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Goroke student building Goroke little desert playspace model
Message from our CEO

On 6 October 2016, the Kaniva Town Hall was filled with people attending the annual senior’s concert, with this year’s entertainment being provided by James Blundell.  The concert day also provided the Shire with the opportunity to recognise the contribution made to West Wimmera by some of our senior residents. The value that these volunteers provide to the community is enormous. 

All of the Councillors commented that every nominated person or couple could have quite rightly been named as senior of the year, such was the quality of the nominations. It was also a tribute to the senior residents of the Shire that there was so many nominations, it is a true demonstration of what the Shire means to so many people. 

This year’s eventual winner was Barry “Butch” Witmitz. Butch volunteers countless hours for many Kaniva based organisations from the Lions Club to the Men’s Shed and the Football Netball Club. He also has spent time overseas providing assistance to complete projects for communities far less fortunate than ours. 

Butch was humbled by the recognition of his efforts for his community and has no plans to stop contributing to making West Wimmera a great place to be. We salute you Butch and all of the worthy contenders for the senior citizen of the year 2016 for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for our community.

Now that polling has closed for the Council election, I would like to pay tribute to the Councillors who served our community for the last 4 years. Anyone that puts their hand up for public office of any kind, deserves the greatest of respect and gratitude from the Shires residents. 

It is a role that requires you to have a very public profile and your views to be challenged constantly. There is never a shortage of advice on how to best govern the Shire.  

Through two gatherings with staff at the Shire, the opportunity was taken to remind the Councillors of what was achieved during their term and the positives clearly outweighed the negatives. It also gave both staff and Councillors the opportunity to express their appreciation for the efforts applied to making the Shire a great place to live. 

While we are on the topic of Councillors, our new Council should be known by 28 October and a declaration of the result will be made at the Edenhope office of West Wimmera Shire at 10:00 am on Wednesday 2 November. 

All the best

David Leahy
Barry Witmitz, West Wimmera SHire Senior Citizen of the Year 206 and West Wimmera CEO David Leahy


Barry "Butch" Witmitz
West Wimmera Shire
Senior Citizen of the Year 2016
Flood Damaged Road

Flood Damage Works

Damage to roads caused by recent flooding are in the process of being assessed for submission to the State Government for assistance.

Unfortunately the extent of the damage across the Shire is quite significant and on initial assessment will be several million dollar.

As the damage is well above the threshold that Council has the resources to address the process of repairing the damage to our road network will take some time, possibility up to several months.

The flood damage works are additional to Council's current works program and as a result most of this work will be contracted in. At present any immediate safety issues are being addresses by partial repairs or sign posted warning road users of the damage.

If you still have concerns over particular sections of road damage please contact Council on 5585 9900 | 5392 7700 or complete an online customer request.

Please be patient; our first priority is to make the roads safe and accessible followed up by repairing them when we have the funding to do so.

Mosquitoes after the rain

Recent periods of heavy rainfall can led to ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes, even in non-tropical areas. Mosquitoes can breed rapidly in stagnant waters and become a nuisance.

Mosquitoes in Victoria can carry diseases such as Ross River Virus, Barmah Forest Virus and Dengue Virus. 

Take precautions to control mosquitos around your home:

•    Clean up your yard and remove anything where water can collect, such as unused pots and tyres.

•    Cover or overturn trailers, wheelbarrows, boats, tools and children’s playground toys to avoid water collection.

•    Change pet drinking bowls, bird baths and vase waters at least once a week, and more regularly in very warm weather.

•    Put sand around the base of pot plants.

For further information on how to control mosquitoes visit: www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/healthyliving/mosquitoes-can-carry-diseases
Emergency App

The new VicEmergency app is coming this summer

The VicEmergency app is the official Victorian Government app for access to community information and warnings for all types of emergencies in Victoria.

This summer the FireReady app will be upgraded to include community information and warnings for all types of emergencies, not just fire. 

The new VicEmergency app will include warning and incident notifications for fire, flood, storm, earthquake, weather warnings and more that can be tailored to individual locations and watch zones.

The VicEmergency app brings together emergency information and warnings from multiple agencies including: 
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Department of Economic Development and Transport and Resources
  • Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Life Saving Victoria
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade 
  • Victorian State Emergency Service.

After Tuesday, 8 November 2016 the FireReady app will no longer work. 

Existing FireReady users, can update to the new VicEmergency app from November 2016 and new users can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

As part of your preparations for the upcoming fire season ensure you are aware of  where you can access emergency information. Download the VicEmergency app, bookmark emergency.vic.gov.au, and save the Victorian Bushfire Information Line number – 1800 240 667 into your mobile phone. 
Warnings are also available on VicEmergency's Twitter (@vicemergency) and Facebook (facebook.com/vicemergency), and CFA’s Twitter (@CFA_Updates) and Facebook (facebook.com/cfavic).

Fire in a paddock

It's time to think Fire Prevention - Fire Season is NEARLY Here

With the weather starting to warm up it means the fire season is now fast approaching making now the time for action. 

While individual households should be thinking about their individual Bushfire Plans, West Wimmera Shire has begun implementing fuel minimisation programs across the municipality.

Due to the significant wet season there is higher than normal potential fire hazard with a significant increase in grass growth across the Shire. It’s time to address potential fire hazards including long grass and start mowing or spraying your grass areas now. If spraying take care as to not affect your neighbours or spray non targeted areas, keeping in mind that at the start of the fire restriction period any grass, even sprayed grass exceeding 100mm will need to be mowed.

To reduce fire hazards it is necessary to remove any fuel sources. Common examples include but are not limited to:-
 * Long grass, leaves and twigs
 * Rubbish
 * Trees and shrubs close to buildings
 * Empty cardboard boxes, which can be a problem in commercial areas
 * Fire wood should be stacked clear of buildings

Now is the time to take action to find out more about fire risk where you live, to prepare your property and decide well in advance about what you'll do if a fire starts.

Make sure you know where to check Fire Danger Ratings. Over summer, you’ll need to check the ratings daily to understand the fire risk in your area. Visit the CFA website. Remember, as ratings increase, so does your risk of fire

For more information on how to get prepared for summer, go to emergency.vic.gov.au
Kaniva Community Hub Demolition begins

Kaniva Community Hub 

The Kaniva Community Hub Project is steadily progressing with a lot of time and effort going into planning and design. Demolition began this week.

Powercor has been engaged to undertake the first stage works on the power upgrade, as it is specialised works.  Additional power poles have been put in place waiting for the 3 phase power lines to be installed from Farmers Street.

At the Council meeting held on 15 September, Council awarded the building contract to H & T Kuchel Builders after receiving two tenders. Demolition commenced, as planned, on Monday 10 October after the Kaniva Show.   This process was expected to take approximately 3 weeks but this phase took much less time than first anticipated.  The contractor employed the help of an expert asbestos removal crew to ensure the safe extraction of any dangerous material present in the old building.   Site preparation is now underway for the new structure.  

The community has held several fundraising functions for the Hub project, including a live band at the Kaniva Recreation Reserve, catering, a quiz night and an “Inspirational Night with Dr Gill Hicks”. This has been a great start to the fundraising efforts.  

For further information, please contact Venkat Peteti or Bernie Maddern on 03 5392 7700.  

Further details are available on the Kaniva Community Hub webpage.
Goroke Little Desert Nature Playspace Design

$600K funding for Kaniva Cultural & Tourism Precinct.

On 5 October Federal Member for Mallee, Andrew Broad visited Kaniva to announce $600,000 funding for the Kaniva Cultural and Tourism Precinct through the National Stronger Regions Fund.

The Kaniva Cultural and Tourism Precinct project will see the redevelopment of the current wetlands and fauna park on the Western Highway, Kaniva into a cultural and tourism precinct.
This new precinct will include wetland enhancement, visitor amenities including a nature-based, all-access play space and a flying fox, parrot flight area and a native forest fruits orchard.

Further information about this project visit the Kaniva Cultural & Tourism Precinct webpage.

Do you have any questions about any of the many major projects Council is currently implementing? 

The major projects section on the council website contains information about the various major projects we are currently undertaking such as the Lake Charlegrark Precinct Development and the Goroke Little Desert Nature Playspace. 

For further information, designs, updates and FAQ's  on these and other major projects visit the Major Projects section under Council at www.westwimmera.vic.gov.au.

Youth dressed up for the Kaniva Ball for All

A night of dancing and nostalgia in Kaniva

On Friday, October 14, the Kaniva Shire Hall was alive with over 90 people dressed in their finest enjoying a night of dancing at the all ages Ball for All. 

This event was the initiative of a group of Kaniva College students, who organised the ball using Freeza funding, available through the West Wimmera Shire Council’s Youth Services. The organising committee were inspired by the concept of a ‘ball for all’, after attending their own debutante ball earlier in the year, along with the ‘old time’ dances that are held throughout the region, and wanted to create an event that celebrated traditional music and dancing. 

Read more about this great youth event in the Kaniva Ball for All Media Release.
For further details about the Freeza program and other youth programs in West Wimmera visit the West Wimmera Youth page.
The Miks Maks with Goroke Kindergarten Children and Staff

The Mik Maks Rock Kaniva

The Kaniva Hall echoed with the sounds of children's laughter and music on Monday 24 October when children's entertainers The Mik Maks rocked Kaniva. 

The Goroke Kindergarten children (pictured above) were among the crowd of over 200 that filled the Kaniva Hall for a morning of music, dancing and fun to celebrate Children's week.
Kaniva Kindergarten Children begin Transition Program

Kaniva Kindergarten

Kaniva Kindergarten had a great day as they begin their Transition Program at Kaniva College.

The transition program began with the kindergarten students being taken on a tour and play in the playground to begin familiarising themselves with the Kaniva College campus.

The program continues through term 4.

Meals on Wheels Edenhope

West Wimmera Shire Council would like to thank the members of the Edenhope Community who have volunteered their time to deliver Meals On Wheels.

Council would also like to extend their thanks the Edenhope Businesses whose logos appear below for volunteering their staff. It is a vital role in our community, and your volunteering is appreciated.
Edenhope Meals on Wheels Volunteer Businesses Logos
Home and Community Care

My Aged Care is your one-stop-shop for aged care services and information in Australia. 

My Aged Care provides you with information:
  • on different types of aged care services
  • about your eligibility for services and how we can help you find local services
  • on assessments and referrals to providers that can meet your needs 
  • about the cost of your aged care services, including fee estimators.
When you call the My Aged Care contact centre, you will be asked for your consent to create a personalised client record.

Your record will include up-to-date information on your needs and the results of any assessments or any services that you receive. Having a client record will reduce the number of times you need to retell your story. Only you, your nominated representative, your assessor and service providers will be able to access relevant information in your record.

If you are already receiving aged care services you do not have to contact My Aged Care unless your circumstances or care needs change.

For further information call the My Aged Care contact centre 1800 200 422.
My Aged Care contact centre operates:
8am to 8pm Monday to Friday
10am to 2pm on Saturday
Closed on public holidays.

Home and Community Care (HACC) will change to Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) from the 1st of July 2016, but the service delivery team are still the same people. 

Jo Grant | Acting HACC Team Leader
Enya Southall | HACC Administration
Kaye Robinson | Living at Home Assessment Officer
Contact 03 5585 9900
Community and business directories 

Ensure that your business or community group is:
• informed of upcoming grants
• advised of changes to permits and requirements
• advised of training opportunities
• kept informed of council programs
• promoted to visitors, existing and new residents.

We will be launching our online community and business directories in the coming months so please update your details now.

tact the shire office in Edenhope | 5585 9900 or Kaniva | 5392 7700 communications@westwimmera.vic.gov.au.
Service Club | Event Signs  
New service signs are about to be erected in the main entrances to the townships of Edenhope, Goroke and Kaniva. These signs, which will be placed at either end of the main entrances into the townships, will recognise the huge contribution service groups make to our communities.

This signage gives community groups the opportunity to order signs to promote upcoming events. These individual signs will be made of corflute measuring 800mm wide by 394mm high. Black text on a white background is to briefly state the name of your event.

Beneath the sign a magnetic plate will display the month and date of your event, allowing event signs to be reused as the dates can be changed as needed.

The cost for each set of signs (2 signs per event) is $66.00 (GST inclusive). If your group would like to order signage please return the
Community Group Signage Order Form along with payment by Wednesday 26th November 2016 for events from 2017 onwards.

Contact Amanda Munnn | 03 5392 7700 |

3 November 2016

Building Healthy, Caring and Engaged Communities
Harrow Bush Nursing Centre more....
15 November 2016

Memoray Lane Cafe
Henley Park, Edenhope more....

To view the complete West Wimmera Shire Event Calendar visit the upcoming events webpage.
To promote your event on the council events calendar and Facebook page submit your event details on our website or contact Amanda Munn | 5392 7700.

Events submitted to the West Wimmera Shire Events Calendar are also promoted through Wimmera Mallee Tourism on their Facebook page, neighbouring Visitor Information Centres as well as various other publications and outlets. 

Dont miss this great opportunity to promote your event for FREE.
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