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    February 2016
The 2015-2016 Short Course season is almost complete!  It’s been great to see the HUGE turnout of Channel Cat families at the various meets this year and we are looking forward to finishing the season strong!  We have a tradition of doing VERY well at the two Champs meets!  Our 14 & Under Champs swimmers did AMAZING and I’m sure the SC Champs won’t be any different!!  Pack some orange & blue shirts (or team shirts if you have them) to show off your team spirit and come to Moses Lake ready to CHEER LOUD!  
We have had a newsletter for several years now and it has been passed on to new and very capable hands.  April Walkley, BOD Member at Large, has kindly offered to step in as the new Editor of the “Channel Cat Lane Lines” newsletter.  It’s going to be in a more e-friendly format and will be a great source of news regarding upcoming meets, social events, contact information, meet recaps, and various other fun and useful tidbits.  We hope to get this out every month or so and would love to get your feedback (
We are so glad you are a part of the Channel Cat family!
Tia Pollick
BOD President

Upcoming Events
  • IE Short Course Championships  February 26-28th Moses Lake, Wa
  • Spring Break March 31-April 10
  • Spring Plant Fundraiser Orders due March 22, Pick up April 22 For questions and to submit orders, please contact: Shannon Douglas 509-554-8059 or email
  • IES House of Delegates Meeting April 17th Moses Lake, Wa
  • Long Course May 2nd Practice Begins
  • Team Banquet May 7th Hanford High School Cafeteria
  • Swim Clinic May 21 Pasco Memorial Pool
  • Tri-City Open June 3-5th Meet hosted by TCCC, This is our home meet. Everyone should attend!

Contact Us

Coach Todd Stafek
Coach Jen Tonkyn

Tia Pollick (President)

Russ Chrisman (Treasurer)

Treasurer's Tidbits
Hello, my name is Russ Chrisman and I am your Channel Cat Treasurer.  This is my first year as treasurer, so I thought I would introduce myself.  My wife (Ruby) and I have been Channel Cat parents for 11 years.  Ruby is also on the board of directors as the secretary.  Our first swimmer (Ruth) is now coaching at TCCC.  We have two swimmers on the team at TCCC (Levi and Luke).  If you have any billing questions you can reach me at or at
As a reminder, it is a good idea to check your account on team unify periodically.  Invoices go out on the first of each month by email, but sometimes the email ends up in your spam filter.  If you make a habit of checking your account, you will not miss a payment.  Payments are due on the 10th of each month and a late fee will be added to you account on the 20th of each month if you have not paid your entire invoice for that month.
Coaches Corner
Julia Merrill
Julia Merrill

With our end-of-season, championship meets fast-approaching, it is critical to remember the ways we prepare for our races well before the meet begins. Fluid and caloric intake, sleep habits, staying healthy, and practice attendance all contribute to a swimmer’s success.
    It’s important for swimmers to be drinking plenty of fluids, not only during practice, but throughout the day as well. Getting enough to eat is also key. Skipping breakfast, or any meal, is a sure way to bottom out when training. Adequate caloric intake, and steering clear of quick, low-quality calories is the best way to fuel training. Incorporating plenty of whole-grain carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats gives a swimmer’s body the energy they need to get through a workout and stay a healthy. Visit for a great, comprehensive view of nutrition for the competitive swimmer.
    Another component of training outside of the water is sleep habits. Staying up too late and cheating oneself of a good night’s sleep is sure to be detrimental to a swimmer’s development and training. It’s been shown that eliminating all unnatural lights (aka screens) within at least 30 minutes before bedtime, can help an individual produce the adequate amounts of melatonin needed to settle in for a restful sleep. Teenagers especially need help in this department, as their melatonin levels are going through some major changes. Visit for a look at some research that supports letting the mind wind down, without screens, as well as the importance of a full-night’s sleep.
    Cold and flu season have negative impacts on everybody, including athletes. After working so hard in the pool, a swimmer can be subject to a compromised immune system if their body has been run down. Following the tips outlined above regarding fluid intake, nutrition, and adequate sleep, should be helpful in fighting off viruses and bugs. Make sure your swimmer is developing healthy cleanliness habits as well. Refraining from sharing germs via water bottles, washing hands regularly, and increasing fluid and vitamin intake when beginning to feel sick can all be helpful in keeping a swimmer healthy.  
    Lastly, a swimmer needs to make sure that practice is a priority. Attending practice is vital to success as a swimmer. Effectively planning out one’s day, and learning the importance of time-management is a must, not only to succeed in swimming, but also to succeed in life. However, being physically present in the water isn’t all that’s required. Being mentally engaged in practice is equally as important. Arriving to practice on time, working hard, paying attention, and having a goal during practice help set up the swimmer for a good day. And consistent practice attendance will set up the swimmer for a good season!
    Best of luck as we finish off our SCY season. We are excited to see what’s in store for our swimmers at our upcoming meets!

Want some new Snack Ideas?

By Jill Castle MS, RDN

Even the most organized, well-planned swimmer can put nutrition on the back burner, jeopardizing access to essential fuel sources when he needs it most. Thankfully, some food items can stay in the swim bag, providing relief in situations where optimal food sources may be scant or not ideal.

The following snacks require no refrigeration, are temperature tolerant and provide a great fuel source. Remember to clean out snacks in the swim bag periodically and when the swim bag sits out in extremely hot temperatures. Always do a visual check and review the package label for expiration information and storage considerations before consuming.

Nuts and Nut Butters: Nuts provide a calorie kick and a boost of healthy fat and fiber in just a small handful, ormixed nuts (small) about 1 ounce (150-200 calories, depending on the type of nut). Store individual packets of nuts or a small canister in the swim bag.Prepackaged squeeze packets or small cups of nut butters also offer a quick source of energy and pair nicely with crackers or pretzels. They can be squeezed directly into the mouth too! Flavors include peanut, almond, chocolate hazelnut, honey peanut, and more.*Be conscious of potential swimmers with nut allergies. dried fruit (small)
Dried Fruit and Fruit Puree: Better than a “fruit snack,” dried fruit is a concentrated source of carbohydrate usually without added sugar. Try sealed bags or individual boxes of raisins, dried cherries, apricot, or mango. Squeezable fruit puree packs are another option, and offer interesting combinations of fruit such as strawberry and banana, or kiwi, strawberry and beet.
cheerios (small)Dry Cereal: Go for small boxes or make your own baggie of dry cereal. If you’re interested in low sugar types, opt for original Cheerios, Kix, Post Spoon-Size Shredded Wheat, or Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs. Better yet, mix and package dry cereal beef jerky (small)with dried fruit and nuts for a homemade trail mix.
Beef Jerky: Low fat, lean meat cured into a chewy, salty, protein pick-me-up—stow a re-sealable package in the swim bag. Looking for a jerky with no additives or preservatives? Try Trader Joe’s, Costco or Whole Foods brands.
Pretzels: Variety and portability are the appeal here—you can find all shapes and sizes, with salt or without, and even whole grain, flavored or not. Choose small packages so they stay fresh, or bag your own.
Fig Newtons: These cookies have been around forever (more than 100 years!) and are loaded with carbohydrate and the natural fiber from figs, providing the athlete with a sweet boost to the taste buds. Fig Newtons come in small packages of two or four cookies, and also come in strawberry and raspberry flavors if fig isn’t your thing.
Sandwich Crackers: Go for the whole grain types with peanut butter or cheese. Individual packages of six sandwiches starring the whole grain cracker are the healthiest bet.
Seeds: Sunflower, pumpkin, chia and sesame are just a handful of seed types that offer vitamin E, fiber, protein and zinc. They are nutritious and delicious on their own or mixed into trail mix, homemade granola bars or atop cereal and salad. Opt for seeds that are already hulled and come in a re-sealable bag.

Jill Castle, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and childhood nutrition expert. She is the co-author of Fearless Feeding: How to Raise Healthy Eaters from High Chair to High School and creator of Just The Right Byte, a childhood nutrition blog. She lives with her husband and four children in New Canaan, CT. Questions? Contact Jill at 


2015-2016 Board of Directors
Tia Pollick, President
Vacant, Vice-President
Ruby Chrisman, Secretary
Russ Chrisman, Treasurer
Kathy Kern, Inland Empire Swimming Representative
Melissa Moore, Hospitality Chair and Member at Large
April Walkley, Editor and Member at Large
Brooke Pool, Fundraising Lead and Member at Large
Amy Johnson, Member at Large
Katarina Younkin, Welcome Committee Lead

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