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Happy New Year! In December we focused on the importance of self-regulation skills, and this month we are looking at even more ways that brain science research can help us as parents and teachers. 

Much of Sound Discipline’s work is based on the work of Dr. Alfred Adler and those who used his theories to develop practical tools for families and educators including Rudolf Dreikurs, Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott. Dr. Adler was way ahead of his time in the early 1900’s, working with families and teachers in Vienna, helping them grow more respectful relationships. Through advances in technology, there is now excellent science that validates what Dr. Adler learned through his astute observations: it is critical for people to connect and find meaning in their lives, and that they are healthier and happier when they work together for common good.

Dan Siegel, Zaretta Hammond, and Marco Iacoboni are some of neurobiologists who also influence our work here at Sound Discipline. From the latest information on mirror neurons to the evidence supporting the importance of connected relationships and learning, we integrate brain science research into our work.

Our blogs in January distill some big ideas and offer tips for parents and teachers.

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Jody McVittie
Executive Director, Sound Discipline
 Sound Discipline Champion
Lakeridge Elementary School Classified Staff

Sound Discipline recognizes the Classified Staff at Lakeridge Elementary in Renton, Washington as a Champion for their intentional work on building relationships with students.

Many schools that work with Sound Discipline have learned the strategy of 2X10.  The idea is for an educator to connect with a student twice a day for ten days (two school weeks) in an effort to see students for who they are and build a genuine relationship. The Lakeridge classified staff took this challenge on in a systematic way that was powerful for both adults and students.

Lakeridge Elementary School Classified Staff

During a classified meeting the team looked at photos of students who were struggling the most with behavior (based on school discipline referral data). They began by identifying which of the students they already had a relationship with by placing sticky dots next to the pics. The team noticed which students didn’t have many dots and who would benefit from more connection with caring adults in the Lakeridge community. Each staff member took on at least one student and made a commitment to connect with that child twice each day for the next month.

At the training the next month staff reflected on the process, the specific ways they connected to students that were helpful, and what they learned and noticed about students. It was powerful to hear the deep connections made, the awareness of their own shift in perspective about the students and the positive impact on students. The Lakeridge classified staff decided to continue this practice. They will begin each classified meeting looking at student photos and commit to build relationships, see students for who they are and let them know they matter at school.

Kudos Lakeridge Classified staff for making a difference for students every day. Your work, reflection and commitment are inspiring!
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The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind
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The science of how children's brains are wired, including strategies that foster healthy brain development. This book shows parents how to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development so that children can lead balanced, meaningful and connected lives. 

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