Thank you to all Global Game Jam participants. Here are all the games created during the event.
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Thanks to all Global Game Jam participants!

During the weekend over 36,000 jammers in 702 sites across 95 countries have created over 7,000 games, meaning that Global Game Jam 2017 has broken all of last year's records and become the newly-crowned Biggest Game Jam Ever... And you were part of it! Feel proud of yourself!

Our next event will be Spring Game Jam 2017. Date is not decided yet. This is an ordinary LiU Game Jam so we will generate our own theme. More info will come on our Facebook page and this email list.

If you want to help us make LiU Game Jam happen or have some suggestions for how to make it even better you are more than welcome to send us an email.

Again, thank you for visiting Liu Game Jam and hope you had fun. Here are the resulting games.
Jesper Tingvall
The LiU Game Jam arranger group
LiTHe kod

Siren Alarm

SIREN ALARM is a game in which a group of sirens and a group of mermaids fight for dominance of the Seven Seas. You take on the role as either the mermaids or the sirens in order to secure their place in the books of mythology.

SIREN ALARM is primarily made for tablet gaming but can be played on any touch device (although there are no guarantees whatsoever). If you want to buy this game, look no further. Because you cannot. This game is licensed under the "use at own risk" license, which in fact does not even exist, so play it carefully (with a friend (or with an enemy)).

- Send destructive sound waves (well... notes) at your opponent by tapping your minions. Not so fast! There's a cooldown.
- Sending destructive notes will cost you 5 RR (Random Resource) and refunds 1-10 RR depending on how far it gets.
- Modify the floating level of your destructive notes by tapping your beautiful shells.
- Cancel your opponent's destructive notes with your own.
- Knock out your opponent's minions with your super powerful soundwaves of awesomeness. Yes, you can do just that.
- Get two additional destructive notes all the way to your opponent's castle to win the game.
- Listen to the siren or the mermaid song depending on who has the lead.
- Play dirty to win. (In other words: find the bugs and exploit them.)

  • Lost library card: All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
Jousef Gabro
Benjamin Helmersson
Alice Reinaudo
Philip Lange
Juan Ramón del Cano Vega


- Meow meow mreeeow...!
[This does not look like a pool party!]

When life hands you flavoured cats, make mehukatti juice.
Produce the most cat juice of your flavour! Rythmically splash your cat flavour the juice mixer.

Select where to splash by pressing Y, X, A or B on the controller. The combination of four directions determines the angle of the splash wave.

Play to the beat! The buttons must be pressed in rythm. Also, two opposing angles cancels each other out and gives invalid input. Keep a meow on the cat juice level, the winner will be shipped out in juicy bottles!

  • Lost library card: All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
Links Team
Kevin Larsson Alm
Olle Renius
Philip Johansson
Alexander Sääf
Erik Mansén
Petra Hessel
Lennie Jansson

Atomic Surfer

Are you radical enough for this game..? Put on your sunglasses and take off your shirt. Time to catch some waves, defeat the sharks and save the girl. - Controls - Movement: WASD Reload: R Shoot: Left-Mouse-Button Sprint: Left-Shift

Links Team
Sara Olsson
Sven Thole

Temple of Sound

In a temple where light and sounds are one and the same.
A single golem walks the halls, forward onto fame.

You play as a divergent golem that's filled with curiosity explores the Temple of Sound.
But beware the other golems of the temple might not want you to leave.

  • Lost library card: All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
Links Team
Jesper Tingvall
Sara Erenius
Joakim Edholm

The Swims

Prototype for a simple board game about swimmers and swimming in high waves.

Links Team
Ingemar Ragnemalm
Fred Dunér

Lustro Vox

Early Access Edition! Started out as an idea about 8bit graphics, turned into a particle simulator with waves affecting them with forces. We used a midi keyboard as input and synthesized our own sounds with code. Not much of gameplay mechanic got implemented due to us building everything from scratch up and we were only two people that were there during the daytime.

  • Chipping In:The game uses only 8 bit style audio, only 8 bit style visuals, or both.
  • Lost library card: All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
  • Virtuoso: A physical musical instrument is used as an input device.
Links Team
Kevin Söderberg
Henrik Henriksson

Oh crap, I'm blind

Yesterday, Bob was a normal human being with a 9 to 5 job and a dog. But all that changed when he turned blind. Relying on his perfect memory of his local area and amazing hearing he has to tackle the challenge of being blind.

  • Lost library card:All sound sources are recorded or synthesised during the jam.
Links Team
Frans Skarman
Robin Sliwa
Emil Segerbäck
Malcolm Vigren
Philip Scales

Bardic Defense

You are an apprentice bard trying to defeat hoards of enemies! Grab your violin and defeat the enemies! In this demo, only the fire spell will actually do damage, while the other notes trigger different spells to show the proof of concept. Fun learning combined with gamification is the goal of the project!

  • Virtuoso: A physical musical instrument is used as an input device.
Links Team
Ikshu Dutta

InSine Explosive Tuna Attack (VR)

Explosive Tunas are attacking stone wall. A stranded cowboy and his faithful gun are the last hope of stopping them in this VR-game. The tunas are inSINE. Kill them all, save the wall!

Axel Skyttner
Jonathan Brandtberg
Markus Tinnfält

Sven Viking

Sven Viking is a game of conquest and agriculture. Sven is a Dwarf Viking who might be a man or woman - we don't know and we do not care to ask. Sven roams the land making friends and gathering resources, working their way up the tech tree.

As Sven gather resources and converts them into useful tools (unlocking the possibility of gathering new kinds of resources), the Royal families of the Mountain and the Valley starts to take notice. Members of the respective families make use of Sven by giving them missions to complete, furthering them on their quest.

By the end, Sven might gain power of the entire lands by becoming The King or, as the case may be, The Queen. Let's get popcorn and see what becomes of them.

Copyright © 2017 Liu Game Jam, All rights reserved.

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