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Upcoming Events
May 6, 2017 (10:00 AM-12:00 PM)
BOD Meeting @TCCC
May 9, 2017 (07:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  Annual Awards Banquet
May 20, 2017 (06:00 PM-08:00 PM)
  Tri City Open(Pasco)
Jun 2 - Jun 4, 2017
  BOD Meeting @CBRC
Jun 13, 2017 (07:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  Wine Country(Toppenish)
Jun 16 -Jun 18, 2017
  Sun Country Open(Bend, OR,
Jun 23 - Jun 25, 2017

  Pendleton Open(Pendleton, OR)
Jul 7 - Jul 9, 2017
  BOD Meeting @TCCC
Jul 11, 2017 (07:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  Inland Empire LC Champs(Pendleton, OR)
Jul 28 - Jul 30, 2017

Senior Zones(Clovis, CA)
Aug 1 - Aug 5, 2017

Futures Championships(Santa Clara, CA)
Aug 3 - Aug 6, 2017


Treasurer Tidbits
In your May 1st invoice everyone will be billed for Hospitality for the TCCC Open (our summer meet) and billed for Summer pool use fee (so we can all swim together at the Pasco Pool).

In your June 1st invoice everyone will be billed for any Dues offset that they have not earned from one of our fund raisers.

In your August 1st invoice everyone will be billed for volunteer hours that they have fallen short of the required 26 hours.  All families are required to volunteer 26 hours this year, but their are still plenty of ways to volunteer at the TCCC Open, The Team Banquet, Swim a Thon and Lane timing assignments at Summer Champs.  

Thank you,

Last Chance and Farewell to Short
By Coach Ashley
The Moses Lake Last Chance meet was a great way to say farewell to short course.  We had a strong 3-day meet with a few new Age Group Regional qualifiers.  It was so exciting watching swimmers have so many close races!

We had 2 first time Age Group Regional qualifiers.  Emily Espinoza qualified for her first AGR in her 50 Free.  This girl time trialed and made it -way to go Em!  Madison Vincent really went for it and time trialed both in the 100 and 200 back and qualified in both events.  Your hard work paid of Mad!  Cameron, Luc and Bryn also snuck in some more qualifying times in the 400/200 IM, 200 IM and 1650 Free.  Another swimmer to recognize is Regan who was a first time Senior Zone qualifier in the 500 Free.  Way to go Regan!
Colin was another who made his AGR and Age Group Zone cut in the 100 backstroke.  Colin you got two for the price of one, your awesome!
Congratulation to all qualifiers and first time qualifiers, your coaches are so excited for your new accomplishments!

On another note we had multiple high point winners, these included: Cody Smeenk, Annalease Gourley, Alvin Liu, Carrie Moore, Cameron Rutherford and Colin Shen –you all did amazing!

Although we did have some awesome swims from the names above I wanted to also recognize some phenomenal time drops from the swimmers below!
Chamelle swam the 200 Bk and dropped 20 seconds! Honestly, who does that? This girl!
Amelia Baker dropped 10 seconds in her 100 Br.  Fantastic job girl!
Isabelle Booth dropped also dropped 10 seconds in her 100 Br. Amazing!
Grace Brown had a noteworthy 500 free with a 5 second drop. Well done Grace!
Ava Heglar dropped 18 seconds in her 200 Br.  OMG Ava!
Ellie Hunter swam the 200 IM and also dropped 18 seconds.  Ellie fantastic job!
Sydney Karspeck dropped 10 seconds in her 200 Free!  Great job Syd!
Bryn McGinnis dropped 43 seconds in her mile.  Bryn excellent swim!
Carrie Moore dropped over 18 seconds in her 1000 Free.  Nicely swam Carrie!
Anikka Peterson dropped over 8 seconds in her 100 IM.  Way to go Anikka!
Kait Prigge dropped over 8 seconds in her 100 Bk.  Kait your awesome!
Emma Sital dropped 18 seconds in her 200 IM.  Emma that was amazing!
Ella Thurber dropped over 1 minute in her 200 Free.  When was the last time you swam that girl? J  Awesome!
LillyAnn Vo dropped 21 Seconds in her 500 free. Great race Lilly!
Erwin dropped 30 seconds in his 100 Br!  Dude what are you eating and can I have some?  Way to go!
Nate Adkins dropped 24 seconds in his 400 IM!  Nice job!
Wilson Gerry dropped 11 seconds in his 200 Free. –Way to go!
Nick Walkley swam the 200 Fly for the first time and lived to tell the tale. Nice Job Nick!
Nick Zinc dropped over 8 seconds in his 200 IM.  Excellent!
There were so many more swimmers at the meet –well done to everyone.  We sure ended short course season on an amazing note!  Your coaches are looking forward to long course and watching your hard work continue to pay off.
Meet Results here

Congratulations to the 2017 Sectional Team:


Cody Cowin

Emily Espinoza
Andy Gelston
Megan Gelston
Linnea Haan
Mackenzie Hale
George Hu
Luc Johnson
Andrew Jones
Kjerstyn Jordheim
Jeff Kern
John Markillie
Bryn Mcginnis
Ryan Monrean
Riley Pasicaran
Hilary Petersen
Addison Pollick
Cameron Rutherford
Claire Schaef
Katie Schroder
Colin Shen
Cody Smeenk
Madison Thurber

Madison Vincent
Nick Walkley
Austin Wang
Cole Westendorf
Kodi Younkin

Skyler Younkin


Thank you to our generous sponsors! Without their support, we could not have put on such a great Kick-Off!





Meet Recap by Coach Jen

Wow months later I am still amazed at how well our swimmers did at IES Champs in Moscow.  Seriously, after a great Tri-City Winter Open and amazing Jr. Champs I was thinking to myself can we keep up this awesome work?!  The answer is oh yes we can! And we did. 

Opening the meet with 200 free Linnea and Maddox burst out of the gate with new best times.  Cameron (7 sec), Andrew J. (14 sec), Cody S, Spencer (7 Sec), Luc and Andy G.  All swam to best times in the 500 Free.  Luc and Riley had fun race swimming side by side almost the whole time!  Madison V (10 sec) Carrie (6 Sec) Aidan P (10 Sec) and Coleman also joined the best time list.  Aidan had a great finish picking up his tempo and kick while Coleman swam side by side with lane 7 for the whole race, dropping 6 seconds.  John and Jack also swam best times with Jack dropping a grand 18 seconds.  Way to start out the meet strong Channel Cats!
Some of the highlights include Cameron dropping 12 seconds in her 200 IM making her age group regional cut, which tricked down to the rest of her raced, make more AGR cuts!  Another was George who wowed us in the 100 fly dropping 4 seconds and making his AGR cut.  Chamelle, Riley and Andy G also received best times in the 100 fly.  Spencer dropped 8 seconds in his 50 Breaststroke, how did he do that?...It was a long course time…it was still an excellent swim J. 

One of the first milestone swims was by Andy G who broke 2 minutes in the 200 free.  Awesome swim Andy!
More milestone swims came from the 100yd free. Congrats to Madison V., Carrie and Kjerstyn for breaking the 1:00. Additional congrats to Madison who made her first AGR cut in both the 100yd and 200yd backstroke races!! Addison broke 2:00 in the 200 back for the first time (great swim Add!!!) but he already has done that in the free so not a milestone swim for him but still worthy of a mention.
Jack dropped 5 seconds in his 200 breaststroke to earn a senior zone meet cut! Way to go Jack, you did it!!

Aside from all the kids that made it into finals or who (10 & under don’t get to come back to finals) placed for the team earning points, scores were tight throughout the whole meet. In the lead early, we got passed up on Saturday. Sunday it was race-by-race tension. While the coaches were trying to count potential scores and cheering on our finalists to move up a place or two, the excitement came down to the last event.
How is a tie for first with the Waves??!! Woo hoo way to go team!! Every point or half point mattered. Wow. So exciting. I hope we make it a goal next year to take first all by ourselves. We can do it team!
Meet results here
Individual results here
Team Scores here


Orders Due APRIL 27th

Print order form and turn in to April at TCCC or Coach Jen at CBRC

We've put together a list of products that your young athletes will find beneficial. (I have noted the ones AdvoCare recommends for 18 and older.)

Remember that 20% of the Retail price will be going back to the Channel Cats. 

Feel free to contact Lori or Rod for any questions about these or other products.

Each item is a link to the product page for more information. For this fundraiser, please don’t order from the link. April will be giving all your orders to Rod & Lori and they'll take care of the ordering.

The price includes taxes and Lori and Rod will pick up the Shipping charges. 





NEW Tri-City Channel Cat Parents FACEBOOK PAGE,
A new way for parents to communicate. Right now, we aren't sure all parents are reading all email communications so this will be one more way to get the word out. We also know that there are parents who want to setup carpools for the summer schedule. There are always a few practices cancelled mid practice due to lightning etc.This will be a great place to find other parents seeking to carpool. Hope this page will be helpful.
Join today here!

Parent Volunteer Needed

Channel Cat Families, 

The Board of Directors is still looking for a parent volunteer who is interested in stepping up and get involved on next year’s Channel Cats Board (2017-2018).  We are in need of a Member-At- Large. This is a great way to really get involved with the team! 

Please send your nomination to Brooke Pool ( by May 8, 2017 in order for the names to appear on the ballot.  Please include the following information in a paragraph of 200 words or less: 

  1. Name of nominee
  2. Photo
  3. Number of swimmers, level and practice location (TCCC or CBRC)
  4. How long you’ve been with the Channel Cats
  5. Why you are running for the position 

Position open for nominations: 

  • MEMBER-AT-LARGE- To be available to welcome and assist parents at practices and/or meets.   

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Brooke Pool


Nutritional Tidbits 

Hydration for Young Athletes

tere-jones-author-101613 Proper hydration before, during and after competition is one of the most important factors in being a successful competitor for both children and adolescents. If a young athlete is not well hydrated, they become dehydrated, which can decreases their strength, energy and coordination and can lead to severe complications such as heat-related illness. When the young athlete becomes dehydrated, their core body temperature increases faster than in adults, which leads to more rapid dehydration. You can help prevent this by knowing the signs and symptoms.

Did you know your child’s athletic performance can be affected by even mild dehydration? Our feeling of thirst, which usually regulates fluid intake, almost always underestimates the actual fluid requirements during long periods of exercise, another reason why it’s important to know the signs of symptoms of dehydration, which I’ve listed below.

teen girls_shutterstock_100134932Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

  • Dark urine
  • Urinating less often
  • Muscle cramps
  • Weakness
  • Decreased sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Headaches
  • Sunken eyes
  • Irritability
  • Sudden decline in performance
  • Nausea and occasionally vomiting
  • Fainting or passing out

Staying Hydrated During Activity

For young athletes and non-athletes, the goal should be to start any sports activity fully hydrated. High school athletes require about 10 to 12 cups of fluids every day taken with snacks and meals to maintain daily hydration. Then, while in competition and training, young athletes require four to eight ounces of fluid every 15 to 20 minutes to stay hydrated.

Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling off, but there is a possibility of losing too much fluid while sweating. Along with fluid loss, your child can also lose vital electrolytes such as sodium and chloride. To prevent this, fluids and electrolytes should be fully replenished during and after exercise.

Sports Drinks—Are They Good for Young Athletes?

A young athlete’s performance in "stop and go" sports, like soccer, basketball and tennis and in  exercise routines that are like these sports can be improved if they drink a well-balanced sports drink containing carbohydrates and electrolytes during and after these activities. Adolescents and children will likely drink more fluids if the drink is tasty.

Fluid requirements for sports activities:

Helpful Hints for Hydration

  • Have your young athlete’s favorite flavored sports drink available
  • Add a desired flavor to water to make it easier to drink
  • Cool a drink in the fridge or in an ice bucket to make it more desirable

Benefits of Maintaining Hydration

  • It helps your child be at their best during competition and training
  • It helps your child more efficiently regulate their body temperature
  • It decreases the risk of heat-related illnesses

If you have a child or adolescent competitor in your family, or know anyone who does, pass this blog to them. I hope it will help in making them more aware, healthier and give them more of a competitive edge through improvement of their overall hydration for their future competitions.

The warning signs of dehydration include:

  • Thirst
  • Muscle cramping
  • Headaches
  • Dry mouth
  • Weakness
  • Unclear thinking
  • Fatigue
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Significant weight loss during exercise
  • Decrease of sweat during exercise

Attention All Swimmers..

USA Swimming is committed to safeguarding all its members with the welfare of its athlete members as top priority. Safe Sport is USA Swimming’s comprehensive abuse prevention program and provides tools for swim clubs to educate their members and intervene in risky situations. I will be sharing a tidbit each month with you. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Lets learn about SAFE SPORT by first reading the launch info here.

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Our Vision: Provide a positive atmosphere for swimmers of all abilities to achieve and sustain lifelong success.


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