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Treasurer Tidbits
Channel Cat Families, just a reminder, your May invoice will include Hospitality fee for our up coming Tri-City Open Meet.  Also included in your May first invoice is the Summer Pool use fee.  This is the fee that we pay the city of Pasco to use there facility and allows us all be together in one location.  Upcoming, the June first invoice will include Dues Offset billing for any dues offset that you may owe.  The July invoice will include Hospitality fee for the Champs meet that we are hosting in Pasco this year.  Finally, the August invoice will include volunteer hours billed for anyone who is short on their volunteer hours.
Russ Chrisman
TCCC Treasurer

Channel Cat Team Awards Banquet

This is a great time of recognizing and celebrating all that the swimmers have accomplished over the past year.  EVERY SWIMMER is recognized!!  Please put this date on your calendar and PLAN ON COMING!  We want to see EVERYONE there!!

Saturday, May 21st – 6-8pm @ Hanford High School Cafeteria (450 Hanford St, Richland)

Dinner, dessert and drinks will be provided so PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know how many will be attending from your family.

  1. RSVP by May 7th
  2. Signup your swimmer for the event.
  3. In the NOTES box, put the total number of people in your family that will be coming (i.e. 3 total, etc).
  4. Click the "Save the Changes" button.

Olympian Swim Clinic

The Channel Cats are pleased to welcome Olympic gold medalists Amanda Beard and Dave Walters.  The Olympians will put on a clinic for our swimmers and will be signing autographs for our team members.  Don't miss this chance to meet and learn from two of America's best swimmers.  The clinic will be May 21st, 8:00am-12:00pm at Memorial Pool in Pasco. Cost is $25/swimmer and will be billed to your account. Limited to 80 swimmers.  Must register online.

The Importance of Breakfast

USA Swimming has great tips, articles and information regarding many swim related question you may have. Be sure to check this and many other great articles they feature each week.
To make getting breakfast on board for your young swimmer easier, check out these 15 breakfast ideas categorized by preparation method: 

Refrigerate overnight

1. Peanut Butter and Chocolate Swirl Overnight Oats

2. Greek Yogurt Parfait: Layer vanilla Greek yogurt, fruit, and granola in a glass or Mason jar. 


3. Nut butter sandwich on whole grain bread: Make this the night before. Add jelly if you like.

4. Trail mix: Use a commercial trail mix or make your own with nuts and dried fruit.

5. Nut butter and fresh fruit: Can you say banana or apple and peanut butter? Vary your nut butters with almond, cashew and try sunflower seed butter too. There are many small convenient packets of nut butter available.

6. Gorp: Mix dry cereal, nuts, raisins/other dried fruit, carob or chocolate chips together in a baggie.

7. String cheese and whole grain crackers

8. Hard-boiled eggs

Prep In 5 Minutes…

9. Smoothie: ½ cup 100% juice or nectar; ½ cup milk; 1 cup frozen fruit; ¼- ½ cup Greek yogurt 

10. Bagel sandwich: Layer ham and cheese on a bagel. Zap in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm.

11. Egg and cheese on an English muffin: fry an egg; toast the muffin; assemble with a slice of cheese into a sandwich.

12. Breakfast burrito: Take a whole grain tortilla, fill it with scrambled egg or tofu, add cheese, avocado, leftover veggies and salsa, and roll it up.

13. Walking waffle: Toast two whole grain waffles, spread with nut butter or cream cheese, top with fresh fruit or jam, and assemble as a sandwich.

14. Instant oatmeal: Mix hot water and oats in a to-go coffee cup; top with walnuts and blueberries. Don't forget the spoon!

Freeze Ahead 

15. Egg and veggie cups: Make these over the weekend and freeze them. Heat them in the microwave in the morning and grab a piece of fruit as a side. 

16. Breakfast cookies: Try these Pumpkin breakfast cookies or these dried fruit and peanut butter cookies. Toss in a milk box or 100% juice alongside.

Swimmer Spotlight
Alyssa Musick

     As many of you know I have gotten the opportunity to go to school and swim next year at South Dakota State University! This is an amazing opportunity for me, and wouldn't be possible without the help of the coaching staff and former Channel Cat swimmers who lent me tips and tricks about recruiting along the way. I started my recruiting process around February of my junior year. I sent out as many recruiting questionnaires as I could to schools all around the country. It’s important to get your name out there and spark some interest from schools of all shapes and sizes. Even if you aren't initially interested in the school, its important to never close any doors until later on in the recruiting process. A great website to start exploring schools to see what different collegiate swimming programs are out there is It’s always fun and encouraging to see that your times fit in at the college level when you are still in high school! For me, my number one priority in my college search was finding a school with a great nursing program, and then finding a school where I could swim as well. Getting a good education is the reason why we are going to college, it’s important not to lose sight of that in the recruiting process. A good website that has lots of academic resources is Keeping good grades in High School has opened many doors for me academically, as well as in the pool. College coaches are looking for great student-athletes to be on their team. It’s not always easy to balance practices and homework, but if you create good habits in high school you will have greater success once in college!  
    Due to NCAA rules college coaches are not allowed to contact you until July 1st of the summer before your senior year, however they are allowed to contact you by email before July 1st as long as you contact them first. My advice is around April/May of your junior year have a list of 10 schools that you are interested in and send the coach an email expressing interest in their program. This will get the conversation started with coaches before summer hits. Once July 1st comes along, coaches can contact you freely through email and phone call. Don’t worry if you do not receive any calls exactly on July 1st, this date is just a starting point of when coaches can contact you. My advice for talking to coaches is to have a list of questions you would like to ask laid out in front of you as you are talking, this prevents you from forgetting anything and also helps with nervousness. Talking to college coaches is not always easy! Confidence and personality make a phone call memorable for the coach when it comes to recruiting calls, so be yourself and the call will be a breeze!
    There is a college swimming program out there for everybody of every level! I encourage everybody to do research on what is right for them. Being a part of the Channel Cats for the past 11 years has been an unforgettable experience for me. The skills I have acquired in and out of the pool will last me a lifetime, and I cannot wait to bring those skills to the college level and beyond. I encourage all swimmers of all ages to work hard and dream big! College swimming is attainable for each and every one of you if you put your mind and effort to it!


We Need Your Photos
As a recent e-mail said our Annual Awards Banquet and celebration is just around the corner, May 21st.  My name is Megan Gelston and this year I have the honor of putting together a slide show to view during our banquet.  I am currently collecting as many Channel Cat pictures as I can.  If you have any pictures swimming or otherwise that you would like to share with the team please send them to me at the below e-mail address. 
My goal is to have everyone included.  So if you are new to the team or your swimmer is just a little camera shy please help me by sending a picture of them to share with the team.  If you have any questions please let me know.
Thank you
Megan Gelston

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2015-2016 Board of Directors
Tia Pollick, President
Vacant, Vice-President
Ruby Chrisman, Secretary
Russ Chrisman, Treasurer
Kathy Kern, Inland Empire Swimming Representative
Melissa Moore, Hospitality Chair and Member at Large
April Walkley, Editor and Member at Large
Brooke Pool, Fundraising Lead and Member at Large
Amy Johnson, Member at Large
Katarina Younkin, Welcome Committee Lead

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