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Treasurer Tidbits
In your May 1st invoice everyone will be billed for Hospitality for the TCCC Open (our summer meet) and billed for Summer pool use fee (so we can all swim together at the Pasco Pool).

In your June 1st invoice everyone will be billed for any Dues offset that they have not earned from one of our fund raisers.

In your August 1st invoice everyone will be billed for volunteer hours that they have fallen short of the required 26 hours.  All families are required to volunteer 26 hours this year, but their are still plenty of ways to volunteer at the TCCC Open, The Team Banquet, Swim a Thon and Lane timing assignments at Summer Champs.  

Thank you,

Meet Recap by Coach Jen

The Kroc Center in Coeur D’Alene was the host pool to this year’s 14 & Under Championship Meet.  A small but mighty group of 46 Channel Cats competed and brought home a second place team title missing out on first by only 4 points! What an exciting meet!! Congrats to our high point winners: Erwin, Lian and Kyla. In addition, a milestone achievement goes to Afton who broke :30 in the 50 free for the first time!! That’s a big candy at our banquet, woot woot!  We had a bunch of IES Champs qualifiers too. Yay Channel Cats!! And welcome Nolan who competed in his  first swim meet.  Great job by all.

Thanks to all who attended. With relays making so many points, having them really helps the team score. And everyone swam so well!


Erwin, Grace B., Teagan, Afton, Jacob, Lian, Nathaniel, Alvin, Trinity, Kait, Bridget, Julia, Makayla, Audrey, Sean and Nick all had almost all best times or all best times.  That’s a long list of kids doing some awesome swimming!!


Brooke and Maycie nabbed 4 out of 6 best times with Brooke earning a trip to finals and Maycie earning two finals. Maycie dropped almost 16 seconds in her 200ydbackstroke to do it! Wowzers!

Isabelle dropped time in 2 out of three events. She specifically dropped an impressive 5 seconds off her 50 free. You go girl!! Grace B dropped a whopping 18 seconds in her 500 free and placed in her other 3 races in finals. She won her 200yd free, in fact. Nice job Grace.

Kellen dropped time in two races and Peter had best times in 4 out of his 6 events. Backstroke seemed to be his happy stroke taking off 5 or more seconds in both the back races. Natale wow’d us dropping 8 seconds off his 50 breaststroke and earning 2nd place! He took 7 seconds off his 100yd free as well. Great meet Natale!

Teagan had a great meet earning all best times and placing 2nd, 5th and 8th in three races. Max had 3 best times (dropped 12 seconds in one race) and swam the 500 for the first time. In addition he placed in 4 events earning points for the team.

Annalease had a great Champs taking two 3rd places, a 5th place and two 7th places!  Nice job Annalease! Afton, after making her milestone in the 50 free dropped over 7 seconds in her 200free and 3seconds  in her 100back. All best swims Afton!! Bruin had a good meet as well dropping in his 100back. Laney earned two trips to finals finishing 5th and 8th as well as making 3 new best times., and Ava was right on her times but was a part of the Medley Relay that took 3rd to get us some big points for the team! Jacob had an awesome 6 best times and finaled twice while Ethan had 4 best times and placed 4 times earning a 4th place, two 5th places and an 8th place.

Sydney earned a trip to finals in her 100 breast and dropped in both of her breaststroke races. Nathaniel had a great meet dropping time in almost all of his swims and placed 3rd in five races!!  Lian, high point winner also had a spectacular meet. She dropped time in all her races, finaled in all but one and was lucky enough to swim the 200yd fly TWICE! She cannot complain since she won it and dropped 9 seconds!

Sedona had two big time drops while Alvin had almost all best times and placed in 4 races. Beckett had 5 personal best times and placed in 3 races. Emily braved the 500yd free for the first time plus had 5 personal best times while Ashley P tried to stave off being sick and still race. Sickness got the better of her  but she showed some determination trying to race some long races. Also gave us a second relay in the older girls that helped earn some points. That was rough Ashley but what determination!! Anikka and Trinity had a great meet earning points in 5 and 6 races. Anikka had a few time drops and Trinity had a bunch including a 5 second drop and a first place finish in her 100yd IM! Woo hoo Trinity! Aidan P had 2 best times followed by Kait who tore up the meet dropping almost 6 and 7 seconds in two of her 5 best time swims. Kaleb earned 3 trips to finals scoring points for the team and bringing home some bling while making 4 new best times. Beatrice had best times in her first 3 races but saved her best swim for last dropping over 21 seconds in her 100IM!! Wow! Nice swimming Beatrice!!


Bridget had some shining swims of her own dropping over 10 seconds in her 200yd IM and have all best times in all her races. Nice job Bridg!! Marissa came to swim taking off 6 seconds in her 100yd back race while Kody S finaled in two races. He brought home a first place and fourth place in his 100 and 50yd fly races. Maya earned 5 new best times and took off 6, 4 and 4 seconds in three of them. Nice swimming kiddos!

Joaquin swam 6 races earning new best times in three of them, Kyla had all best times and brought home lots of bling…two firsts, two seconds, a third and a fifth place in her individual races. Kyla you were on fire girl!! Way to go!! Donavyn also had a great meet with 4 new best times and placing in five individual events. Nice job Donavyn…your first Champs meet too! Julia also swam the 500yd free for the first time and did very well. In addition, she dropped in all of her other races and finaled in two.  A great met for you too Jules…nice work!

Makayla came to race earning 9 out of 10 best times in her individual events. Makayla also brought home some bling earning awards in 4 of her races. Her brother Mason swam well dropping almost 5,6 and 8 seconds in three of his races. Woo-hoo! Sweet! Greta swam strong earning two new best times while Karrin raced her way to 4 new best times. Adilyn dropped over 10 seconds in her 200yd free and placed 6th in her 100yd breaststroke to add some team points for us. Welcome Paige, her sister, to her first meet as a Channel Cat!! Nice swimming Paige!

And Finally Audrey, Sean and Nick all had solid meets. Audrey swam to best times in all three of her races finishing 7th in her 100yd IM, Sean swam best times in 3 races as well earning a 6th place in his 100yd breast and Nick had all best times specifically dropping over 7 seconds in his 200yd breaststroke.

Channel Cats had some great racing for sure!! Congrats to all the new IES Champs qualifiers.

Some notable moments: Lian had some amazing turns and great underwaters, Audrey had a great tempo and kick in her 100yd free, Joaquin swam tough with goggles around his neck and almost had a best time, Sean had great kick strength on his last 25of his 100yd breast and passed the swimmer in Lane 8, Natale swam a solid 50yd fly with a goggle necklace and still almost earned a best time, Nathaniel showed great breath holding on the last 25 of his 100yd fly and  Karrin picked up the pace of her fly when she spotted her dad at the end of the lane cheering!! These are some of the great moments and why our kids swam so well. Looking forward to what Champs brings!! Go team!


(Any errors in reporting I will apologize for now. We have had some amazing meets and they are starting to all jumble together in my memory).



A Fun and Easy Way to

Raise Money for

YOU and YOUR Team!

Swim-A-Thon FAQ's
(all to be covered in detail at kick off party)

What is Swim-A-Thon?

Swim-A-Thon is a fundraiser in which participants earn money for their team by swimming lengths of the pool. Swimmers have a 2-hour period to swim a maximum of 200 laps. (That's 2.84 miles in case you were wondering!)

Swimmers get flat donations from family, friends, neighbors, businesses, etc. prior to swimming. These donations are tax deductible and count toward your family Dues Offset commitment!

When and where is Swim-A-Thon?

Swim-A-Thon will be held Saturday, May 6th 2017 at Pasco Memorial Pool. We will announce the specific times once we are closer to the event.

What is the Kick off Party?

Bring your ENTIRE FAMILY and come join us for the big kickoff for the upcoming SWIM-A-THON! Come learn how to make the team fundraiser a success and earn your offset Dues commitment!

When:  Sunday, April 9th

Where:  Bechtel National Planetarium (2600 N 20th Ave, Pasco)

  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm — Presentation #1 in theater (movie)
  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm — Parent ​Meeting in theater
  • 8:00pm - 9:00pm — Presentation #2 in theater (movie)

The Observatory will be open from 5:30pm - 9:30pm!  Come enjoy a spectacular view of the skies above!

There will be raffle tickets (for all present) and some GREAT prizes...and don't forget about the FOOD! First 100 to sign in get a special gift!

** Please let us know if you'll be coming by choosing YES in the signup section...and tell us how many will be in your group by putting the # in the NOTES section.  THANK YOU!

There will be concessions available from 5:00-7:45 pm. No concessions are allowed into theatre seating area.

What will we do at Swim-A-Thon?
  • Athletes will swim and eat! We will have food and drinks after our athletes swim 200 laps.
  • We will have a Music DJ and Games!! It will be the best team swimming event of the year!
  • Parents will cheer and count their swimmers laps!

How do we raise money for Swim-A-Thon?

Envelope Collections – Use your blue and white USA Swimming Swim-A-Thon envelope and ask everyone you know to sponsor you. You can get pledges per lap, or flat donations. Be sure to include neighbors, classmates, and co-workers of Mom and Dad when asking for donations!

Corporate Matching – Matching Gift Programs are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. For example, if a donor works for Bank of America and donates $250 to a nonprofit organization, Bank of America will then match the donation and write a check for $250 to the same organization. Note: This process can take several weeks to process depending upon the corporation. Any checks received after May 6th will not be calculated into the Swim-A-Thon Prize Packages. However, the amount will go towards your family fundraising requirement.

How can I earn service hours for Swim-A-Thon?

Watch for service hour jobs online and sign up as they are posted.
What will the money raised be used for?

Swim-A-Thon funds will be used for dues offset. If we raise our team goal of $50,000 we will be taking chartered buses to Silverwood Theme Park(swimmer must participate in Swim-A-Thon to be eligible.)
Note, Please attend party to find out details if team goal is not reached.

Spring Break starts this week! 
  • Last day of practice is today Wednesday March 29th!

ENJOY THE BREAK!  See you back Monday, April 10th.


Inexpensive Optical Goggles By Brian Koeppel

 “Really, you need us to buy more goggles?” I asked in frustration.


That was my first response when our swimmer complained about having poor vision and how it affected swimming and practice. I silently wondered how important it could really be for swimming back and forth in the pool. Apparently other swimmers had ‘prescription’ goggles that really helped. So I agreed to research it. Happily, I found that solutions are available and not as complex (or expensive) as expected.


First, I understood the need. We all agree that our children need glasses or contacts for success at reading, school, and everyday life. There is also a need at swim practice, especially for those who are nearsighted and cannot see clearly at far distances. Swimmers may need to see the board where the coach has written down the practice sets. Swimmers will need to see the clock to know their sendoff times. Inability to do this can lead to frustration and confusion which takes the focus off practice. There is also a general need to improve vision clarity in the water during their swims. This too can improve safety for their turns at the wall as well as improve confidence during competition.  


Next, I evaluated the options. There are indeed true custom prescription goggles or lens inserts made specifically to the swimmer’s prescription. These are available from many online retailers with prices that start around $100 but can be much more depending on the options and manufacturer. This may be required for those with severe vision correction. However, a much more common option is ‘corrective vision’ or ‘optical’ goggles. These are goggles or lenses that come in different diopter strengths similar to the non-prescription reading glasses commonly found in drugstores. A goggle with the appropriate diopter strength is purchased based on the swimmer’s latest eyeglass prescription. Optical goggles usually cost $15-40 and are widely available from online retailers.


The calculation to find the suggested diopter strength is shown below. Note that different diopter strengths may be needed for the left and right eye if the vision correction is quite different.  Some goggle purchases allow specification of right and left diopter strengths, while others would require the purchase of two identical models with different diopters. The diopter strengths are usually available in steps (e.g., -1, -2, -3, …), so the general suggestion is to round the calculated number down to the less powerful prescription. A simple online calculator is available here:



Finally, we purchased the goggles. Our swimmer’s eyes required two different diopters, so we purchased two sets of the popular Speedo Vanquisher Optical goggles on Amazon for about $16 each. By separating them at the nosepiece and strap, the eye cups can be swapped. There is no left/right distinction on this model, so this provided two sets of custom goggles! We also purchased another no-name pair with the specified left/right diopters preinstalled for about $17. Both of these have worked extremely well for our swimmer and helped significantly at practice.


If your swimmer requires mild vision correction, consider the use of optical goggles to improve their practice and performance in the pool. For the best advice, please consult your optometrist as needed. 

#1volunteam Thank A Volunteer

Thank a Volunteer During USA Swimming's Volunteer Recognition Month in March!

Join USA Swimming throughout the month of March in celebrating the countless dedicated volunteers who make swim events possible, using the #1VolunTeam on social! Thank a volunteer, tell us the best part about being a volunteer etc. on social & you may just see your answers on USA Swimming's social media and!

Are you a volunteer for your team? Send USA Swimming photos of you volunteering to use on our social media channels! Send here.

2017-2018 Board of Directors


Channel Cat Families, 

The Board of Directors is looking for people who are interested in stepping up and running for positions for next year’s Channel Cats Board (2017-2018).  This is a great way to really get involved with the team!  All positions are open for nominations, however a couple have some specific requirements.   

The vote will take place at our Spring Banquet on May 20th and the new board will take office starting at the September 2017 Board Meeting.  Advance nominations are preferred, however, nominations from the floor & write-in votes are also allowed during the banquet, but please do not nominate others without their consent.   

Please send your nominations to Brooke Pool ( by April 8, 2017 in order for the names to appear on the ballot.  Please include the following information in a paragraph of 200 words or less: 

  1. Name of nominee
  2. Photo
  3. Number of swimmers, level and practice location (TCCC or CBRC)
  4. How long you’ve been with the Channel Cats
  5. Why you are running for the position 

Positions open for nominations: 

  • PRESIDENT - (1 year of prior board experience required) - To provide guidance to the Board of Directors and leadership to the swimmers and families of the Tri-City Channel Cats.
  • VICE PRESIDENT - To assist the President and to serve as acting President if the President is absent.
  • TREASURER – The Treasurer shall be responsible for custody of funds and financial assets of the Association.  Prior knowledge of and experience with Quickbooks preferred.
  • SECRETARY - To record, archive, and maintain records of all BOD activities, policies, bylaws, documents, and meeting minutes.
  • IES REPRESENTATIVE - (1 year of prior board experience required) - To represent our team to the IES Local Swim Committee (LSC) House of Delegates (HOD) and bring to the board meetings any issues or requirements from the IES.
  • MEMBER-AT-LARGE (3 positions) - To be available to welcome and assist parents at practices and/or meets.   

Thank you for your consideration.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 

Brooke Pool


Nutritional Tidbits
By Chris Rosenbloom//PhD, RDN, CSSD

March is National Nutrition Month… But for Swimmers every month should be Nutrition Month.


Here are 17 nutrition tips for swimmers in 2017:


1. Stop making excuses for not eating healthfully to support training and competition.


2. Eat breakfast, every day, no exceptions.


3. Fix healthy snacks and take them to school or the pool.


4. Eat seafood at least twice a week to get healthy omega-3 fats.


5. Be good to your gut; eat yogurt or drink kefir.


6. Don’t ditch dairy; milk and cheese are nutrient-rich.


7. Go meatless a couple of times a week and enjoy plant-based meals.


8. Beans are a great substitute for meat, so try a bean burrito instead of a beef-filled burrito.


9. Expand your palate…try one or two new foods each week.


10. Eat more fresh fruit for the fiber, water, and nutrients.


11. Enjoy anti-oxidant rich foods to protect working muscles (pomegranate or tart cherry juice, green tea, berries, and other colorful fruits and vegetables)


12. Recover with carbohydrate and protein: chocolate milk, peanut butter or a turkey sandwich.


13. Don’t be fat-phobic; use healthy fats like olive oil, canola oil, or soft-tub spreads.


14. Refuel with quality carbs to replace muscle glycogen: pasta, rice, potatoes, whole grain breads and cereals.


15. Rethink your drink; steer clear of soft-drinks and replace with nutrient-rich juices or water.


16. Hydrate during practice; just because you are surrounded by water doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water.


17. See a registered dietitian nutritionist who is also an expert in sports nutrition to customize a meal plan for you.

Here is an article on Swimmer Nutrition from our IES website.

Attention All Swimmers..
SUPER TRACKER, Do you use it?

The United States Department of Agriculture has created an interactive tool that allows you to plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.  Like Nutrition Tracker you can analyze food items, track your intake and create individualized reports. In addition to the tools you are used to having, you will also be able to set goals, track your physical activity and create a personal journal with all of your information and goals conveniently located on one page.
Click here to get started.


Find all New 2017 TrueSport Lessons on Deck Pass 

Starting today you can collect new TrueSport lesson patches on Deck Pass! Follow Olympic gold medalist Cody Miller as he gives you tips to become a TrueSport champion starting with a lesson on nutrition.

Click here to collect your first patch of 2017!


Titus Oberg
TCCC Alumni Lisa Tixier

Tixier Smashes NAIA Record, Wins Championship

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