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IES Long Course Championships 2018

A very big thank you to the handful (14 of us) of parents who tore down the entire meet. You know who you are and we are grateful! BEST TAKE DOWN CREW!!


IES championships are an honor to host. We are selected to be the host team and with that comes a significant financial gain. Champs meets average $11,000! Yes that goes into our general fund to help keep our dues cost effective and provide awesome clinics and team needs!
Thank You to those who SIGNED UP TO VOLUNTEER and those
who stepped up last minute


by Coach Jen

The Channel Cats kicked off the short summer season with a fantastic home meet in early June at Memorial Pool in Pasco. Thanks to the many family members who joined together working all the jobs needed to make a swim meet happen smoothly. Our meet went well and as usual got wonderful responses from the visiting teams!! We still hold the title of the hosting their “favorite meet” and we always love to hear that. It really takes a lot of people working together. Again, MANY THANKS and well done everyone!!
As for our swimmers…Our kiddos showed up ready to race especially in the longer races. The meet was split into younger and older swimmers with the younger swimmers swimming early in the day. Starting off with our younger swimmers, the 100m backstroke was a mixture of great swims and swims that were in need of a bit more “outdoor pool” experience. Sophia N. showed us what great turns look like while Brooke V., Ashling, Maddie N., Katy and Marissa all swam with good body positions and quick arm tempos. Way to go ladies, you started us off well! Bridget, Anikka and Greta all dropped significant time (15, 10 and 11 seconds) while the dynamic duo of Linnea and Emily racked up a best time by 4 seconds as well. Alvin and Jonas also showed great tempo in their backstrokes while (new to the team) Philip V did a flip turn in his first backstroke race!! Way to go Philip, that’s fantastic effort!!
Annalease gave a lesson in how to finish strong in her 200m freestyle, which is not easy at the end of a long race. Way to spin your arms and hold your breath Annalease. Nice job! For the boys, Donavyn (15 sec), Erwin (12sec), Wilson (11 sec) and Alex N (12 sec.) all had solid time drops in their 200m free also.
The 100 breaststroke was a strong event for our Channel Cats and the last for the Friday morning crew. Trinity and Adi W swam new best times, as did Natale (10sec), Mason (13sec), Benjamin C. (13 sec), Beckett (6 sec), Maddox (4 sec), Herky (4 sec) and George (7 sec). Impressive everyone. Nice swimming.
Friday afternoon hosted the older kids and started off with the 100m freestyle, the 200m Individual Medley (aka IM), the 200m backstroke and finished with the 400m freestyle.
Aubrey, Jenna and Olivia swam a solid first long course meet race in the 100m free. Welcome to long course girls, it’s a big pool and so different than indoor! (You did great!) Beatrice continued the solid swimming in the 100m free as she lit the pool on fire and earned a new personal best time by 14 seconds. But she was not the only one: other best times were earned by Sydney K, Makayla U., Mady B., Laney, Macy B., Maycie B., Liesel, LillyAnn and Chamelle. Great start to the meet ladies! The boys rallied and showed what they had in them as well. Kai topped his best time by 9 seconds while Joaquin made a new best time by 7 seconds. Luke B., Ethan J., Luc, Kaleb, Levi, Nathaniel K., Spencer, Austin W., Riley, Austin V., Coleman and Cody S all had personal best swims in addition.
Sisters Maycie and Brooke had a great showing in the 200m IM dropping a whopping 22 and 12 seconds respectively. The long list of best time swims for this race continues with Karma, Laney, Liesel, Madison V., LillyAnn, Makayla U., Beatrice, Emily M., Mady B., Sydney K., Maddie N., Jenna, Emma S., Aubrey B., Carrie M., Mary and Olivia. Way to represent ladies!! Joaquin stunned with a fantastic 49 second time drop for the boys! Wow Joaquin nice job! Nick Z followed dropping 19 seconds in his IM in addition. Other best times were from Andy G, the “Aquaman” himself dropped 10 seconds, Andrew J., Spencer, Austin W., Levi, Luc, Ethan (over 12 seconds), Adam (18), Nathaniel K., Luke B., Coleman and Kaleb (14 sec.). Special cudos goes to Luc J for a great breaststroke leg of his IM and coming home with a strong finish. Well swam Luc!
The 200m backstroke was another strong race for our Cats as Karma, Liesel, Makayla, Lilly and Mary led the way shaving 6 seconds off their best times. Regan followed  with a fantastic swim cutting 14 seconds while Mady B dropped 11 sec and Brooke B made a new best time by over 23 seconds! Holy guacamole! The boys also swam to a bunch of new personal best times with Andy G leading the charge taking 8 seconds off his former time. Riley earned a best by over 4 seconds with Levi, Austin W., Kai, Nick W., and Nick Z also posting best times. Shout out to Adam (16 sec) and Andrew J., (18) who had major time cuts in this race additionally.
Winding up day 1 for our older kids were Bryn and Chamelle both having good swims finishing close to their best time in the long, tough race. Laney had a great swim posting a time nearly 16 seconds faster than her best. Andy G. made waves again for the boys swimming to a 7 second time drop. Best time swims also came from Coleman, Cody S., and Spencer while Luke B., and Adam were close to their times with solid swims of their own. Zach (trying something more than a 50 or 100!!) had a solid swim taking off over 9 seconds while Kaleb (24 sec), Kai (12 sec), Luc (18sec) and Ethan (over 26 sec) all swam to best times in addition.Well done Channel Cats way to rock Day 1!
Saturday morning began with the 100m butterfly. Marissa started us off with a 19 second time drop but even better she hung tough racing her competition beside her in lane 2 the whole way!! LOVE, love, love the effort to race regardless of how difficult or tiring it is and both girls swam best times. Way to go Marissa! Adi W. dropped over 12 seconds in her fly followed by Emily E., Linnea, Paisley, Trinity, Anikka and Audrey. Some toughed it out to complete their first 100m fly ever so congrats go to Isabelle, Katy, Bridget, Alvin, Benjamin C., Louis, Clayton and Wilson. Also in the fly was Kody S. who crushed his best time by over 21 seconds while Aiden W. followed dropping nearly 15 seconds. George, Alex N., Maddox, Herky and Max all swam a personal best as did Jonas who crushed his by 18 seconds. Great swimming boys, way to go!
The final two races of the morning were the 50m free and the 50m breaststroke. Sophia N., Avi, Alice, Brooke V., Sophia C., Abby S., Katy, Maddie N., Michael S., Davis, Mark B., Rowan, Luke N., Clayton and Philip all swam their first long course 50m free. The majority of our kids swam best times even if just by a little. Coaches were happy and the morning performances were solid for our team. Nice swimming Channel Cats. Your hard work paid off!
Our older swimmers had a successful afternoon as well. Lots of best times, some good, solid swims that were close to but not quite best times happened and some strong, brave racing showed up on our team. Special props to our first time 200m butterfly swimmers: Mady B., Mary W., Makayla U., Cathy H., Liesel, Luc and Nathaniel K. You guys are animals and it is impressive whenever anyone steps up to try this race. You all rock in my book!
In the 100m back Maycie, Claire, Laney and Liesel all had stellar swims as did Brooke B., and Juliana. Karma, Chamelle, LillyAnn, Beatrice, and Emily M posted personal best times while Emma S and Macy crushed it with a 32 second and 20 second time drop of their own! Wowzers girls. That’s Awesome! Riley and Andy G lead the charge for the boys yet again dropping time and earning new personal bests. Cody S., Andrew J., and Hayden also swam best times as did Adam, Ethan J., Lincoln, Levi, Luke B., Kai, Luc, Nolan N., Coleman, Broden, Kaleb, Nick W., Austin V., and Peter C. In addition,  Tim Q and Joaquin took off 10 and 17 seconds earning new best times as well.
The 200m Breaststroke had some crazy swims as Neomi, Maycie and Beatrice all dropped amazing amounts of time (30, 24 and 21 sec). Chamelle and Mary had solid races while Claire dropped a little time too. Always happy when they can get a candy, any time drop is a good one for our older kids and the boys stepped up to the challenge of earning some as well. Nick Z and Tim (25sec and 18sec) rocked their swims while Riley, Nathaniel K., Andrew J. and Spencer all posted best times.
The 50m free is always fast and furious and for our kids it was loaded with best times. Some special swims worth noting came from Jenna who had an awesome finish holding her breath and racing into the wall. Nick W and great friend/ former Channel Cat (Ethan F) had a great race as well with Nick earning a best time and eeking out a victory in the close race.   
Finally, the last race of the day on Saturday was the 800m free. The tough Channel Cats who braved the race were Regan, Bryn, Karma, Cameron, Carrie, Cole, Skyler, Nick W., Broden, Coleman, Andy G., Spencer, Luc, Hayden, Kaleb and Ethan. We had some great swims and some gutsy swims. Special props to the big time drops from Luc (32sc), Ethan (36 sec), Andy G (10sec), Hayden (9sec) and Coleman (4sec). Way to go gentlemen!
Winding up the meet Sunday, the racing started with the 100m free for our young ones. Best times were swam by Adi and Annalease. In addition, our first time swimmers were Avi, Abby, Brooke V. and Sophia C. Our 11-12 years olds lit up the pool with a bunch more best times in this race too. Congrats to Emily E., Paisley, Linnea, Anikka, Trinity (almost 10 sec), Greta (13), Bridget (14), Karrin and Audrey X.(14). What an awesome showing to start us off on Sunday! Tori had a great first time race proving she is a force to be reckoned with and the competition better keep an eye out for her. Erwin, Beckett and Kody S led the charge for the boys along with Aiden W., Alvin, Benjamin C., Nikko, Benji K., Davis, Mason and Rowan. Also earning a personal best time were some of our 11-12 year old boys: Alex N., Clayton, Maddox, George, Cody C., Colin, Wilson, Jonas, Donavyn, Natale and Louis.
Adi and Annalease continued firing up the pool with best times in the 50m backstroke race which was the next event.  First time swimmers finishing with a legal swim and therefore a best time were Avi, Alice, Brooke V. and Sophia C. The 11-12 year old girls brought their own charge as Linnea posted a personal best followed by Paisley, Trinity, Bridget, Anikka, Greta and Audrey X. First time swimmers for this age group were Tori and Emily E. Nice job girls!
Our boys had a good showing in this race as well proving it wasn’t just the girls who were on fire. Beckett, Erwin and Aiden W., along with Kody S., Alvin, Benjamin C., Benji K., Mason and Nikko all swam to new best times. Rowan, Davis and Mark B. all swam their first 50m backstroke for our younger boys while the 11-12 year old boys rocked the pool with some best times. Congrats to George, Colin, and Cody C. along with Clayton, Wilson, Alex,  Jonas, Maddox, Donavyn, Andy L., Natale and Louis. Luke C, making a comeback from illness put on a solid display that he is coming back strong. We are happy to see that Luke. Way to go boys!
Wrapping up the younger session with the last event (the 50m butterfly) Adi and Annalease  each had an impressive swim dropping 4 and 8 seconds. Our other awesome swimmers willing to swim it for the first time and challenge themselves at the end of the meet were Avi, Alice, Abby, Brooke V. and Sophia C. For the 11-12 year old girls Linnea, Paisley, Trinity, Tori, Anikka, Bridget and Greta all had great swims and best times. Love your gutsiness girls! Keep it up!  For the boys, Erwin, Beckett, Aiden W., Kody S., Benji, Benjamin, Alvin and Nikko (28 seconds!!) all posted best times in this race too. Clayton, Alex N., Maddox, George, Cody C., Colin, Jonas, Andy L., Louis and Natale also finished up the meet with new best times. A great showing from our young Cats, way to start the summer season strong!
Liesel finished up the meet with 3 more best times notably dropping 23 seconds in her 200 free…That’s a great swim Liesel! Sydney K swam a solid 100m fly and shaved off 10 seconds in her 200m free while Macy B wow’d with big time drops in her 3 races (10, 34 and 11sec). Chamelle swam personal bests or was right on her best times, Juliana swam the 200m free for the first time and earned a new personal best in her 100m fly, Brooke B dropped over 5 seconds in both her 100br and 200m free, Maycie B had a standout day with best times in all 3 of her races (specifically the 200m free…over 25 sec drop!) and shaved off over 14 seconds in her 100m breaststroke. Continuing with more awesome swimming, Luke B had all 3 swims best times (5,11,9 sec.), Levi had 2, Peter C earned 1 and Adam ( 3 best times) crushed his 200m free time by almost 19 seconds! Forest D showed up Sunday for his first long course racing, Kai had fantastic swims in his 3 races (30, 35 and 8) and Olivia completed her 100m fly for the first time (we knew you could do it Liv, way to go) and also swam a strong 200m free and 100m breaststroke in addition. Andy G continued dominating his former times with 3 more best times (1,4,10 ½) while Laney had significant swims in her races (200fr -21, 100br -10sec). Way to go Cats! Nathan H had a great meet as well, with solid swims in the 100m fly and breaststroke, Broden and Karma swam best times in the 100m fly while Luc dropped in his 3 races (Luc swam the 400IM for the first time- woo hoo, way to go Luc!!). Ethan J. earned 3 best times (dropped over 11, 4, 6) as did Andrew J.(Andrew nabbed a whole lot of personal bests this weekend) and Hayden. Kjerstyn showed us a solid 200m fly, Nathaniel K. dropped time in his 200fr and 100br, Neomi swam best times in her 200m free and 100m breaststroke (11sec!), Carrie took down her former best time in the 100m fly, Emily M crushed her 3 races (8,15, 10) and Maddie N earned 2 new best times. Zach dropped time in his 100br, Nolan swam a great first ever 100m fly then rocked a 31 sec time drop in his 200fr and (14sec) 100br. Great job Nolan! Riley sliced 3 seconds off his 200fr and wow’d us with a fantastic 400IM (18sec). Nice swimming Ri! Kaleb swam hhis first ever 100m fly and dropped time in his other two races, Beatrice had a best swim in her 100br while the other two races were first ever in long course. Claire and Spencer shaved off time in 2 races, Jaxon swam his first long course meet, Emma S had 3 great races (specifically her 200m free – 22 and 100br -16) while Joaquin had a break out 200free dropping nearly 25 seconds. Woo hoo team, that’s wonderful swimming! The best time list continues with Chloe and Lincoln earning new times, Cody S. (all 3 races), Ella swam well for her first long course meet as did Erik (and brother Philip), Lillian dropped in her 2 races, Makayla U had a great meet finishing on Sunday with 3 more best times, Madison V. had 2 best times, Lilly swam a best time in her 100br and 400IM while Austin V earned a best time in his 100m fly. Jenna W swam her first long course meet which included her Sunday swims of the 100m fly and the 200m free. Love that courage and determination Jenna! Nick W. swam 2 new best times dropping over 12 seconds in his 400IM and was close to earning a best in his third race. That’s an impressive job with such a big time drop at the end of the meet Nick. Well done. And finally Austin W swam 3 best races (8,6,10 sec drops), Katy swam in her first long course meet, Mary W earned 3 new personal bests, Sean nabbed 2 new bests and Nick Z had all three best time swims (10, 15, 11). Great job everyone!!!
Our Channel Cats swam very well and the coaching staff was very pleased at the many best times, courageous swims and great races to the finish! BIG thanks to all who helped make the meet a success and start our summer off right!! Way to go TEAM!!


MRA Sprint Shootout(Moses Lake)
Sep 22, 2018

La Grande Spooktacular(La Grande, OR)
Oct 27, 2018 - Oct 28, 2018

Thankswimming Open(Moses Lake, WA)
Nov 17, 2018 - Nov 18, 2018

Reindeer Splash(Clarkston, WA)
Dec 1, 2018 - Dec 2, 2018

WA State Senior SC Champs(Federal Way, WA)
Dec 13, 2018 - Dec 16, 2018

January Storm(Walla Walla, WA)
Jan 4, 2019 - Jan 6, 2019

Washington State Open(Federal Way, WA)
Jan 17, 2019 - Jan 20, 2019

Winter Open(Moses Lake, WA)
Jan 26, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019
IES Jr Champs(Coeur d'Alene, ID)
Feb 8, 2019 - Feb 10, 2019

IES Champs(Moscow, ID)
Mar 1, 2019 - Mar 3, 2019
SC Farewell(Moses Lake, WA)
Mar 9, 2019 - Mar 10, 2019

Senior Sectionals(Federal Way, WA)
Mar 14, 2019 - Mar 17, 2019
Age Group Regionals(Federal Way, WA)
Mar 21, 2019 - Mar 24, 2019

Tri City Open(Pasco, WA)
May 31, 2019 - Jun 2, 2019
Sweet Onion Open(Walla Walla, WA)
Jun 15, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019

Sun Country Invite(Bend, OR)
Jun 21, 2019 - Jun 23, 2019

Pendleton Open(Pendleton, OR)
Jul 5, 2019 - Jul 7, 2019

IE LC Champs(Pasco, WA)
Jul 26, 2019 - Jul 28, 2019






Each month, the coaches will be sharing a SAFE SPORT TOPIC provided by USA swimming. I will post the MONTHLY topic link in the newsletter and you can reinforce the topics and talks at home.
If you ever have a concern or question regarding Safe Sport, Contact our Coaches or April Walkley TCCC Safe Sport representative at

A Note From The Treasurer...
REMINDER.. In your August 1st invoice everyone will be billed for volunteer hours that they have fallen short of the required 34 hours.  All families are required to volunteer 34 hours this year. Ask your friends and family to help you out, sign them up and you get the credit!

To make scrip more predictable I will place scrip orders on the 5th of every month. Please have all scrip money in the day before (the 4th). You can pay with presto pay or by mailing a check to the address below.  So the next scrip order will go in on Oct 4th. Any questions, text or phone call to 509 840 2475.

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I currently have the items posted on Tri City Parents Facebook Page lost and found and a donated Parka.


2018 Graduating Seniors

Claire S
Nate J
Maddie E
Teddy L
Sarah W
Neomi M
Connor M

not pictured Teddy or Sarah

We will miss you all and wish you the very best!


To the Channel Cat Families:
We began our association with the Channel Cats in the summer of 2000 (part of the Olympic bump that happens every 4 yrs).  Eventually 16 years passed as a member family, with 4 swimmers (and one tech support non-swimmer) making their way to countless open meets, IES Champs, Sectionals (including swimming against a 14 year old Missy Franklin), Zones, and Jr Nationals, before they all graduated high-school and went on to college – two of them making good on all those swim dues and earning swimming scholarships.  During that time we have seen IES teams come and go, and a virtual revolving door of coaches on other teams.  Through all those years we went to the annual Channel Cat banquet – awards and recognition for swimmers.  In our early days, Todd and Jennifer provided a homemade award for every swimmer.  Eventually, the club grew too big for that to be feasible.  But the banquet (note that pizza qualifies as a banquet) continued every year, as did recognition of swimmer achievements and typically some kind of gift for each swimmer.  I can tell you that no other club in the IES has the same coaches hosting an annual swim club banquet, with individual awards and recognition for the swimmers, for over 20 years (most would say 5 years is a long time).  I’m pretty sure that no other club in the state of Washington has this experience, and I’m also sure that very few other clubs in the whole country share in the blessing that the Channel Cat swimmers and families enjoy as a result of the dedication and long term commitment of Todd and Jennifer to your Channel Cat swimmers. Also, when we joined the Channel Cats, we hosted the premier meet in IES at the premier pool – George Prout in Richland.  At that time it was an 8-lane 50 meter pool and we hosted the June meet and the IES Champs.  But within a few years, the city condemned the 50 year old pool and rebuilt it with a rinky-dink 25 yard pool and we were banished to Pasco.  It took us years to build up the venue, but with Todd working with the City of Pasco and some generous donors, as well as some committed member families, we were able to once again build up the June meet to become the premier IES summer meet.  We also were able to host the Champ meet once again, even if on a rotational basis.  Our family moved away from Tri-Cities 2 summers ago.  There are now probably more member Channel Cat families that we don’t know, than those that we know (or know us).  So let me say, even plead, do not take any of this for granted.  What we have on the Channel Cats is unbelievably rare in any club sport, much less swimming. I also want to point out to you that Todd has both the best job and the worst job.  It is the best job because he gets to work with the best assistant head coach and with all your kids, watching their struggles turn into successes, for those who put in the effort, year after year.  It is the worst job because he has a new boss every year, and unlike most of you, his boss (the parent board), generally knows way less about his job and how to do it than he does.  Certainly the success of the Channel Cats is not achieved by the coaches alone but by and along with supportive and committed member families.  I urge you to always be more supportive than critical.  Anyone can be a critic; don’t be that guy (or gal).  Ensuring the success of a swim club involves many committed member families with a long-term perspective.  Swimmers and their families come and go.  But obviously, these Channel Cat coaches are here for the long haul.  I and my family are indebted to the coaches and leaders of the Channel Cats for the incredible experience our children have enjoyed.  Yes the dues are expensive, the service hours are inconvenient, and serving on the board is generally thankless.  But I urge you to support your swimmer and the club by finding a place to plug in – serving the team and helping continue to make Channel Cat swimming an awesome experience for everyone for many years to come.
-John Tixier


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Brooke Pool (President)

Faith Smeenk (Treasurer)

Swimming Tired

By: Herb Huddleston, Long time coach, Orlando, FL.

One aspect of competitive swimming that many swimmers (and parents) have a difficult
time understanding and/or accepting is what coaches call “swimming tired.” This mostly
applies to senior level swimmers, but can also affect younger swimmers.
To understand fatigue, and its effect on meet performances, it is important to understand
the “training effect.” Improvement in swimming (or any aerobic sport) is largely a result
of the body’s adaptation to the stress of regular training. Of course, technique and skills
are very important for peak performance, but for our purposes in understanding this
element of swimming, we will address only physical training.
The body adapts in many different ways—the muscles become stronger, the heart pumps
blood more effectively, and the cardiovascular system becomes more efficient in
transporting oxygen to the muscles. These all contribute to faster swimming. Progress at
the beginner or novice level comes quickly and is dramatically evident in large decreases
in swimming times. As a swimmer becomes more accomplished, decreases in swimming
times come in smaller increments, even though the amount of training may increase.
When training is increased, fatigue may affect performances at competitions. However,
swimmers may still be able to swim best times, in spite of being tired. Improved stroke
technique, better starts and turns, more effective race strategies, and increased
conditioning and strength can offset the fatigue that they have accumulated.
Coaches always encourage swimmers to swim at 100% effort and use their skills to
overcome the tiredness.
So, why not reduce the large training load just before each meet, and allow the swimmers
to be a little rested to ensure better meet performances? To optimize the benefits of
training, it is best not to “interrupt” the continuous stress of training at certain times of
the season for the purpose of swimming faster, for example at an early-season meet
compared with the championship meets at the end of the season. These meets early in the
season can be considered “practice meets,” where the swimmer gains valuable race
experience and tests improvements in strokes and skills. A successful swim performance
is not always just a fast time. Not resting for early-season meets will result in better endof-
the-season times.
This strategy can be difficult for the swimmer and parent to accept and can be frustrating.
Often, other swimmers who do not train consistently will swim faster at early season
meets, because they are not as tired. It is important that under these circumstances, the
swimmers keep their ultimate goal in perspective, and that the parents empathize and
support their children. The hard training of the early and middle part of the season will
pay off at the end of the season at the meets that really count!

Nutrition NEWS

Patti Neighmond
To Thrive, Many Young Female Athletes Need A Lot More Food

Participation in sports by girls and young women has soared in recent decades — by 560 percent among high school students since 1972, and 990 percent among college students, according to the Women's Sports Foundation. Highly committed young female athletes now run track and play soccer, basketball, water polo and other demanding sports that require strong bodies.

But many girls aren't eating enough to satisfy the physical demands of those sports, scientists say, and that's putting them at risk for health problems that can last a lifetime.

These athletes are essentially malnourished. The danger they face is called female athlete triad syndrome because it typically includes three symptoms: irregular menstrual cycles, low energy and low bone density.

Doctors once looked for this constellation of symptoms only among "anorexic, very skinny" young women, says orthopedic surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Matzkin, chief of Women's Sports Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

But experience has since shown, she says, that "these athletes can come in any shape, form or weight. It's not just that typical ballerina physique that we're looking out for anymore."

Unfortunately, she says, many primary care doctors still don't recognize the syndrome and most of these athletes don't know they're at risk. Take Regan Detweiler, a University of Michigan sophomore. She ran track and cross country in high school, and used to train all year long — running, on average, 35 to 40 miles a week, she says.

Breakfast for her in those days was coffee and a cup of yogurt. Lunch was a peanut butter sandwich, minus the crust.

"I was eating as little of that peanut butter sandwich as I could possibly eat," she says, "while still saying I had a sandwich for lunch." Dinner was a small serving of meat and vegetables.

Detweiler says she was hungry pretty much all the time, and often felt tired in the middle of the day. She menstruated only once every six months or so.

Then, during her sophomore year in high school, Detweiler suffered a stress fracture in her right shin. She took a month off running and wore a protective boot. But during her junior year, she suffered another stress fracture — this time in her left shin. Suspecting weakness in the bone, doctors ordered a density scan.

The results were worrisome. Detweiler says the doctors told her she was on the "very lowest end of having a normal bone density." The diagnosis: female athlete triad syndrome.

Detweiler was surprised to learn she wasn't eating enough to fuel her training regimen. As an athlete, doctors and nutritionists say, she needed more food variety and more calories — three snacks daily, as well as bigger meals.

Courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital

Matzkin says anytime a young female athlete comes to her office with shin splits or fractures, she now asks about nutrition and menstruation.

"We may be able to identify the root cause of bone mineral density problems," she says, and patients can be helped early to chart a new course in eating.

It's not just about eating enough, Matzkin says. It's also about eating the right things — like fruits, vegetables, protein and foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. It's critical to build bone when you can, she says, because there's literally a countdown to how long women have to build strong bones.

"We can only really build it up to about age 25," she says. After that, because of hormonal changes, women in particular lose bone density bit by bit every year.

"If you can start at a higher level," she says, "then you're going to do better."

Young athletes like Detweiler, who have already lost bone density, can rebuild some bone, Matzkin says. But "they'll never get back to where they might have been."

Today, Detweiler is 19 years old and eats a healthy diet. She credits Jessica Buschmann, a registered dietitian at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, for helping her achieve that.

Buschmann says many of the athletes referred to her train for hours a day, every day. As a result, she says, it's not uncommon for these young athletes to need as much as 3,500 calories a day — which can seem scarily high to a teenage girl worried about body image.

And that, Buschmann says, is her challenge: to convince these girls that eating too few calories puts the body at risk. She tells them she'll say the word "calorie" only once and then switch to other words like "energy" or "fuel."

"That's truly what it is," she says — energy for your muscles and brain to make sure you're physically and mentally strong enough, and have enough stamina to optimize workouts and training.

Detweiler embraced Buschmann's diet plan of increased calories: three solid meals a day plus three snacks. She still enjoys peanut butter sandwiches for lunch, she says — but now she eats the bread crusts, too.

She soon started menstruating regularly. Her latest bone density scan also shows improvement.

Best of all, Detweiler says, after starting on Buschmann's regimen, she started feeling better than ever — and had her most successful track season ever, too.

Bend Open 2018

A big group of our senior swimmers (13yr and older) traveled to Bend, Oregon June 22-24 for a weekend of fast competition as strong teams from around the pacific northwest met to compete at the Bend Open. This was a great opportunity for our kids to race and for some, aim for a qualifying standard of a tougher end of season championship swim meet.
The weekend started with the 200m IM where Karma, Chamelle, Kodi, Hilary, Bryn, Cody S., Coleman and Nick W all posted best times. What a fantastic way to start off the meet everyone! This is especially awesome after a long drive and a big lunch (for some…oops).  Kayla swam well especially on the backstroke leg of her race, Hilary and Chloe swam some impressive fly and Andy G went out very strong in his fly-back legs of his IM. Many others, Liesel, Mary, Austin W., Andrew J. and Broden, were close to their best times in solid swims of their own.
The sprinters showed up in the next race where Emily E., Chloe and Hilary all dropped a little time as did Cody S. (aka Cody the Cowboy) and Zach who also swam a best time. Well done Cats.
Switching gears to our distance swimmers the 800m free was the last even Friday. Bryn had a great swim earning herself a new personal best by over a second. Karma followed suit shaving off over 3 seconds and Carrie crushed her best time by over 11 seconds. Luc had a fine race finishing right on his best time, Andy G took off almost 5 seconds and Nick W. raced a nail biter (swimming neck and neck the whole race with the swimmer next to him) to over a 7 second time drop!! Way to start off day one folks!! Woo hoo!
Day two caught up to our kids. Perhaps between the heat and the air (local fires) our Cats had a rougher day and struggled with many of their races. Emily E swam an awesome 400m free dropping 12 seconds. She wanted that race and it was obvious. Kayla, showing a little middle-distance spark was very close to her time as was Karma. Andrew J busted out fantastic swim dropping over 7 seconds. Nice job Drew! :D (smilie face). Cody the Cowboy (Cody S.) rustled up one heck of a swim crushing the competition in his heat and earning a new personal best by over 15 seconds! Zach proved he can swim more than just sprints with a 5 second drop while Luc and Coleman were right on their times. Andy G posted a new best time by 2 seconds while Nick W. and Skyler were close to their best times.
In the 100m backstroke Emily E., Mary and Neomi (good underwaters) were near their times while Madison V. dropped time to earn a new personal best. Hilary was right on her time but props go to her for having a great tempo her whole race! Coach Todd has been emphasizing stroke tempo for backstroke which is why the big “way to go” Hilary! Austin W., Ethan, Andrew J., Zach, Hayden and Cody S all had solid swims close to their times. This time “kudos” go to Adam and Nick W who swam best times.
Most of our 200m breaststroke races were right near their best times. Lillian was the lone standout for the girls shaving off a little over a second. Coleman was the lone guy who dropped time in this race while Broden was close. Congrats to Lil and Coleman, way to go you two!
The next race was the 100m free. Carrie, Emily E and Hilary all had strong swims while Madison V busted out a new best time by .02! Nice job girls. Our boys rallied with Ethan and Coleman swimming close to their times while Cody S and Zach dropped time for a new personal best. Nice swimming gentlemen.
Finally, finishing up preliminary swims for Saturday (yes, there were finals for Saturday events only) we had the 200m butterfly. We had awesome swims by both Mary and Carrie who dropped 2 seconds each. Chamelle had a gorgeous race swimming one of the tightest split 200fl races I have seen AND she dropped 4 seconds to boot! Wowzers Chamelle…nice job ladies!! Bryn was right on her best time while Andy G led the boys with the only best time for the guys. Way to go team!
Saturday finalists started off with Bryn whose 400fr time was right on her best. A better race than the morning it was great to see her efforts to race even after a long day. Well done Bryn! Nick W went out in a vengeance racing a rival competitor that pushed him to drop 3 seconds off his best. That’s the way to race folks! Bravo Nick!! Cole and Andy also made finals in the 400m free as did Hilary in the 100m backstroke. Congrats on making it back for finals everyone. It’s not so easy with such tough competition!!
Building on the great tempo of her prelims Hilary dropped over a second to earn a best time. Well don Hil.
Lillian, Karma and Coleman were our finalists for the 200m breaststroke. The girls both dropped time to earn a best time while Coleman had a great first half but couldn’t keep it going on the back-half. That was a gutsy swim Coleman. Keep practicing going out that strong, it was a fantastic effort and it will pay off in the long run!
Hilary and Skyler were our finalists for the 100m free. Both had solid swims duplicating their morning times.
Kjerstyn and Mary represented in the finals for the 200m fly. Both had decent swims but added just a little from the morning. As I said before, it is a long day and they made it back to finals so way to go girls! Skyler and Andy represented for our boys. Both had strong swims and took time off their morning swims. Congrats to Skyler who took 1st place!
Sunday started with the 400IM. What a way to start the day but Chamelle and Mary soldiered up and had solid swims. Nick W posted a time right on his best but the two Andrews; Andrew J and Andy G both swam new personal bests dropping over 2 seconds off their times. Andy G, after a strong backstroke and breaststroke leg had a great race to the finish in his free. He met the challenge of his competition making a big charge in a close finish. We coaches LOVE that kind of effort!! It is so exciting…well done Andy!
In the 200m back Cameron was right on her best time and Macy B had a solid swim as well. Hayden crushed a 10 second time drop (wowzers!) and Cody S shaved off 3 seconds for a new best as well. Nick W was right on his best as was Riley who had a fantastic race right up to the finish. With another close race for our Channel Cats I must say again, we LOVE the close races. When our swimmers step up to the challenge and RACE to the finish we love that!! I’m not sure I remember who won, but I do remember the awesome effort to finish strong. Way to go Ri!
Mary and Karma had fine swims in the 100m breaststroke posting times close to their best. Nick Z and Hayden similarly had fine swims while Kyle, Broden and Andrew J all earned best times. Liesel stunned the coaches with an aggressive and quick tempo’d 100fly. Finishing with a time close to her best, we coaches were so very excited about the effort she busted out! Awesome Liesel. Way to go girl! Chamelle, Carrie and Hilary also had strong swims just a second or so off their best. Hayden and Cole both stepped up and earned new best times with strong swims of their own.
Finally, winding down the meet with the last event (the 200m free) the solo female best time swimmer was Kayla. Out fast in the first half she held on to drop 2 seconds. Nice job Kayla. Gutsy swim, I must admit. Skyler and Ethan added just a touch with solid swims but Spencer was the solo male swimmer to earn a best time. Way to go Spencer. Way to finish strong.
In an emotionally exciting race, it is very worth writing about Madison V’s 200free. Just missing a senior zone cut earlier, Madison decided to time trial the 50 free while swimming her 200free. She just missed the cut by a tiny bit so it was worth a try. With 3 timers at the 50m split she took off and raced to the end touching just off the qualifying time yet again. A bit sad that she missed it again, our timers went to turn in their stopwatches without writing down her time. Well ecxiting news, she DID make the bonus time standard and we almost missed it!! Congrats Madison!! Way to finish the meet on a high note.
The coaches took 40 athletes to the Bend meet. This is a testament to how strong our team is becoming since qualifying times are quick. We were all happy with the results. As with any sport there are ups and downs but our kids rallied and showed some great efforts to race. Way to go team!!
Thanks again to the chaperones who volunteer their time to make this meet happen. We could not do it without you and we cannot adequately express our gratitude at all you do for our kids as well as the coaches.
Now… Let’s go Channel Cats!

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