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TCCC Parents and Coaches... We Thank you for a
great 2017 Long Course season!
You are all part of what makes us GREAT!

Help Cheer on Channel cats through the year and share why you love the sport and your team. Lets try using #tricitychannelcats

Team News
Congratulations to all our athletes who swam in August at Zones and Futures! You make our team proud!
Andrew J
Austin W
Andy G
Riley P
Ryan M
Nick W
Reagan G
Bryn M
Kodi Y
Colin S
Cody C

Addison P
Madison T
Neomi M
Broden J
Kyle P
Cameron R
Karma J
Hilary P
Kjerstyn J

Claire S
John M
Cole W
Skyler Y
Coach Todd


Volunteer USA swimming Officials are a very important part of the Tri City Channel Swim Team

We have listed the most common concerns that lead some people to not consider Officiating and representing our team.

I Don't Know Anything (Enough) About the Sport 
Most of us knew little, or less than you, about swimming when we became officials. Not to worry... for the investment of a day (eight hours) we will train you with more knowledge of the Rules of the Sport than most Americans ever possess.

I Don't Have Time 
Becoming a official is the perfect slot for those TCCC parents who have crowded schedules. Officials are free to choose the meets they can do, which can be scheduled at your convenience; possibly just home meet or if you travel, away meets. You may do as many or as few meets as you choose.

I'm Not the Right Kind of Person 
Yes you are. You obviously care about your child. This is a youth development program run by volunteers. Would you want your child involved with someone who is not as good as you? Who would be better than a concerned parent like you?

I'd Look Silly in That Uniform 
Good heavens... you obviously haven't seen what some Officials and  Referee Administrators in other sports wear. White over Navy, easy as it comes and white shoes!

I'd Be Embarrassed 
Everyone makes mistakes (even those of us who have been officiating for years). The import thing is to approach the job with enthusiasm and enjoyment, because that will be passed on to the swimmers and coaches (and we team you up with an experienced official to help you through the initial training process)

I'm a Woman - I Never See Them Officiate
Wrong! We have many qualified women officials - and they are great! We could use many more. What other time in your life will you ever...with just one breath (or whistle) able to make 22 kids stop what they are doing, actually listen to you, and then do what they are told? And almost half of our swimmers are girls and they love having women officials and referees. They are comfortable with them and look up to them as role models. If you are a mom, you already are used to making quick decisions and multi-tasking. (If you are the mother of two or more children, you already know what it means to be a referee!) Don't worry, we will teach you and support you and start you off with great training. We will be there to mentor you until you feel comfortable and confident.
I cant get me service hours
Why yes you can, and this is the easiest way to get your hours logged!​

I will miss my kids' race
Why yes but so do parents who are not officiating! You may have the best position to watch your swimmer race all while serving the team as a much needed official!

A official once said "I often say there are many reasons I officiate, but in reality, there is only one:
Officiating ensures the best seat in the house! Every heat, every event, every session.

I get (free) heat sheets, never pay an admission fee or stand in a long line in the cold or rain just to get in. I know the qualifying standards, seed times and when everyone in my club will be in the water. I am literally on top of the action and see things coaches don’t even witness.

I can’t record or cheer while working, but I can see the meet in a way you never will sitting from the stands. This alone is worthy of the training classes, the annual registration fees and the 4-hr blocks standing on concrete.

I wouldn’t trade officiating for anything. Giving back to the swim community I count a privilege."

I can't afford the training  
Don't worry about expense, because the LSC and TCCC will provide you with the necessary training and tools to get you started.

Now that we've addressed all your concerns we can't wait to see you at Officiating training. We need you badly. And in return, we promise you:
  • Enjoyment
  • Exercise
  • A sense of belonging
  • A name tag and Non Athlete USA swimming certification
  • A small fan club of kids who think you're great and are thrilled to see you!
  • A great time - Like many before you, it may turn out to be the most fun you have had in a long time!
ONE FINAL NOTE: if you still don't think you are the right kind of person for this job, you took the time to read this whole flyer and that means you care. That means you are exactly the right kind of person.

Please contact our team Official Chair Dan Jordheim at


Start Clinic Session #1 (4:00pm)
Oct 25, 2017 (04:00-05:00 PM)
Start Clinic Session #2 (5:15pm)
Oct 25, 2017 (05:15-06:15 PM
La Grande Spooktacular (La Grande, OR)
Oct 28 - 29, 2017
BOD Meeting TCCC
Nov 14, 2017 (07:00-09:00 PM)
Thankswimming Open (MosesLake,WA)
Nov 18- Nov 19, 2017
Jingle Bell (Clarkston, WA)
Dec 9- Dec 10, 2017
BOD Meeting  CBRC
Dec 12, 2017 (07:00-09:00 PM)
WA State Senior SC Champs (Federal Way, WA)
Dec 14-17, 2017
January Storm (Walla Walla, WA)
Jan 5-7, 2018
BOD Meeting TCCC
Jan 9, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
WA Open (Federal Way, WA)
Jan 11-14, 2018
Winter Open (Moses Lake,WA)
Jan 27-28, 2018
IES Jr Champs (Clarkston, WA)
Feb 9-11, 2018
BOD Meeting CBRC
Feb 14, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
IES Champs (Moscow, ID)
Mar 2-4, 2018
MRA Short Course Farewell (Moses Lake, WA)
Mar 9-11, 2018
BOD Meeting TCCC
Mar 14, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
Age Group Regionals (Federal Way, WA)
Mar 22-25, 2018
Senior Sectionals (Phoenix, AZ)
Mar 22-25, 2018
BOD Meeting CBRC
Apr 11, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
BOD Meeting TCCC
May 9, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
BOD Meeting CBRC
Jun 13, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
BOD Meeting TCCC
Jul 11, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)
BOD Meeting CBRC
Aug 8, 2018 (07:00-09:00 PM)



Calling all swimmers! Get ready for Halloween by entering the Swim-a-ThonTM pumpkin carving contest for a chance to win the ultimate treat for your team: a GoPro HERO4 Session, provided by TeamUnify and the USA Swimming Foundation.

The winning individual will also win a swag bag full of goodies from the USA Swimming Foundation in addition to a GoPro HERO4 Session for their team!

Grab a pumpkin and your teammates for an out-of-pool bonding experience. Get creative your own design, or download and print the Swim-a-Thon stencils!


  • Entries will be accepted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Participants must include these items in their social media post:
    • Pumpkin carving photo
    • #USASwimAThon
    • Team name TCCC
  • Entries will be accepted throughout the month of October. The winner will be randomly selected on Monday, November 1 and announced on Friday, November 3.


  • All clubs that are registered with USA Swimming are eligible to win.
  • Both team and individual entries are encouraged.
  • If the winner is an individual, the GoPro Hero4 Session will go towards the individual’s team and the individual will receive a swag bag from the USA Swimming Foundation.
  • Entries using #USASwimAThon will give the USA Swimming Foundation approval to share social media posts and photos.

2018 TCCC Swim-A-Thon info coming

Fundraising with SCRIP

Fall is here and so are some big promotions! You don’t want to miss these upcoming deals so make sure
you’re prepared by signing up for both ShopWithScrip® and PrestoPay™.
Order scrip gift cards and track your scrip rebates online, all in
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Simply ask your coordinator for the organization’s enrollment code,  The TCCC Code is EC421DF213261 then visit and follow the  simple steps to set up your new account in just minutes.
There are so many benefits to having a ShopWithScrip account:
• Check your account activity and run your own rebate history
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I will be placing a scrip order on Friday October 27th. Please have all orders completed and paid by Thursday October 26th. You can pay with Presto Pay or by check. Checks can be mailed to 

Tri City Channel Cats

PO Box 1668

Richland, WA 99352
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone/text at 509 840 2475.

Our enrollment code is  EC421DF213261 




Click for October summary shared with your Athletes 

Please take time to discuss this with your swimmers; we have reported problems in this area, hopefully by discussing this topic we can avoid future problems!

Each month, the coaches will be sharing a SAFE SPORT TOPIC provided by USA swimming. I will post the topic in the newsletter and you can reinforce the topics and talks at home.
If you ever have a concern or question regarding Safe Sport, Contact April Walkley TCCC Safe Sport representative at

Questions Parents Don't Ask The Coach

Please take time to read this fantastic article. Click on title to open article. These are questions that really matter! Coach Jen and our Senior swimmers were able to spend a week with this team and their Coach while at Senior Zones.
What do you reflect as an athlete, a teammate, and a person?

And what do you expect as a parent?

A Note From The Treasurer
Bills are sent electronically and due in full by the 10th of each month. Payments received after the 20th are subject to a late fee.

PLEASE do not give coaches or board members your monthly payment.
Please mail payments to the address below.

P.O. Box 1668
Richland, WA 99352

If you have any questions you can send email
​  ​

Parents, If you must deliver your check to a coach, you MUST contact Coach Todd and Faith prior to doing so. Parents must also contact the treasurer regarding discontinuing membership with Tri City Channel Cats. Failure to do so will result in continuation of​ billing ​and an incurred obligation to pay fees. The Cost Structure document provides a list of all costs associated with Channel Cat membership.

Thank you,
Faith Smeenk

Coaches Request

Swimming caps come in a variety of materials, including Lycra Spandex, latex, and even silicone, and serve a variety of purposes; they can help increase your swim speed by providing a streamlined silhouette, keep your hair protected from the chemicals in the water, and make you visible to other swimmers. If you have long hair, or shoulder length, putting your hair in a tight bun before putting on a swimming cap makes the cap easier to put on and keeps your hair in place while you’re swimming.
As a student athlete, here are some important things you should know about donating blood.

Parents and Swim Athlete,

Please talk with your swimmers and tell them they should NEVER, NEVER, EVER, give blood while they are swimming on the swim team!!! I know they think this is a grand, noble gesture, but what they don’t realize is that the red blood cells are what supplies the muscles with oxygen. It takes 120 days(4 months) for your body to regenerate the red blood cells!!! If you have any questions or concerns regarding this message, I would be happy to discuss and welcome a call. No athlete should be giving blood until their career is over!!!

Coach Todd

On Deck Mobile App and TEAM FEED

Please make sure you have the most updated ON DECK APP version.

TEAM FEED is available on the app and the team website. This is a great tool to stay in touch with the team. So hurry and set up your notifications and start enjoying the great news the Coached and Board is sharing.

Available for FREE for all, parents can download OnDeck and in real-time, access their team accounts, events, news, jobs, and more. In a matter of minutes, users will feel connected to their team’s information like never before!

Get it on Google Play

Print your order form today, turn it in to Kim W or order online thru team website link by NOV 10, 2017

Don't forget about Christmas, this is the last order for 2017!

Contact Us
Coach Todd Stafek
Coach Jen Tonkyn

Tia Pollick (President)

Faith Smeenk (Treasurer)


Find out what is happening in our LSC!
Click here for recap of 2017 IES Fall HOD notes. 

Nutrition NEWS

Here's a easy shake just for fall and those that love pumpkin will think they had a piece of pie!


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Columbia Crossing Swim Results
Posted September 9, 2017 @ 5:26pm — by Eric Greager
Here are the results of the 1.5 Mile Columbia Crossing Swim, held on September 9th 2017
Congratulations to our 4 Channel Cats who swam the Columbia Crossing 2017!
They had a great time and would love to have more Channel Cats swim the Crossing
next year!
Time Place Last Name First Name Gender Age
28:34:00 1st  overall Walkley Nicholas Male 14
28:47:00 4th overall,1st  women McGinnis Bryn Female 13
28:51:00 5th overall, 2nd in women Johnson Karma Female 14
36:18:00 31st overall, 1st in 13 and under Hu George Male 11


2017-2018 Board of Directors

Tia Pollick, President
Brooke Pool, Vice-President
Ruby Chrisman, Secretary
Faith Smeenk, Treasurer
April Walkley, Inland Empire Swimming Rep, Team Safe Sport Rep
Melissa Moore, Hospitality Chair, Member at Large
Anne Pasicaran, Member at Large
Becky McGinnis, Member at Large
Erika Zink and Kim Devere, Welcome Committee


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