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Job signups are now available for IES Champs this weekend. We are responsible for 1.5 lanes(3 timers) for the duration of the meet. Thank you in advance for helping out with this meet. Drive safe! See you in Moscow!

  • 10 and unders, look at meet schedule, you are swimming in finals....not prelims!


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Team News

Channel Cats,

IES Champs is quickly approaching and us coaches are looking forward to some FAST swimming. We sincerely hope everyone qualifies for the next level, which is AG Regionals or Senior Sectionals. That being said, the week after IES Champs, there is a last chance to qualify for the next level in Moses Lake. I need everyone to know that the deadline for the meet will be Monday, March 5(the day after Champs) at noon. This is a hard and fast deadline. So if you plan to attend, make sure you commit by noon on Monday, March 5. I will send out a reminder the day before. If you are not sure about this meet, TALK TO YOUR COACH!



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IES Champs (Moscow, ID)
Mar 2-4, 2018
MRA Short Course Farewell (Moses Lake, WA)
Mar 9-11, 2018
BOD Meeting @ TCCC
Mar 13, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
Age Group Regionals (Federal Way, WA)
Mar 22-25, 2018
Senior Sectionals (Phoenix, AZ)
Mar 22-25, 2018
BOD Meeting @ CBRC
Apr 10, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)

Swim A Thon Kick off Party
Apr 20, 6-8pm

BOD Meeting @ TCCC
May 8, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)

Swim A Thon and Team Awards Celebration
May 19, 2018 Memorial Pool

BOD Meeting @ CBRC
Jun 12, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
BOD Meeting @ TCCC
Jul 10, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
BOD Meeting @ CBRC
Aug 14, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)


Kick Off PARTY

April 20, 6pm

GESA Carousel of dreams!

TCCC Swim-A-Thon May 19,

Pasco Memorial Pool.

Dear USA Swimming Family,
In light of recent media coverage, I would like to provide some perspective on the very important subject matter discussed and the commentary surrounding USA Swimming’s Safe Sport efforts.
Let me be clear: USA Swimming does not tolerate sexual abuse or misconduct, and I assure you that this organization is facing this extremely serious issue with one very clear goal – protecting children and athletes.
Every day we work hard to get better as an organization. We are never complacent. We want to listen and to hear from you. We are rightfully held to a high standard by our membership and our peers, and we will continue to work tirelessly to educate members, put policies in place, and empower clubs to create the best possible environments for all members.
We will not shy away from acknowledging or supporting survivors of abuse, and we will strive to ensure that there is never a lapse of a support system again. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with survivors, the U.S. Center for Safe Sport, and law enforcement to hold wrongdoers accountable and remove them from our organization. 
While we disagree on several of the reported statements and many of the conclusions in recent media reports, members were failed, and we are doing everything we can to make sure it never happens again. 
Our system of uncovering sexual abuse is not flawless, but it has enabled USA Swimming to detect and prosecute members who have engaged in this misconduct. Every year we have endeavored to make our sport safer for our athletes and other members than the year before. Since 2010, USA Swimming has created a leading Safe Sport program with key resource materials for members, updated its Code of Conduct, mandated abuse prevention training, and created a public list of individuals banned for sexual misconduct-related violations in a continued effort to identify and remove offenders from the sport. This is and will be an on-going process that has our full commitment.
The key aspect to the success of the Safe Sport program is for every member to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity that might be a violation of our Code of Conduct. We simply cannot assume that those being abused will voluntarily come forward, even if given the opportunity to do so in a confidential manner. 
In order to be successful, it will require your active participation. Working together we can strive to completely eradicate sexual abuse from our organization.
For information on USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program visit:
To report concerns to the U.S. Center for Safe Sport at:
As an organization we can do more, and we will continue to do more with your valued feedback, guidance, and involvement.
Tim Hinchey III
USA Swimming President and CEO 

Each month, the coaches will be sharing a SAFE SPORT TOPIC provided by USA swimming. I will post the topic in the newsletter and you can reinforce the topics and talks at home.
If you ever have a concern or question regarding Safe Sport, Contact April Walkley TCCC Safe Sport representative at
Happy February!
The discussion guide is posted here:
We are using Burger King’s anti-bullying video to spark the discussion this month.  There is a link to it in the discussion guide, and you can also view it here:


A Note From The Treasurer...

To make scrip more predictable I will place scrip orders on the 5th of every month. Please have all scrip money in the day before (the 4th). You can pay with presto pay or by mailing a check to the address below.  So the next scrip order will go in on March 4th. Any questions, text or phone call to 509 840 2475.

Tri City Channel Cats

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Richland, WA 99352

Faith Smeenk

Are Jolyn Swimsuits Legal?


Channel Cats took 2nd place at
IES 14 and under Jr.
Championships 2018

Jr Championships 2018 results here

Fantastic racing and great team spirit! This meet is great and should be on your must attend next year! Pictures were shared on the teams parent facebook page as well!

14 and under champs 2018 was quite a thriller, as 43 mighty Channel Cats traveled to Lewiston, ID to complete against other Inland Empire teams.  Events starting out the meet on Friday were long distance freestyle and IM.  Ashling won the 8 and under girls 100 free.  Kait and Annalease received seventh and eighth place, while Isabelle dropped 9 seconds for our 10 and under girls.  Max lead the charge in the 500 free, placing second, dropping a total of 37 seconds.  This lead him to earn a new champ’s cut!  Jenna, Emily M. and Luke B. dropped 21, 11 and 12 seconds.  While Kai dropped 9 seconds and earned sixth place.  In the individual medley events: Kait dropped 5 seconds and eighth place, while Annalease dropped 6 seconds and took sixth place.  Followed by Adeline B. who took seventh place!  Benjamin C. took second place and got his first ever champ’s cut!!  Sydney had an awesome swim, earning her a best time by 17 seconds!  Way to go! Donavyn Emily M. Kai (10 seconds), Luke B. (9 seconds), Ethan (9 seconds), Beatrice and Max (fourth place) all dropped time.  Sarah T. swimming her first 400 IM made her champ’s cut.  Congrats to ALL on a great Friday showing!

As we started the day Saturday we were in third place overall as a team.  CAST and WAVES were strong and mighty, WAVES with lots of relays in the 10 and under group were going to be hard to catch (relay points are double, so having relays “place” are huge!) Davis represented our 8 and under boys in the 25 free, nabbing first place by .01. Benjamin C. had a great finish with his free as well, holding his breath and racing into the wall that earned him a best time and seventh place by .11 seconds. Kenzie and Annalease placed for our 9-10 girls in the 50 free fourth and eighth place as well.  Max had a milestone swim breaking 30 seconds for the first time in his 50 free and qualified in yet another event for champs!  Way to go Maximus! Joining the new groups of champ’s qualifiers was Luke B. who also dropped time in his 50 free.
In the 100 fly Kenzie set the bar high dropping 12 seconds and earning sixth place.  Paisley had her own showcase swim, dropping seven seconds and earning herself a new champ’s cut in addition.  Nathaniel K. has an amazing first time 200 fly swim and Sarah T. swam a great first time short course 200 fly as well. 
In the 8 and under 25 breaststroke Ashling placed fifth and Davis took fourth, continuing to earn points for the team.  Isabelle dropped almost 2 seconds to grab second place by .09.  So many very close races folks.  As the coaches tell the kids “a poorly times breath, a missed judge turn, or a weak finish can cost you.”  The races were just that close!  Kait and Adeline B. both finished fifth and eight in close races of their own. Adeline dropped five seconds to earn fifth place.  The 10 and under boys brought points to the team as well.  As Benjamin C. took fifth place and Mason placed eighth.  Paisley dropped a second in her race, earning her a new champs time, while Tori had her own personal best swim as well.  The 11-12 boys all brought in best times in their 50 breaststroke.  With Herky earning a new champ’s cut also. Nice job gentlemen! Most of our 13-14 boys dropped time in their breaststroke.  But kudos to Nathaniel K. who also earned his champs cut in the 100 Br.  The challenging 200 free was next for our 11 and overs. Sydney K. dropped four seconds for a best time and Max dropped 1.5 seconds to ear yet another champ’s cut. Jaxson had a breakout swim dropping nine seconds and Ethan dropped three to earn a champ’s cut as well. 
The last race of Saturday prelims was the 8 and under 50 back.  Ashling took seventh and Davis took fourth place.  All our 9-10 boys and girls dropped time.  With Adeline placing fifth and Annalease taking sixth, lastly Benjamin C. earning fourth.  Bridget had a fantastic finish in a three-way tight race into the wall.  A great finish to Saturday preliminaries with a majority of swimmers finishing with personal best swims. 
As we headed into finals it was evident that our team had the most swimmers of all the IES teams in finals.  Way to go finalists!  Our goal during finals is always to move it and the Channel Cats did just that!  As mentioned before we were significantly behind points at the start of finals, seated in the overall team scores in 3rd place.  However, by the end of the night we more than doubled out points and moved into 2nd place!  Look below to see all those that helped earn points for our team with some fantastic swims!!
Event Finalist Place
200 IM Ethan 7th
Kai 8th
50 Free Luke 1st
Sydney 2nd (Milestone Swim 29.9!)
Jaxson 4th
Max 4th
Wilson 5th
Jenna 5th
Makayla 6th
100 Fly Paisley 1st
Trinity 4th
Herky 4th
200 Fly Nathaniel 2nd
50 Br Herky 1st
Paisley 5th
Wilson 6th
Greta 7th
100Br Brooke B. 1st
Nathaniel 2nd
Beatrice 4th
Sarah T. 6th
200 Free Ethan 1st
Max 2nd
Sydney 5th
Luke 6th
Kai 8th
Bridget 8th
100 Bk Donavyn 3rd
Wilson 4th
Bridget 5th
Max 5th
Trinity 6th
Olivia 7th
Ethan 8th
Jonas 8th
 Sunday prelims and the Channel Cats have pulled into second place in the team scores.  Our 10 and under relays and our Saturday night’s finalists have successfully caught up and passed the WAVES.  It was also another day of exciting racing!  Davis started out the day with the 25 back dropping time and taking 5th place.  Kenize followed and took 2nd place in her 50 back, dropping time as well.  In this event Kody S. earned a best time taking 6th place, while Mason placed in 8th. Tori, Maya, Bridget, Donavyn, Jonas, and Wilson all had best times in the back, while Paisley busted out a new champ’s cut! Ava and Maddie N. had fantastic 200 backstrokes almost right on their best times, while Brooke, Nolan, and Ethan posted new personal bests. Olivia had a breakout 200 backstroke with guts, increasing her arm tempo on the last 25 and earning her a spot in finals.  That was phenomenal Olivia! Another phenomenal swim was we watched came from Nathaniel K. who also made, yet another champ’s cut!
In the 50 free, Davis placed 5th place, while majority of our 10 and under boys and girls swam best times. In addition, Adeline B. took 5th place, Kenzie 6th, Annalease 8th and with a surprise finish Benjamin C had fantastic last 25, took 2nd place and made his second ever champs cut!!
Continuing with the best times trend in the 100 free were Greta, Bridget, Maddie, Jenna, Emily, Kai, Jaxon, and Luke B. Olivia and Nolan also had strong swims close to their best time.  Coaches always say “you cannot have a fast 100 free without a fast first 50!”
Breaststroke was the next race up and watch out for Davis, he was still on fire for his last race of the meet! Davis dropped 5 seconds and earned 2nd place!   More best times in the 100 Br came from Kait, Greta, and Louis (who dropped 9 seconds!) In the 200 Br best times came from Emily M, Sarah T, Brooke B, Beatrice, Nolan, Jaxson, and Luke B.  Channel Cats continued to swim strong. We had our eyes set on keeping second place overall and closing the gap on the team in the lead. Our kids were shinning!
Best times continued to pour in with our 50/100 fly.  Kait and Benji K. lead the way shedding 3 seconds off their times.  Following with Kenzie, Benjamin C, Trinity, and Donavyn all swimming best times.  Makayla and Jonas also finished with new champs qualifying times.  Way to go team! Ava, Maddie, Beatrice, Sarah, Kai, Luke, and Nathaniel dropped time as well.
The final race of prelims was the 100 IM for 12 and under swimmers.  Best times were made by Adeline, Benjamin C, Maya, Trinity, Tori, Bridget, Makayla, and Louis.  Adeline made a 4th place finish, while Annalease took 6th, Benjamin C with 3rd, and Kody S. with 4th place.  Kudos to Makayla for finishing prelims with a confident and aggressive swim earning her a new champ’s cut! All of our swimmer’s hard work help us go into finals seated as a solid second place overall as a team. Nice job team!
Winding up our 14 and under champs recap, here is a list of our finalists for Sunday.
Event Finalist Place
50 Bk Paisley 2nd`
Wilson 5th
Donavyn 6th
Bridget 7th
Jonas 8th
200 Bk Olivia 4th
Brooke 6th
Nathaniel 5th
100 Fr Luke B 1st (Milestone swim!)
Jaxson 3rd
Wilson 7th
Sydney 8th
Kai 8th
100 Br Greta 2nd
Donavyn 3rd
Paisley 4th
Sydney 5th
Louis 5th
200 Br Beatrice 1st
Sarah T 2nd
50 Fly Makayla 1st
Paisley 3rd
Trinity 4th
Jonas 4th
Donavy 7th
Tori 8th
100 Fly Nathaniel 2nd
Luke B 6th
100 IM Makayla 2nd
Wilson 6th
Trinity 7th
Jonas 7th
 Finishing second overall as a team, our channel cats swam tremendously!


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Tia Pollick (President)

Faith Smeenk (Treasurer)


Winter Open 2018
Our own meet, The Winter Open, was a huge success in the coaches opinions. Our kids swam very well with big time drops and many great races.

Saturday standouts were as follows:

Isabelle started us out dropping 8 seconds in the 200 IM.  Adi W, Beckett and Erwin followed by dropping 8 seconds each as well.  Show stopping swims came from were Maya and Kodi, who lopped off a big 16 and 14 seconds respectively, with amazing races in their IMs.  The top cat in the time drop area however was Alex N.   He shaved 50 seconds off his time!  Others who dropped time were Michael, Davis, Emmeline, Greta, Bridget, Paisley, Linnea, Jonas, Max, Colin, Maddox, Luc, Maddie N, Emily M, Beatrice, Ava, Afton, Maycie, Michaela, Nolan, Luke B, Timothy, Nick W, Cody S and Spencer. Mary W had a breakout swim, dropping 14 seconds in her IM too. Nice job team! Starting the meet off with a bang!
The meet continued with tons of best times from all our kids.
For example, other special swims came from Mason in the 100 Breast. Louis, Donavyn, Alex and Bruin also had great swim in the breaststroke shaving time off and earning new best times. Following their lead were Mady, Sarah T, Ella, Ethan and especially Cody S with a 14 sec time drop as well. Our breaststroke swimmers were lighting up the pool.
Some time drops in the 100 Free came from but were not limited to Camryn, Marissa, Beckett, Kathryn B, Aubrey, Tori, Clayton (19 sec!), Wilson, Luc and George, Juliana, Regan (4 sec), Timothy, Jaxon and Kai.  Ethan and Levi are now very close with their new time to breaking a minute, but congrats to Spencer, who did break a minute! Spencer made a milestone swim breaking 1:00 in the 100 Free.
In the 50yd butterfly Alvin, Marissa and Benjamin had wonderful swims.  Clayton had an amazing 50 fly-8 seconds his best, followed by the 200yd fly races where Cathy H who dropped 18 seconds, Cameron R swam if for the first time and Carrie earned a new PR (personal record) by 9 seconds!  Riley and Nick W dropped time in their 200 fly, while Levi and Hayden swam it for the first time as well.
Kenzi led the charge in backstroke with Isabelle, Marissa, Annalease, Adi W. and Anikka following her lead earning best times too.  Other best time swimmers were Benjamin C, Kody, Beckett, Erwin, Aubrey, Maya, Louis, Natale, Alex, Wilson, Clayton, Max, Maddox, Luc and Colin. Emily M, Ella (10 sec) Beatrice, Olivia, Ava, Afton, Karma, Regan and Carrie M also swam new PR’s in the backstroke. That’s quite a list of awesomeness!
Our 500 freestyle swimmers had a great showing with time drops galore. Best times came from Emily M, Sarah T, LillyAnn, Cathy (11sec) Ashley P, Kodi, Herky, Luc, Andrew J, Kai, Adam (12 sec), Levi (13 sec), Ethan, Hayden (8 sec), Spencer (13 sec), Austin W and Cody S. All that hard work during Holiday training sure paid off here!!
There were some great time drops in the 100yd IM especially from Kenzie (13 sec), Mason (19sec) and Benjamin C. (11 sec). Nice job Channel Cats!
The times kept dropping through the 400 IM’s (Lilly, Cathy, Bryn, Carrie M, Andrew J, Hayden, Riley and Nick W (8sec), and the backstrokes.  Brooke V (a new Channel Cat) did her first backstroke race AND did a great backstroke flipturn!!  Awesome job Brooke!  Equally as exciting, a big congrats to Linnea who qualified for AG Zones!!  Wowzers to little “pinkie power”… that was a great swim!!
A few more great swims worth mentioning (but I’m sure I’m missing a bunch) were Kaleb, who dropped 16 sec in his 200 Bk, Adi W who qualified for Champs, Karma who dropped 9 seconds in her 200 Bk and George and Levi who dropped 10 seconds) in their backstroke race as well.  Congrats to Hannah Q who had a milestone swim breaking 30 sec in the 50 free, as did Forest.  Anikka had a great 100 fly, but Luke C dropped a whopping 27 sec in his race!  Luc J. and Sarah T also shaved significant amounts off their fly times.  Brooke B., Madison, Maycie, Aidan P, Jaxon, Nick Z, Luke B, Adam, Lincoln, Spencer, Austin W, Levi, Cody S and Nick W all had best fly swims too.
Davis had a 5 sec drop in his 50 Br, while Matthew J, Benjamin C, Beckett, Audrey, Linnea, Louis, Natale and Wilson all had personal bests.  Sydney K had a beautiful 200 Br.   Also swimming a solid breaststroke race was Neomi (16 sec), Maycie, Chloe, Carrie M, Nolan (8 sec), Nick Z (6 sec) and George.  George shaved 19 seconds off his best! Way to go Cats! Keep firing up the pool!!
Annalease had a great 100 free with an 11 sec best time.
Finishing up the meet with the 200 Fr, best times came from Emmeline, Bridget, Emily E, Louis (23 sec!!), Wilson, Colin, Luc, Beatrice, Emily M, Cathy, Victoria S, Maycie, Carrie M (out-touched the lane next to her by .01 sec!), Hanna Q, Aidan P, Nick Z, Ethan, Hayden, Spencer, Austin W and Nick W.
A huge thanks to ALL who helped set up, tear down, time, run the office,  run hospitality, manage concessions,  and do all the jobs it takes to host a meet, we appreciate all your hard work and time. What a fantastic meet from both swimmers and parents!

Nutrition NEWS

Watch the #swimFASTERfood video series called “What to Eat at a Meet.”


While swimmers should focus on eating balanced and nutritious foods all of the time, eating for swim meets is often a popular topic. This article will give you some guidelines to following when eating before, during, and after the meet.

Eating at swim meets does not allow for you to eat a normal breakfast, lunch and dinner as you are constantly on the go. Therefore, in order to ensure that your body has the right levels of fuel, you need to plan in advance what and when you will eat during the meet.



Swimmers should not rely on the pre-meet meal to supply the energy for the meet, as the energy that will be used during the races should already be stored in the muscles from carbohydrate-rich meals eaten during the previous two to three days. However, the swimmer should not skip the pre-meet meal even if there is every early start to the meet.



  • Cereal --- Toast
  • Bagel ---- Pancakes
  • Juice ---- Fruit

The pre-meet meal should be eaten 2-4 hours before the first race to allow the food to be digested and leave the stomach. If there is still food in the stomach when it comes time to race, oxygen-rich blood will be going to the stomach to aid digestion instead of the muscles where it is needed. The meal should be about 500-1000 calories and should be high in carbohydrates and low in fat and protein. The most important thing to remember about the pre-race meal is to eat--and eat mostly carbohydrates.



The most important thing to remember when eating during the meet is to drink plenty of fluids and eat small amounts of carbohydrate-rich foods. If you have less then an hour between events, stick to water, diluted sports drinks and fruit juices, part of a high carbohydrate energy bar, fruit or a few lo-fat crackers.

If you have 2-4 hours between events you can eat something more substantial such as a bagel, toast, fruit and granola bars, or dry cereal. Avoid anything that has too much fat, fiber, or protein as these nutrients slow down digestion. Remember, that if here is food in your stomach there is blood aiding in digestion that could be supplying the muscles with oxygen.


  • Bagels
  • Chili in a cup
  • Dry Cereal
  • Fruit
  • Fruit Juices (Diluted)
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Low-fat Crackers
  • Low-fat Muffins
  • Water
  • Oatmeal in a cup
  • Soy Nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Sandwiches of turkey or other low-fat meat
  • Soups in cups
  • Sports Drinks
  • Trail Mix
  • Vegetables
  • Jerky
  • Yogurt



If you have more than four hours between events as often happens during a prelim-final meet, add some protein to your high-fluid and high carbohydrate intake. The protein aids your body in recovery and this extended period of time allows it to be digested.

Do not rely on concession stands at swim meets to provide you with food during the meet. They often do not provide very nutritious selections. Stay away from the pizza, nachos, hot dogs, and candy and go for the bagels, vegetables, water, and fruit. Never rely on the concession stand to provide healthy choices; always plan ahead and pack nutritious foods that you are familiar with. Meet days are not times to try something new.



Recovery nutrition is about planning an eating and drinking strategy that helps your body:

1. Recover from the physical stresses of racing

2. Prepare for the racing to come

This is also called the REPAIR – PREPARE approach to Swim Meet eating.

Recovery nutrition is a technique which provides the swimmer’s body with what they need to recover … e.g. carbohydrates to replace used up energy, proteins for muscle building and repair … and prepare for the next day of competition.

In between races, recovery nutrition is about replenishing energy stores quickly and effectively so that the next race can be completed at maximum speed.



  • Fruit
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Dried Fruits
  • Sports Drinks

To maximize the impact of these “recovery foods” they need to be eaten or drunk as soon as possible after racing.



To speed up recovery after meets, be sure to drink 16 to 24 ounces of fluids such as water or diluted sports drink or fruit juice before your last race. Also, within a half hour after your last race eat a high-carbohydrate snack with some protein. This will aid in your recovery. Then within two hours of the end of the meet, eat a full balanced meal.

  • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
  • Bean Burritos with rice
  • Low-fat beef or chicken with potatoes or rice
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables



Early Morning Heats (8am-10am) Eat breakfast between 6am-7am– light meal, complex carbohydrates
  • Cereal
  • Toast
  • Bagel
  • Juice
  • Fruit
  • Fruit Smoothie
Afternoon Heats/Semi-Finals/Finals (2pm-4pm)   Eat between 11am-1pm depending on start time – allow approx 2 hours
  • Pasta Salad
  • Cup of noodles
  • Small sandwich
  • Salad
  • Rice
Evening Events (6pm-9pm) Eat between 4 pm - 5 pm meal (early dinner) – small quantities
  • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
  • Bean Burritos with rice
  • Low-fat beef or chicken with potatoes or rice
  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Breads
  • Rice

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