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Jesper on behalf of the LiU Game Jam organizer group here. I hope that you are safe and sound and still got some of your food stockpile left. Due to us still living in the most boring post-apocalyptic movie ever our next event will be remote. Join us at 7th - 9th May in Spring Game Jam 2021. Let's create awesome games together in isolation!

Before the event we are going to host a digital Syltprovning (jam tasting) event. This is an event aimed at people curious about what a game jam is but also seasoned jammers wanting to meet old friends and share game jam memories.
Spring Game Jam 2021

Spring Game Jam 2021

7th - 9th May
Online at LiU Game Jam Discord
A game jam is an event where programmers, artists and gamers come together and create games; both computer games and board games. We are going to follow the same structure as our physical jams so please be online in time so you can participate in the theme generation, brainstorming and group forming. Only difference is that the salt sticks and pizza will be provided by yourself.

How to participate

  1. Make sure you have a working microphone as this will make it easier to brainstorm and jam with the other jammers.
  2. Join the LiU Game Jam Discord server.
  3. Create an account and join the Spring Game Jam Linköping 2021 jam page.

Digital Syltprovning

20th April
Online at LiU Game Jam Discord
Before the jam we are going to host a get-together event on Discord, the event is aimed at both old game jam foxes and new potential jammers.

During the event we will play some old game jam games together. The plan is to share some good memories and showcase what kind of project is possible to create during a jam. If you have a game which you made during our event and would want to showcase it get in touch.

If you have a friend that is interested in what a game jam is make sure to bring them along!
28 really cool game jam games

Archive your game jam results

We have started to collect all games made during our game jams on It is an impressive collection but it is only a fraction of all things we have created together.

Hence we encourage you to upload your old game jam projects to and send us a link to them.
Send your games!
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