June 2016
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West Wimmera is:

'A great place to start'... 'Open for opportunity'... 'Ready for investment'...

No matter which way you say it, West Wimmera is perfectly positioned and primed for growth.

The past couple of months we have been working on defining key economic development actions, with a focus on actions that will deliver quality and valuable outcomes. Importantly, one of the themes focuses on supporting small business. There are a number of ways that council can support you and your small business. A great starting point is to focus on five business basics:
  1. Structure: Why do I come to work every day? Revisit the true reason ‘Why’ you do what you do. This may make you rethink your business model and clarify ‘How’ you can achieve your goals. Check out Simon Sinek's TED talk on starting with why.
  2. Finance: Could my business model earn enough money to drive profit? What would I need to charge and how many clients would I need to get there? Have you got a Profit Strategy?
  3. Marketing: How do you get the right customers I needed to drive profit? Revisit ‘Why you do what you do’ and ask yourself why should customers choose you? Have you got a marketing plan to target certain customers?
  4. Systems:  How do you manage your business? What are the potential risks to your business that could potentially destroy everything you are working so hard to build? Focus on a sales system that suits your business model and consider using online risk mitigation systems to automate this non profitable task.
  5. People: Do you engage your employees so that they love your business the way you do? Have you invested time in sharing your ‘Why’ with your employees so that they are an asset to your business?
We will be engaging more with you and your business, with a view to better understanding how council can support you in your business goals.

You are invited to our free business breakfast and networking events next week in Edenhope and Kaniva. This is a great opportunity to connect with other's in the business world. We look forward to seeing you there | more....

Free Small Business Support for West Wimmera

Are you looking to start a new business? Do you want to grow your existing business?
Help is on the way with the Victorian Government’s Small Business Bus coming to West Wimmera this month.
The Small Business Bus offers free mentoring throughout the day with an experienced business professional who can assist you in taking your small business to the next level.
On board the Small Business Bus you will find information on Small Business Victoria’s programs and services as well as tools and tips to help you start or grow your business.
Bookings are essential for the mentoring sessions, so reserve your place now at business.vic.gov.au/sbb or call 13 22 15.
The Small Business Bus will be visiting the following locations:
Edenhope                                            Kaniva
Tuesday 14 June 2016                        Wednesday 15 June 2016
10.00 am – 4.00 pm                              10.00 am – 4.00 pm
49 Elizabeth Street                                30 Commercial Street
Outside the Council Office                      Outside the Men's Shed
Young farmers urged to have their say on the future of agriculture

The Andrews Labor Government is calling on the next generation of food and fibre producers to have their say on the future of Victorian agriculture.

Anyone with a view on how to build the business skills of young people in agriculture is being encouraged to contribute on the latest online forum.
The series of online discussions will form a critical part in the development of programs to support the next generation of agricultural leaders.
The current discussion focuses on how young farming professionals can build their business management skills to improve farming performance through the fluctuating global market.
Questions being asked in the forum include:
  • Why are some farm management programs and training opportunities for young farmers under-subscribed?
  • Do you think you have the skills for what it takes to run a successful farming business?
  • If not, how do you currently upskill and invest in yourself to become a better business manager?
  • And in the future how would you like to upskill?
As well as coming up with ideas, participants can also vote on other ideas and provide comments.
Visit www.OurSay.org/youngfarmers/business to get involved and help equip tomorrow’s farmers with the skills to manage our agricultural businesses. The forum is open until 26 June.

Is your business online and you don't even know?

It's possible that your business has an online presence, whether you have a website or not. With the widespread use of today's technology, customers using your service can share their thoughts on your business to the world. This has the potential to harm your business without you even knowing. On the flip side, you can also benefit from linking in with your customers online.

So what can you do to ensure your business is positively promoted on the internet?

  • Google your business
  • Ensure that your business listings are up to date ie. The Wimmera Online
  • Visit rating sites such as Trip Advisor (generally retail/ tourism based businesses) and check out any reviews on your business
  • Strengthen your online presence through sites such as Instagram
  • If you do find a negative review about your business online, address the customer concern in their post and try to turn it in to a positive.
Council can help you investigate your current online presence and suggest potential tools to expand your business profile. For further information contact Kellie Jordan | 03 5392 7700.

3 steps to making yourself indispensable to your customer

No matter what sector your business is in, you rely on customers. Here are some tips on how to keep existing customers and attract new ones.


  1. Take some time to think and feel like your target customers. What is life really like for them? What are they stressed or confused about? What is keeping them up at night?
  2. Next, make a detailed list of all the help they might need in any way connected to the products or services you sell. The more thorough and ‘real’ your list is the better.
  3. Get creative and think about how you can deliver some of that help, better than your competitors can. What would absolutely amaze and delight your target customers? What has no one had the guts to do before? What would make you the ‘unfair competition’ that your competitors whine about? Then, have the courage to take action. Be extraordinary.
Have a squiz at some more biz...
The Wimmera Online

Find what you're looking for locally. The Wimmera Online is the go-to business directory across the Wimmera region. If you are a business in West Wimmera, make sure you are registered.

If you are looking for a business, you can support your local trades by looking local at  
Creating a mentally healthy workplace

Small business owners, many of whom are sole operators and therefore self-reliant, are the least likely to ask for help with mental health issues and this can significantly affect their business. A new initiative, Heads Up, looks to address these issues by giving individuals and businesses free tools and resources to help them take action.


“Treat your suppliers as you would have your customers treat you.” Jurek Leon

"People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Simon Sinek

"The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates a customer" Shiv Singh

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