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LEAK WEEK / Day Four

1 March 2018

Day Four: Treatment

Hi <<First Name>>.

It was another really busy for Leak Week UK 2018 today.

We had loads of interaction on social media and some fabulous #WearBlueToo photos being shared around the globe.

The theme for today was ‘Treatment’ and you can check out the key resources for Day Four at:

New content

Many people who experience symptoms of intracranial hypotension due to a CSF leak are lucky enough that conservative treatment (e.g. bed rest) does the trick.  Unfortunately, a significant proportion of stubborn cases require treatment. Treatment options can vary from non-invasive caffeine infusions to more invasive procedures (including epidural blood patches), and sometimes surgery.

We’ve published two new documents today called ‘A Patient’s Experience of an Epidural Blood Patch’ in which two spontaneous spinal leakers, Clare Joy and Robin Palmer Hosking, were kind enough to write about their personal experiences. 

Although every person’s experience of a blood patch is different, and doctors approaches may differ a little between hospitals, we thought folk who've yet to have one would appreciate some firsthand accounts.
Read Robin's account by clicking here and read Clare's account by clicking here.

We also shared information about caffeine, which can sometimes take the edge off of the extreme headache symptoms experiences by spinal CSF leak sufferers.

Note:  you should always consult with your doctor before increasing caffeine intake above normal levels or if you have any preexisting conditions that might be affected by it.

Leaker Profiles

Keeping leaker experiences at the forefront of our campaign this week, we have Leaker Profiles of Suzanne Morgan and Donia Wheelan centre stage.

Suzanne welcomed her second child to the world, but a very unwelcome set of events while the epidural was being placed prior to a C-section led her to develop a CSF leak.  

She struggled with her health and two small children while she also had to fight her corner to obtain an blood patch.

You can read Suzanne's story at:

Some of you may already know Donia through her vlog on YouTube, where she has chronicled her CSF leak journey. 

She developed a spontaneous CSF leak while she was 17 weeks pregnant and although treated successfully with a blood patch, she has had repeated leaks and repeated blood patches. 

She has recently had positive experiences with caffeine infusions. You can watch her video below:
Donia Wheelan - Life with a Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak

Bite-sized Facts

Throughout the week, we’re releasing bite-sized facts, and today’s fact is:



We’ve been really impressed with the lengths many of you are going take up the challenge of our #WearBlueToo campaign, all to raise awareness for our cause. 

Your creativity and ingenuity really makes for a very engaging experience on social media.  We really appreciate all your efforts, no matter how small...keep'em coming!
 #WearBlueToo   #CSFleak   #LeakWeek   #Headache #UprightHeadache
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