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"Enjoy swimming for swimmings sake. We have to spend far too much time in the water to not enjoy the process challenging yourself of moving through the water".
Jeff Rouse - Multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and swimming World Record setter


"Developing Success Both In and Out of the Pool"

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Mar 3, 2017 - Mar 5, 2017
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Jul 28, 2017 - Jul 30, 2017
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Aug 1, 2017 - Aug 5, 2017
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Aug 3, 2017 - Aug 6, 2017
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Aug 9, 2017 - Aug 12, 2017

President's Pen

Channel Cat Family,
THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our first team-hosted meet of our 2016/17 season a HUGE success!  
PARENTS:  As you’ve all heard before, “Many hands make light work”…but it also makes work FUN!  Not only was every spot filled on the job signups, but numerous people volunteered to help where needed.  Putting on a swim meet for 344 swimmers is a lot of work, but when surrounded by “family” the time goes by fast!  It was a pleasure to work alongside you all to pull off a smoothly run meet!
SWIMMERS:  All the hard work you’ve put into practice showed this last weekend!  There were countless great swims, numerous new best times, LOTS of new qualifying Champs times and several new Age Group Regionals & Zones cuts!  I loved seeing the cheering going on at BOTH ends of the pool!  My favorite moment of the weekend was seeing several Channel Cats cheer for a little swimmer, from another team, who was over a minute behind the rest of the heat, yet he was met at the finish by some very enthusiastic and encouraging Channel Cats cheering him into the wall.  Swimmers, THAT was true sportsmanship at it’s finest.  You made me proud to be a Channel Cat!
COACHES:  What can we say…WE LOVE YOU!  You watched heat after heat, timed race after race, coached swimmer after swimmer, and answered question after question…and you did it TWO FULL DAYS IN A ROW!  Thank you for taking time to console the swimmers who might not have had the race they hoped for and for celebrating with the swimmers when they had the swim of their life!  It was a big weekend with lots of great accomplishments and many new memories…and you were right at the center of it.  Thank you!
We look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming Champs meets!  Let’s bring this same CHANNEL CAT PRIDE to both meets and show the rest of the Inland Empire why the Tri-City Channel Cats is the BEST team around!
Tia Pollick

Meet Recap by Coach Jen
Our Channel Cats had a very successful 2017 Washington Open Swim Meet in Federal Way mid-January. We sent 27 swimmers to compete at a senior level to a well-attended and fast meet. It was, however, nice to be out of the ice!
Starting off the meet on Thursday evening were our 1000yd freestylers. Kjerstyn was our first swimmer of the team swimming a solid race and a final time that earned her a Sr. Sectional meet cut again. Bryn followed with a great swim of her own nabbing her first Senior Zones cut! Congrats Bryn! John was our last swimmer of the race with a strong swim and a best time as well. Bryn and John dropped 18 and 13 seconds from the times in which they were entered. Coaches were very pleased with the great start to the meet!
Friday races were next and the magic continued! Mackenzie H swam a personal best in the 200yd IM by over a second. Madison and Megan followed her lead with time drops of their own. Megan showed us a strong breaststroke leg and a fast free tempo coming home. It worked for her. Neomi and Kodi both blasted a 6 second drop in their IM and looked strong. Regan went out strong in her fly and back to nab a best time while Cathy did a personal best time too.  Way to go girls!
For the boys, Skyler eked out a best time as did Coleman (who swam a great breaststroke leg), Cole dropped 3 seconds but Ryan went out strong in his fly and back taking off nearly 5 seconds in his time! Nick had a strong finish racing the kid next to him all the way to the very end. Those kinds of races can be gut wrenching but it pushed Nick to an 8 second time drop! Broden shocked everyone with an amazing 15-second time drop in his race. Wowzers what a great event for our Cats!
Next event was the 500yd free and Regan had one of those “gut-wrenching swims” described earlier. She had a strong race holding solid and not letting fatigue or discomfort slow her down as she worked hard to pass the swimmer next to her the last 100yds of the race!! Takes guts and determination and coaches LOVE to see that stuff. Way to go Regan, and a 5 second time drop to boot!  Karma put some gumption into her race and came home with the last 100yds her fastest split. A new best time for her by 7 seconds and another great swim by our Cats.  Kayla had a strong 500yd free as well finding the determination to come home strong for a new best time while Maddie endured a tight race with her opponent next to her. Another gut wrenching race that challenged one of our swimmers to finish strong and Maddie complied with a fast last 100 split. Kjerstyn followed with a great swim going out strong and holding on to her pace not letting herself drop off in the middle. She found her “mojo” and came home quick to a new best time. She’s back and looking strong. For the boys, the magic continued. Zach earned a new best time with a fine swim (It’s a good race for you Zach…) as did John. John loves to go out way fast and sometimes that catches up with a swimmer. This time however he went out fast and held on pushing through the  “piano dropping” to nab a new best time by 2 seconds! Cole swam fast enough to make it back to finals but the swims of the day were from Broden and Kyle. Kyle swam a gutsy race dropping 14 seconds and just missing his Senior Zones cut by .3 seconds!!  Kyle, dude, you’re killing me… that was sooo good and soooo close!! You can do it!! You can do it!! And finally, the surprise of the weekend was the awesome swim by Broden.  Finishing in a 5:05.00 and a 21 second time drop, Broden came away with his FIRST Sr. Zones cut and wowed his coaches!!
 It takes perseverance …sometimes you have to be patient and determined to just keep working. It’s not easy getting faster but it’s worth it.  Coaches enjoyed the smiles on the kids from all the fine races.
And it keeps getting better folks, read on…
Events on Saturday were the 100yd fly, 200yd free, 100yd breaststroke, 100yd backstroke and the 400yd IM.  Carrie started us out strong with a solid, quick tempo first 50 in her 100 fly that brought her home to a new best time. Bryn copied that effort with a strong 50 (she went under 30!) and holding on to drop a full second in her best time.  Neomi had a good first half as well finishing close to her best time while Mackenzie, giving a lesson in awesome underwater work and fast walls, sliced off just a touch for a new best time. Megan found her great timing again and showed off her signature strong finish with a solid swim very close to her best. Well-done lady fly-ers!! Skyler was our only male butterfly swimmer of this meet but not to worry folks. He represented in prelims with a strong first 50 and a fast enough time to make it back to finals! Sooooo close to a best time but a good swim nonetheless. Way to go Skyler.
Our sprinters were up next with the 200yd free that showed loads of new best times. Almost all our swimmers had personal bests in fact! Plus, we had a couple of milestone achievers too. Congrats to Nick and Zach who both broke 2:00 in the 200 for the first time. Nick went out strong with a fast 100 split and held on with a fast last 50 split in addition. He raced with a kick I have never seen before! Zach swam a solid race but found the endurance to push a solid last 50 that took him under the 2:00 mark. Big candy at the banquet boys! Congrats to you both!!
On the ladies side Samantha, Madison, Regan, Emma, Maddie and Kayla all had personal bests. Regan had a quick off the block start that set the tone for her race while Emma followed her lead with a first half split that was 2 seconds faster than her best time. Madison dropped 4 seconds holding strong in all her splits and Regan dropped 7.
For the men, I cannot leave out Ryan who dazzled us with a 5 second time drop and a strong race! Ryan had the endurance to push strong coming home with the most significant time drop coming from his last half of the race! That’s holiday training at work everyone. Way to go Ry! Kyle showed the same gutsiness as Ryan dropping 5 seconds as well. Kyle went out a full second faster than his fastest split but kept on going strong. John and Skyler had new best times and strong swims while Cole had a breakout swim dropping over a second to earn a new Futures Meet cut! Woo hoo Cole. Nice swimming Boys!
We had another great streak of best times with the 100yd breaststroke races. Samantha, still impressing us with her one-legged starts and turns dropped 3-seconds as did Regan and Cathy. Our biggest “loser” (pun intended) were Kodi and Karma. These special K’s went for it (remember the saying you cannot have a fast 100 unless you have a fast 50?) dropping 3 plus seconds in their first half of the race to make it close to a 6 second drop and an incredible 7-second drop for Karma!! Lillian and Madison followed with best times in their races as well. The boys brought some fun results in their races with Coleman and Zach both making best times. Broden wowed the coaches with a fast first half finishing up dropping 4 seconds. Nice work boys!
Lillian was the 100yd back standout dropping a bunch of time with Carrie ramping up and doing the same. Madison and Kayla also put on a good show with best times of their own. Many of the girls were right on or close to best times. The coaches were pleased with the swims. Coleman and Zach led the pack again with best times while Nick came in right on his best time exactly. That’s so crazy but it happens. Kyle broke out with a 2 second time drop, Ryan dropped a bit as well and Cole was right on his best as well.
Winding up Saturday swims were Kjerstyn and John, both with solid swims in their 400IMs. Kjerstyn swam particularly strong and came home in a quick freestyle leg that coaches love to see. Way to have some guts at the finish Kjerstyn!

Sunday was the final day of the meet and the crazy weather encouraged Todd to only swim prelims so we could get home in the daylight before the freezing temps showed up. The meet opened with the 200 back and the girls cranked out best times right off the bat. Madison V., Kayla, Madison T., and Megan all had best times and strong swims. John and Kyle matched that for the boys side of things and Ryan shaved a bit off his best time too.
The 100yd free challenged our Cats but Carrie rose to the challenge and now on the verge of breaking 1:00 made a personal best! Kodi followed suit nabbing the milestone (under 1:00 for a 100yd race mark) as did Madison V. The boys countered with some exciting swims as Broden, Nick and Ryan all surprised us with a 2 second time drop while Kyle and Zach PR’d and Skyler finally broke the illusive time of breaking the :50 seconds mark. That was some fast swimming by our Cats!
Winding up the meet were our milers Kjerstyn and Cole. Kjerstyn swam well and was close to her best time, which was great to see. Cole ended the Channel Cat swims with a great mile placing 6th and dropping almost 9 seconds. Great swimming you two!!!
The coaches were very, very happy with how the kids swam/raced. There were some who qualified for faster meets for the first time and they deserve recognition:
Kjerstyn-Sr Sectionals
Bryn M-Sr Sectionals
Nicholas W- AG Regionals
Kodi Y-Sr Sectionals and Sr Zones
Lilian T- Sr Zones
Cole W- Futures
Broden Johnson-Sr Sectionals
Zach Nemeth-AG Regionals
Ryan M-AG Regionals
Congrats to our Cats on a fantastic meet, Meet Results HERE!
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Meet Recap January Storm
Coach Jen

The January Storm meet in Walla Walla  was held in early January 2017.

After a long and strong Holiday training the coaches is anxious to see how our kids would race. I suppose one could say a “storm was a brewin’ “ and it wasn’t just about the incredible snow we had dumped upon us! Channel Cats were there to swim with full force!

The 200IM started out with some great swims as Grace B, Luc, Maddox, Donavyn and Makayla all had  big time drops of 6-8 seconds each. Karrin wow’d us with a huge swim impressing us with a new best time by 28 seconds! Emily E had an aggressive tempo on her breaststroke leg as well as a beautiful fly portion of her IM. Long and strong, that’s the way Em!! Riley started the boys off dropping a bit for a best time but even more impressive was his determination and breath holding BEFORE the flags into his finish!! You go Riley!! That’s what we coaches hope to see!!

Regan, in her first ever 400yd IM amazed us with a time close to an Age Group Regional (AGR for future reference) cut! Wow! And finally, Andy G just manages to keep getting faster and faster as he raced home to a new personal best by 5 seconds!!


Saturday started with more snow and more Channel Cat wonderful swimming! In the 200yd free we had great swims from kids such as Taylee, Ashley P., Sydnee, Gracie and Liesel. Liesel had a challenging  and close race all the way to the finish! Both she and Julia T dropped 4-5 seconds. Other notable time drops were from Titan (8 sec) and Nathaniel K (11 sec) who went out fast and held on. Adilyn had a most impressive 33 second time drop. Wowzer girl, that’s awesome! Teagan, Kellen and Titus all had great swims and best times as well by 10, 11 and 14 seconds respectively.


Kait swam a beautiful first half of her 50yd fly displaying beautiful long arms and high hips. It was a best time by 19 seconds! Kody S followed with a 9 second time drop of his own and Aidan P.  took 4 seconds off his besttime. Nathan H swam a wonderful 50yd fly for the first time as well. Nice job Cats!


Breaststroke races were our next opportunity for greatness and Mason led the way.  Great start off the block Mason! Aiden W showed us a great kick and Linnea raced against lanes 3 and 6 holding on to a strong tempo all the way through her 100yd race. It was fun to watch and we were excited to see the effort to hang in there with tough competition.  Woo hoo, Linnea that was awesome! Maddox and Titus continued with some great swimming in their breaststroke as they, along with Austin W., and Timothy both had nice time drops.


Isabelle started out the backstroke with a first time swim and a great flip turn!! Yay!! That’s awesome Isabelle!! Kyla had a great finish while Natale dropped 5 seconds for a new best time!

Annalease showed us a fantastic kick while Joni made a new personal best by 20 seconds in her 100yd free. Kyla also had a solid race in her 100yd free finishing strong and racing her lane 2 competitor into the finish! Jacob followed suit nabbing a new best time by 3 seconds.


Our older kids swam in an afternoon session and brought continued great swimming. Beatrice and Karrin broke out with 7 second time drops each while while Emma S had an amazing 21 second drop for a new best time. Amelia and Grace B had personal bests as well with some solid time drops as well. Sarah W raced her competition in Lane 4 all the way to the finish where their times were separated by .1! What a fun race to watch and cudos Sarah for dropping 11 seconds to boot!


The butterfly was next and Chamelle and Cameron had great swims finishing right on their best times. Ashley P., Grace C., Afton and Sydnee all had solid swims while Mary, Gracie B., and Lian swam to best times in their race.


Breaststroke was impressive for our Cats as Emma S. and Karrin had amazing time drops  (17 and 14 seconds) while Makayla and Grace B followed suit. Sydney K and Liesel also swam to best times as did Grace C., Sarah W. and Sydnee. The wonderful racing continues as Nathaniel K. blasted 27 seconds off his time! Aidan P., Titan and Adam all had great first time 200yd breaststroke races and coaches were happy with their swims.


Finishing up Saturday were the backstroke races. Ella was on fire dropping 23 seconds in an amazing race. Alissa pr’d by 9 seconds with a strong swim of her own. Afton had a great finish while Lian, Mary, Adam, Titan and Nathaniel all posted best time swims.


As for the Sunday races, I am only privy to times as I was not there to see the kids continue the great swimming. Andrew J., Austin W., Andy G., Matthew J., Beckett, Erwin, Benji and Natale all posted best times. Ethan, George, Cody C., Jonas, Hayden, Luc and Riley did as well. Paisley and Adilyn had more solid swims for our younger girls.


Finally, hats off to Nick and Sydnee for their 500yd free. Nick dropped 10 seconds and Sydnee took off an impressive 33 seconds! Well done Nick and Syd and all our wonderful Channel Cat kiddos!!


The coaches are excited at how well our kids swam and we are looking forward to our upcoming meets especially the Champs meets. We survived the snow and swam up a storm! A January Storm! Well done team…great swimming.
Meet results here.


Congratulations to our 53 Channel Cats that traveled to Jr Champs!
Best of Luck to our 69 swimmers who will be competing at IES Champs!

This is a good reminder to both parents and swimmers. Athletes should always talk to a coach before and after they swim an event. Coaches are there to coach not just watch.  Coaches want to give swimmers things to focus on while they swim and provide feedback after the race. Also, if you are not present at warm ups you will not only be scratched from relays, but all of your individual events for that day.

If this is your first time, please review the documents and links below regarding meet format and terminology that may be helpful to you and your swimmer.

Swimming Prelims and Finals
Glossary of Swimming terms


Nutritional Tidbits

No Bake energy Balls

7 Biggest Mistakes Swimmers Make Before a Championship Meet
Braden Keith

The swimming taper is a complex, scientific, precise thing. Then again, we’re not all collegians or Olympians, so for some of us, it’s very simple. Regardless, there are a few major mistakes that swimmers at every level frequently make just prior to big Championship meets, from summer league to NCAA’s. You’ll see a pretty common theme in this list, which is don’t change anything major. Many swimmers try to outsmart the taper, but it can’t be done, and usually results in bad swims. The Championship meet is not a place to try out new techniques, strategies, or anything else.
1. Changing your diet right before the meet-The biggest question I get asked before every championship meet is “what should we eat the night before? Pasta, right?” Well, no, not exactly. The ideal diet is well beyond the scope of this article, and there are many good resources on the topic, but the worst thing you can do is to change your diet right before a big meet. The human body gets into routines, and likes habits. In a sport like swimming, that is so heavily dependent on these routines, keep your diet, eating habits, meal times, etc. as close to normal as possible. The time to change any bad eating habits is at the beginning of the season, not the end.
2. Changing your gear-This one can be tough. Championship suits only maintain their hold and fit for a very limited number of races, so unless you have a big sponsor backing you (which most of us don’t) it’s hard to test these suits out prior to big meets. But there are some things that are easier to control. Settle on a pair of goggles (and a fit, for that matter) at least 2-3 meets before a championship. Make sure your regular race suit is tight-fitting, so you get used to the compression feeling. Don’t make your championship meet the first one you wear a cap at. Then you can play around with wearing your goggles over or under your cap, latex or silicone, and so-on.
3. Not warming up enough- Swimmers can become really paranoid at ruining their tapers in their warm up. But if you don’t do enough of a warm up, your body won’t be properly prepared to reach top speeds, regardless of how awesome your taper was. And make sure that you sprint at least 3 times during the warm-up. I typically have my swimmers run some breakouts, where they will focus on the streamline and the first few explosive strokes, then shut it down and coast into the wall.
4. Changing practice times drastically- Sometimes coaches like to change practice times, or even give swimmers days off, when approaching championship meets. 30 minutes here or there is fine, but changing practice times drastically (or giving days off) is a mistake. What usually ends up happening is that the swimmers natural sleep rhythm causes them to wake up at roughly the same time anyways. However, knowing that they will be able to sleep in the next morning, many swimmers will stay up later the night before (especially in older swimmers). By the time the actual championship meet rolls around, swimmers’ sleep cycles are way out of whack, and the swimmers are lethargic and flat. Not good news for their performance.
5. Sleeping right up until the start of the meet- Often times, championship meets start in the late morning. Especially at levels like summer league, the meets can start as late as noon. As was mentioned in number 4, this can throw off a swimmer’s rhythm. But to compound things, many times, swimmers decide to sleep until the very last minute, wake up, and rush to warmups. It takes time for your body to wake up and be ready to go, and you need to give your body enough time to digest your breakfast. If you ever have a stomach ache at an early morning meet, this is probably a good reason why.
6. Laying out in the sun- Ok, this might seem silly, but many times, the week leading up to a championship meet results in a lot of extra free time for a swimmer. Especially during the summer season, this might seem like a good time to even out those awful 1-piece tans. Don’t do it, the sun will sap all of your energy and leave you groggy for the big day.
7. Loading up on energy drinks before races- It’s the end of the season. Last race. Nothing to save your energy for, nothing hold back. So let’s load up on 5-hour energies and Red Bulls to make sure we suck every ounce of effort out of our bodies. Wrong. If you’re not used to taking these supplements, all they’re going to do is make you sick. If these are something you’re interested in getting in to, you need to: number 1, check with a professional to make sure you’re using them the right way, because odds are your swim coach doesn’t know, and number 2, get your body used to it at less meaningful meets.

Here is a great article on swimming recovery if you are interested.
The Art of Recovery

Attention All Swimmers..
SUPER TRACKER, Do you use it?

SuperTracker (medium)The United States Department of Agriculture has created an interactive tool that allows you to plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.  Like Nutrition Tracker you can analyze food items, track your intake and create individualized reports. In addition to the tools you are used to having, you will also be able to set goals, track your physical activity and create a personal journal with all of your information and goals conveniently located on one page.
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Kyla Thelin
Joni Oberg

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Here are 15 signs that you are an awesome teammate!

Parents, please read this to your athlete or have them read it. This is a very important article.

by Olivier Poirier-Leroy

The bond that you develop with your teammates over the course of your swimming career is difficult to describe. You share a struggle that you cannot adequately explain to those who haven’t experienced the challenge and difficulty of training and competition in the pool.

During your swimming career your teammates will see you at your worst, see you at your best, and have your back. You’ll share an uncountable number of inside jokes, long car rides, and nail-biting swim meets.

Some of your teammates will be friends for life. One of them may become (or already is) the love of your life. Others will fade off, while others will pop in and out of your life when you least expect it.

But for the time being, there is something to be said for making the most of this experience and bond.

Here are 15 signs that you are an awesome teammate:

1. You help with the equipment, even if it isn’t your turn. You put up the flags and help with the lane ropes even though you can’t swim a lap of backstroke to save your life.

2. You cheer. You are the first one on your feet to cheer, regardless of whether your teammate is in lane 4 or in lane 8. (“Outside smoke!”)

3. You leave on the 60. Not the 59, 58, the :03, or the 57. Sure, it is fun to think that you are going faster than you really are, but you know that you are only short-changing yourself by doing so, and unnecessarily riding up on the swimmers in front of you.

4. Your word means something. If you say that you are going to be there to count laps for your teammate’s 1650 freestyle, than you will be there.

5. You recognize the value in having team and group goals. Swimming may be competed individually in many circumstances, but often for many it is a team-based sport. While you may train for personal bests, seeing the team excel is just as motivating a factor.

6. You understand we all achieve more by doing it together. A couple swimmers chasing a common goal is powerful. A group of them is nearly unstoppable.

7. You own your screw ups. Nobody is perfect, and everybody makes mistakes. Ownership is the quickest way to move forward, and a good teammate is the first to admit he or she is wrong. (“Yes, I did, in fact, steal your kickboard. My bad.”)

8. You deflect your teammates’ mistakes. Nobody intends to get the relay DQ’d. When you step up and deflect some of the blame it helps everybody get back on track towards the goal at hand and moving forward (and also making your teammate feel a little less awful).

9. You realize the influence you have on the younger kids on the team. You remember how much you looked up to the older kids when you were a youngster, so you are willing to spend some time with the younger groups, sharing your experience and knowledge. (Don’t underestimate the impression this makes on them.)

10. You’re supportive. Being there for your teammates when they do spectacularly well is easy—after all, getting caught up in the excitement of a Herculean swim isn’t difficult. Being awesome means that you provide an ear and a shoulder when the swim doesn’t go according to plan as well.

11. You do your part to create a positive environment to train in. Yes, the set is hard. Some might even say that it sucks. But you’re not going to voice it. If anything, you are going to be the one to turn to your lane-mates and say—“We gots this!”

12. You know what you are doing. The intervals, reps, the focus of the set. You pay attention while coach is explaining so that you can focus on what matters—executing the set properly!

13. You take on the tough stuff with a brave face. Think back to those swimmers you looked up to when you were coming up—they always took on the big sets, the fast intervals with a relaxed, confidant attitude, helping to deflate the pain and fear you anticipated to come. Seeing someone else doing what you might have at one point thought was impossible opened your eyes to the possibility that you could do it as well.

14. The little things. Filling up a water bottle for the poor sod swimming reps of 1,000’s on his own. Bringing a kick board for your lane-mate from the equipment bin. Helping time in-practice get-up swims.

15. You are welcoming to the new kid. It can be terrifying for a youngster to come to a new team. You’re the first one to welcome them to the group, to let them know about all the weird idiosyncrasies that makes your team weird and fun and awesome at the same time.

Are you an awesome team mate?

Virtual Club Championship

What is VCC?

The VCC automatically ranks all USA Swimming member clubs based on swimmer performance. You can see how your club stacks up against others in your LSC, Zone and even nationally.

The VCC recognizes and highlight clubs that are developing athletes and achieving success at multiple levels emphasizing the team element in club swimming.

The TCCC were number one last year, can we do it again? Check out our ranking here.


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