JULY 2016
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Goroke student building Goroke little desert playspace model
Message from our CEO

Since the last edition of the West Wimmera Wire, the Federal Election has been run and won. At the most recent council meeting, it was agreed by all Councillors to write to the reelected member for Mallee, Mr Andrew Broad and offer our congratulations.

While there appeared to be a swing away from the government in some parts of the country, the seat of Mallee remained quite a safe one for the Nationals. In recent years, the level of Federal contribution received in an electorate has not necessarily been a reflection of whether or not it is a safe or marginal seat. It is acknowledged that the party leaders spend a lot of time in marginal seats during an election campaign, but once a government is formed and operating, the business of working with the elected representative for the region commences. So from West Wimmera’s point of view, we look forward to working with Mr Broad and his staff on items such as broadband connectivity, mobile phone blackspots, roads to recovery funding levels and partnering on a number of major projects. We wish Mr Broad every success as he represents the interests of this electorate. 

The Council meeting for July was combined with a community forum in Telopea Downs. This presented a great opportunity for Councillors and senior staff to mix with local residents of the area and discuss the issues of most importance to them. It also enabled the locals to provide valuable information on a number of topics that will greatly assist in providing a higher quality service in areas such as road maintenance and renewal. By discussing the issues of access to suitable materials for roadworks and the costs associated with long haulage, the door was opened on the possibility of gaining access to some small deposits of a higher quality product. 

Also discussed in the open forum was the poor mobile phone reception that the area suffers from.  The information provided by the people at the meeting will help inform some of the advocacy efforts that council is keen to progress, in continuing to improve mobile coverage across the shire. With some further investigation, the case can be argued for investment and also used when advocating at a Federal level along with other Wimmera councils. 

The Councillors and staff wish to thank the people of Telopea Downs area for firstly catering for the meeting as well as turning up in such good numbers. The number of people enabled the discussions to be quite robust and also ensured that the whole of community voice was heard. 

As this article is being prepared for distribution, staff are preparing for Councillor candidate information sessions:
  • 5.00 pm Wednesday 27th July - Edenhope
  • 5.00 pm Thursday 28 July - Goroke
  • 5.00 pm Friday 29 July - Kaniva
Nominating to become a candidate at a council election is a big step and it can be quite rewarding once elected. The opportunity to plan strategically for the four year term of the council, represent your community and undertake personal and professional development over the term, can all contribute to the great sense of satisfaction derived from serving as a Councillor. 

For those people wishing to nominate but unable to attend an information session, they are welcome to contact me to discuss what is required. 

All the best and let’s hope that the rainfall season continues as it has started. 

Kind regards

David Leahy
Edenhope Mechanics Hall


Edenhope Cultural & Community Hub

The Edenhope Cultural and Community Hub project (redevelopment of the Mechanics Hall) has come to life, with the injection of $700,000 through the Commonwealth’s Drought Communities Program.
West Wimmera Shire Council and the Edenhope community have supported this project for a number of years, however it is now becoming a reality. The Edenhope Cultural and Community Hub project is an important initiative for the community and building on the foundations of work completed to date, the report provides a strategic approach to realising this project over the longer term.

Tender documents have been prepared to engage a contractor to undertake architectural and structural design of the building. Tenders close Thursday 18 August, with a report scheduled to be provided to the September council meeting for decision. This will mean that a dedicated architect will be appointed to finalise a concept design and costings. During this time, further community consultation will be required, to ensure the design will meet the needs and expectations of the community.

Council and Vision and Voice are preparing to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, regarding the proposed funding commitments. Sara McDonnell, spokesperson for Vision and Voice, is thrilled at this significant step forward. “Vision and Voice, the previous Hall Committee and the Edenhope community have been advocating for this project for a number of years and it is exciting to see it move forward to the next stage. As a committee, we have developed a fundraising strategy with the aim of raising approximately $250,000 initially. We will be seeking pledges from enthusiastic partners over the coming months.”

The Edenhope & District Community Bank® Branch are also a key partner in this project. James Ackland, Branch Manager, explains, “The Bank fully supports the Edenhope Cultural and Community Hub and is committed to assisting the community with fundraising efforts to ensure this project is realised.”

Further information including project updates are available on the Edenhope Cultural & Community Hub webpage.


Liitle Desert playspace childrens concept mdel


Goroke Little Desert Nature Playspace

The Goroke Little Desert Nature Playspace project is rapidly progressing. The project will provide the community of Goroke with modern play facility and a place for social connectedness.

Following the receipt of funding through the Commonwealth Drought Communities Program, planning commenced to deliver a quality community playspace for Goroke. A project Steering committee has been established and Jeavons Landscape Architects have been engaged to undertake the detailed design of the playspace. 

The location of the Goroke Little Desert Nature Playspace is situated adjacent a range of existing recreational and sporting infrastructure with excellent connectivity to the rest of the town. The design will enhance the local environment, working with the local characteristics of the region making strong reference to the Little Desert National Park its geology, flora and fauna in a playful and artful way.

Consultation with the students from the Goroke College was undertaken this month, where the students were asked about their experience in using the existing play area. They were then asked to illustrate what they would like to see in a new playspace, through three dimensional design using objects such as bark, moss and stones. The students were enthusiastic and had outstanding ideas. This input will be incorporated in to the design process.

Council lodged an application last month in the 2016-17 Community Sporting Infrastructure Fund with Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV), to leverage the existing funding. This funding would allow a more flexible playspace that caters for a wider age range, significantly increasing the participation outcomes of the project. The application has progressed to stage two and will be assessed by SRV who will make a decision by December 2016.

A draft concept design will be available for comment at the beginning of August. The community will have the opportunity to consider the draft plan and provide feedback to the Design Architect. A final plan will be confirmed by the end of August.

Further information including project updates are available on the Goroke Little Desert Playspace webpage.

Lake Charlegrak Children in water with canoe

Lake Charlegrark Precinct Development

The Lake Charlegrark Precinct Development continues to gain momentum, with $300,000 of the Commonwealth’s Drought Communities Program funding going towards the project. 

The Lake Charlegrark Precinct Development was highlighted in the Edenhope-Apsley Social Infrastructure Study as an opportunity for the shire to expand its visitor offering and capitalise on existing local assets. The project includes the installation of three phase power, construction of modern, all-access amenities and upgrades to the barbeque and seating facilities. 

Lake Charlegrark is a significant tourist attraction for the shire and draws at a minimum 15,000 visitors annually plus local usage. The completion of this enabling infrastructure will allow the West Wimmera region to attract significant numbers of additional visitors. 

Lake Charlegrark is a significant tourist attraction for the shire and draws at a minimum 15,000 visitors annually plus local usage. The completion of this enabling infrastructure will allow the West Wimmera region to attract significant numbers of additional visitors. 

Council has submitted an expression of interest to the Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund with Regional Development Victoria, to support the committed contributions. It is hoped that this application will be successful and announced soon. This funding would guarantee the project can go ahead.

Further information including project updates are available on the Lake Charlegrark Precinct Development webpage.
Concept Image Kaniva Cutural & Tourism Precinct

Kaniva Cultural & Tourism Precinct

The Kaniva Cultural and Tourism Precinct project is one step closer, with the announcement of Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Community Sports Infrastructure Fund.

This project is set to receive $100,000 to go towards the playspace and adult exercise equipment at the Precinct. The Kaniva Cultural and Tourism Precinct redevelopment was identified as a priority project by the local community through the Kaniva and Surrounds Social Infrastructure engagement and planning, thereby ensuring active local participation and support in the project.

This project has been established to enhance the natural environment within the Kaniva Wetlands and upgrade the existing Fauna Park. Inclusions such as improved waymaking, interpretive and directional signage and flora protection will improve the current area, leading to increased community interaction and visitor appeal. The project will include a new accessible children’s active and educational area.

Through community leadership, Kaniva is committed to building local economic and social resilience, by investing in core infrastructure that improves the town’s liveability. By doing this, Kaniva will be positioned so it can attract people from metropolitan and regional areas to relocate for a better and more affordable lifestyle.

Council is waiting to hear the outcome of the Commonwealth’s National Stronger Regions Fund Round Three, which will significantly contribute to the overall plan for the Precinct.

Further information including project updates are available on the Kaniva Cultural & Tourism Precinct webpage.
Baby Chickens

Chicken hatching program

Very exciting times at Kaniva Kindergarten at the moment as the children enjoy the Chicken Hatching Program. 
As part of this program the children will learn how to handle and care for the chickens, as well as observe and respond to changes in the chicken hatching process. This encourages children to be connected with and contribute to their world by exploring relationships with other living things.  

Further learning is promoted by:
•    providing children with access to a range of natural materials in their environment
•    modelling respect, care and appreciation for the chickens 
•    enabling children to care for and learn how to handle and further care for the chickens
•    providing additional learning resources related to chicken hatching.


How are your rates calculated?

Property owners will start receiving their rates notices as of this week, with some already arriving in mail boxes. If you would like to better understand how the 2.5% rate cap applies to your rates notice, take a look at the rates cap flyer from the Municipal Association of Victoria,  available on the Calculating your rates webpage.
Water over a road

Road Hazard - Tree, Water or Stock

Council greatly appreciates residents notifying us of a hazard on the road!

To fast track councils response, could you please provide the following information?

If the hazard is a branch or tree that has come down over the road:
  • Is it blocking the whole road (stopped traffic) or only partially blocking (traffic still able to pass)
To open up the road will council require:
  • Chainsaw or earthmoving equipment eg: Front-end loader
If the hazard is escaped stock on the road or roadside:
  • Approximate numbers and if there are any visibly injured or deceased stock situated on road
Most importantly please provide the exact location – road name and nearest roadside rural number. If exact location is not possible, any distinguishable landmarks or features on or around where the road is affected.

To report a road hazard contact 
Edenhope | 03 5585 9900
Kaniva | 03 5392 7700
Online  | Customer Request Form

Dog and cat sitting side by side

Dog & cat registrations are due

Council is reminding owners to register their dogs and cats to avoid a fine. 

Registration is not only a legal requirement under state legislation, it assists council to reunite lost animals with their owners. Pet registration is an important part of responsible pet ownership.

Unfortunately, Council has seen an increase in dog attacks in recent weeks and registration is very helpful in investigating these incidents should council need to quickly track down the owner of an injured dog as a result of an attack, or identify the offending dog’s owner.

Council is reluctant to fine owners, however a majority are yet to register their dogs/cats. Failing to do so may result in an infringement being issued. The fine under the Domestic Animals Act for failing to register your dog /cat is $311.

Council will be running a program to identify unregistered dogs and cats. Registrations can be made in person at council’s offices in Edenhope and Kaniva.

Further information is available on the Registration webpage.
Scammers dont discriminate poster

Scammers could be targeting you

Scammers don’t discriminate. Anyone can fall for a scam, especially as scams become increasingly sophisticated.

Scams target people of all ages and backgrounds, however some scams are more likely to target older demographics.

What is a scam? 
Scams are schemes designed to deceive you, generally for the purpose of stealing your money or personal details.

Why seniors are at risk? 
Often seniors have more money and accumulated wealth than younger people, making them an attractive target for a scammer.

Visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website for:
  • tips on how to be scam savvy
  • a handy quiz to test whether you can spot a scam
  • videos of real stories from Victorians who have been scammed
  • an opportunity to share your story to help others.
If you’ve been scammed, it can help to talk about how you’re feeling with someone you trust.  If you need professional support, help is available. Contact Consumer Affairs Victoria - 1300 55 8181.
Young people make up 30% of our population, but 100% of our future...

Young people are important. They have exciting ideas, skills and knowledge to contribute to our community, along with a unique and interesting perspective. At the West Wimmera Shire Council we recognise this, and are keen to create an environment where young people are valued, and encouraged and supported to make these contributions.

We are asking all young people, between ages 12-25 to complete a survey about their experiences living in West Wimmera. The results of this survey will be compiled and then inform a Youth Strategy.

Further information and the survey link is available on the
2016 Youth Survey webpage.
West Wimmera Shire Council Grants Program

Opens: 4 July 2016
Closes: 19 August 2016

The Community Strengthening Grants Program is designed to promote and increase participation of local residents in community initiatives, to build and strengthen local networks and partnerships and to support community leadership, learning and skill development.

Council will provide financial assistance to community groups and organisations to support the provision of programs, activities and services which respond to identified community needs, contribute to the building of a stronger community, develop innovative approaches and local social issues and are in accordance with council's strategic objectives.

Funding categories:
  • Community projects
  • Community events
  • Facilities upgrades & equipment purchases
Applicants are encouraged to speak to council about their ideas prior to submitting an application.

Further information, guidelines and application forms available on the Community Strengthening Grants webpage.
Senior Citizen of the Year Award

Do you know a West Wimmera Shire resident aged 60 years or or over who has a positive attitude towards ageing, continues to be active in the community while encouraging others to do the same and has made a significant contribution to the community since turning 60?

If so, acknowledge their input into our community and nominate them for this years award.

Nomination forms can be collected from the Shire Offices in Edenhope and Kaniva, and also downloaded from
Senior Citizen of the Year page.

Nominations will close at 5:00pm on Wednesday 24 August 2016 with the nominations assessed by the Councillors in the closed session at the September 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting.

West Wimmera Shire, CEO David Leahy will present the 2016 Senior of the Year Award at the Seniors Week Concert in Kaniva on 6 October 2016.
Grampians Central Waste & Resourse Recovery Group and Victoria State Government logos
This Is Your Opportunity To Have A Say…. Don’t Waste It!

As Australians, we are not only amongst the highest producers of waste in the world, but also some of the best recyclers. But there is always room for improvement.  

Planning for managing our waste and improving our recycling across the region is a serious business. That is why we have invited comedian and environmentalist Rod Quantock to come and help us plan for waste and recycling over the next ten years with our communities.

This means working with councils, industry and the community to plan for innovative solutions to improve service delivery and optimise the use of technology. 

We encourage all members of the western Victorian community to have your say about waste and recycling priorities, needs and issues. 

Community consultation meeting: Come and talk about a “load of rubbish” with Rod Quantock.

Monday 8 August
7.00pm - 8.30pm 
Horsham Town Hall, Art Gallery Exhibition Space 71 Pynsent St, Horsham    
Free event. Light supper provided. RSVP essential.

Go to gcwwrrg.vic.gov.au to register and download the draft consultation plan.
27 July 2016

Candidate Information Session
Edenhope Council Chambers  more....
28 July 2016

Candidate Information Session
Goroke Memorial Hall more....
29 July 2016

Candidate Information Session
Kaniva Council Chambers more....
30-31 July 2016

Harrow 100
Harrow more....
31 July 2016

National Tree Day Plantout
Madderns, Kaniva more....
5 August 2016

Mental Health Evening
Commercial Hotel, Kaniva more....
6 August 2016

Kaniva Hockey Annual Quiz Night
Kaniva Hall more....
3 September 2016

Inspirational Evening with Gill Hicks
Kaniva Hall more....
13 September 2016

VEC Candidate Information Sessions
Kaniva Council Chambers more....
14 September 2016

VEC Candidate Information Session
Edenhope Council Chambers more....
To view the complete West Wimmera Shire Event Calendar visit the upcoming events webpage.
To promote your event on the council events calendar and Facebook page submit your event details on our website or contact Amanda Munn | 5392 7700. 
McCartney Ride 2016 Logo
Lost in the Bush 2016

The Lost in the Bush memorial weekend is coming up on the 13-14 August 2016.

This event celebrates the anniversary of the weekend Jane, Isaac and Frank Duff got lost in the bush while collecting broom. For nine days the children wandered around in the Nurcoung bushland and were miraculously found alive by Peter McCartney and the Aboriginal black trackers.

This year the West Wimmera Shire Council have organised a reenactment of McCartney’s ride. A group of horse riders will be leaving from the Nhill Racecourse, Saturday 13 July and riding through the Little Desert. The will arrive at the Jane Duff Memorial at Nurcoung, at approximately 12.30 pm Sunday 14 August.

Barengi Gadjin Land Council will conduct a smoking ceremony at 8.45 am Saturday 13 August to wish the riders well on their journey to Nurcoung. This ceremony is open to the public and we encourage everyone to come out to the Nhill Racecourse to see the party off.

West Wimmera Shire Council invite people to gather for a BBQ lunch and welcome the riders into the Jane Duff Memorial - Sunday 12.00 pm.

After lunch, Barengi Gadjin Land Council will carry out a welcome to country ceremony, followed by a dance performance by the Wotjobaluk dance group.

To RSVP your attendance to the lunch or to find out further information, please contact Amanda Munn | 5392 7700.
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