3 yr) Session | 8.30am - 4pm

While we are all very excited kindergarten is happening soon, some children may feel a bit anxious about starting kindergarten.  Here’s a few tips to help them in the upcoming weeks.
•    Talk about what is going to happen at Kindergarten with your child leading up to the first day.
•    Remind your child to ask for help at Kindergarten if they need it.
•    Have easy to use clothing for toileting.
•    Have easy to remove and easy to run and climb in shoes.
•    Stay with your child at Kindergarten as long as you like.
•    Pack your child’s bag together the day before to avoid the morning rush.
•    Be enthusiastic but calm in the morning. This will give a positive relaxed feel about Kinder.
•    Be prepared for fatigue after Kinder. Try not to schedule too many activities after Kinder.
•    Ask open ended and inquiry questions.

Children do so many different activities and play with so many friends at Kinder they find it difficult to remember so many things when families ask about their day. 
•    Instead of asking questions that require a yes or no answer, such as, did you have fun? Ask questions such as, tell me one thing you really loved about your day? What was it that made it so fun? 

Questions that require difficult to remember details such as what did you do at kinder? may get the ‘I don’t know’ or ‘nothing’ response.  
•    Instead ask more specific questions such as, what did you find the hardest thing to do at kinder today? What made it difficult for you? Or, tell me about what happens at group time?
•    Rather than ask who did you play with? ask questions such as, Who did you sit with at lunch time? 

Kindergartens are very busy places, especially before and after the session, but if don’t have time to wait, teachers are never too busy to arrange a time to talk.  The teachers will be available from Tuesday 31st January, so drop in or give them a call if you have any concerns.  The Kindergarten door is always open and teachers welcome any feedback.

If you are still to enrol or require further information regarding Kindergarten go to
Kindergartens page or contact Tracey Bone | Early Years Coordinator | 0408 471 324
Kaniver 2016 Kindergarten Children in the West Wimmera Kindergarten Uniforms

Kindergarten Uniforms

West Wimmera Shire have uniforms available for each individual Kindergarten. 

The bright, cheerful uniforms are high quality and durable designed for especially for the needs of young children.

There is absolutely no requirement to wear uniform however if you wish to purchase any items the following are available from the Kindergarten from Tuesday 31st January.

Jumper | $25
Short Sleeve T-Shirt | $16
Long Sleeve T-Shirt | $18
Hat | $12

*Uniforms are be available in size 4 and 6
*Please produce your health care card to receive one free set of uniform.
Carer playing with young child


Family Day Care and Child Care are programs run out of West Wimmera Shire Early Years Centres by Wimmera Uniting Care.

Wimmera Uniting Care are currently in the process of advertising for a Family Day Carer to run child care at Edenhope Child Care.  We will communicate any outcomes or updates to families via West Wimmera Wire, the Council website and/or Facebook page

Kaniva Early Learning Centre run Child Care on Tuesday and Wednesdays.  If you have any questions regarding Child Care for 2017 in Edenhope or Kaniva, please contact Katrina Scimone, WUC Early Years Coordinator on 5362 4000 or  visit www.wuc.org.au/early-years.  You can also contact the Kaniva Early Learning Centre directly on 5392 2976 for further information about child care in Kaniva.


Playgroup 2017

Goroke will be providing a facilitated playgroup beginning in Term 1 at the Goroke Kindergarten.  All welcome and bring your friends. Days and times to be advised.

If anyone is interested in attending playgroup at Edenhope or if you need further information regarding playgroup in Goroke or Kaniva please contact  Lisa Gillard, Playgroup Victoria Development Coordinator on 0456 869 390  or Tracey Bone, Early Years Coordinator on
0408 471 324. 
West Wimmera Shire Council Flood Recovery Project Management team from left Sarah Ellis, Les Edmistone, Tom Krieger, David Smith.
Introducing the Flood Recovery Team

As you may be aware West Wimmera Shire Council has been approved for eligible state and federal funding for much needed restoration of essential public assets including road networks within the shire. Work started prior to Christmas and the team will be working with over 23 different contractor companies to delivery this large piece of work over the next 12 months. 

The team leading this work are: 
Les Edmistone | Shepherd Services | Project Manager  
Background: 28 years Local Government experience
Hobbies/interests: Fishing

Tom Krieger | Krieger Consulting | Project Coordinator
Background: 23 years Local Government experience 
Hobbies /interests: Fishing and Motor Sports

David Smith | Project Engineer  
Background: 2 years with West Wimmera Shire Council
Hobbies/interests: Hockey

Sarah Ellis | Project Controller
Background: 10 years Project and Operational Experience in 2 Multi-National companies
Hobbies/interests: Netball and Tennis

Registration are NOW OPEN.

Come along and enjoy a weekend sharing ideas, experiences in agriculture, business and personal development. Try your hand at something new, further develop your skill set and have fun getting together with other rural women from across the state.

The West Wimmera Women On Farms Gathering (WOFG) 2017 hosted in Harrow 24-26 March has a diverse and exciting program of entertainment workshops and tours that will be available over the weekend including an agricultural program.

There is truly something for everyone, with workshops such as Card-making with Coco, Watercolour Postcards, Mechanically Minded Mums, Building a Home-based Business, Kayaking, Introduction to Dogs, Agricultural Apps, Finding your Family History, First Aid for Farmers, Sheep Genetics and the list goes on........

All this along with tours to communities throughout the shire, local product stalls, a fashion parade, engaging speakers, entertainment from the Harrow Sound & Light Show at Friday's dinner, meals featuring locals produce & products and health checks by the Centre for Farmer Health.

$210 Full Registration | Three Day Program
includes all workshops/tours*, Friday-dinner, Saturday-morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and Sunday-morning tea, packed lunch.
$110 Saturday Registration
includes all Saturday workshops/tours*, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner.
$10 from every registration goes to the WOFG Heritage Committee
*Fascinating Feathers & Bows, Basket Weaving & Apsley tour options incur additional charges

Visit the WOFG2017 website to for Workshop/tour details, to download the program and to register. 

Get together with your girlfriends from near and far for a weekend of entertainment, laughs and learning. Join us in showcasing West Wimmera. Look forward to seeing you there!!!
Grant Highlight

Every year the Victorian Government, through the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account, disburses revenue derived from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences to projects that will improve recreational fishing in Victoria.

Small Grants Program | projects up to $5,000 - GST Exclusive
Continuous applications throughout the year

Guidelines, application and further information available at

Large Grants Program | projects from $5,001 to $100,000 - GST Exclusive
Open: 1 October 2016
Close: 28 February 2017

Guidelines, application and further information available at
Community and business directories 

Ensure that your business or community group is:
• informed of upcoming grants
• advised of changes to permits and requirements
• advised of training opportunities
• kept informed of council programs
• promoted to visitors, existing and new residents.

We will be launching our online community and business directories in the coming months so please update your details now.

tact the shire office in Edenhope | 5585 9900 or Kaniva | 5392 7700 communications@westwimmera.vic.gov.au.
4 February 2017

Kaniva Car & Bike Show
Kaniva Recreation Reserve more....
11 February 2017

Henley on Lake Wallace
Henley Park, Edenhope more....
18-19 February 2017

Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon
Lake Charlegrark more....
11 March 2017

JB Greenhill West Wimmera Shire Cup
Edenhope Racecourse more....
18-19 February 2017

Lake Charlegrark Country Music Marathon
Lake Charlegrark more....
1 April 2017

Kaniva Town Garage Sale
Kaniva more....
To view the complete West Wimmera Shire Event Calendar visit the upcoming events webpage.
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Events submitted to the West Wimmera Shire Events Calendar are also promoted through Wimmera Mallee Tourism on their Facebook page, neighbouring Visitor Information Centres as well as various other publications and outlets. 

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