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As a former practicing family physician, I love when the science catches up to what we already know from our own experience of working with families, schools and communities. Most of us are aware of the data around Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). We’ve learned how ACEs change the brain in ways that make learning more challenging, and impact developing stress response systems in the body; producing long term negative impacts on mental and physical health. Now, there are emerging studies that show that Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) can act as a buffer against the negative effects of ACEs. The recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics about Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), aligns very closely with our work at Sound Discipline, and we are thrilled to see this published research being shared across multiple outlets.

PCEs, which often take the form of the relationships and connections between adult caretakers and children, can change the way our brains grow; influencing the way we interpret and respond to the world around us. Children who hold the belief and experience that there is another person in the world to whom they really matter are more resilient. Families play an obvious, important role in helping children develop the ability to manage challenging situations or adverse experiences and recover; often stronger afterwards. Our blog this month has some ideas and strategies for growing connections within your family. It is never too late.

Schools also play a big role in creating PCEs. With intentional, small shifts in thinking and practice, classrooms can be places to build positive, affirming experiences for students. Our blog has suggestions for how school staff can create PCEs that will help students become sensitive, strong and capable adults.

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Best wishes for a positive and connected fall season!

Jody McVittie, MD
Executive Director, Sound Discipline

Our New Facilitators

Our champions this month are the three new Sound Discipline Facilitators who just joined our team. We are so excited about their experience and their passion for our work.
They would like to introduce themselves to you!

Sylvia Hadnot, Glenda Montgomery & Roshaé Lowe

Sylvia Hadnot
For me, the work at Sound Discipline is an opportunity to step into my purpose in the world. I have a passion for healthy relationships and I am so inspired by the power of Positive Discipline to make that happen in the world. I am also so encouraged by the warm and authentic community I’ve found at Sound Discipline even in my first week of work.

Glenda Montgomery
After 33 years of practicing Positive Discipline, first in my elementary school classroom, then with my own kids and on to working with parents and teachers, I am beyond delighted to be a part of the Sound Discipline Team.  Being a part of an effective organization that is dynamically and positively changing the world one student, one teacher, one classroom, one parent and one school at a time is a dream come true for me. My goal is to be helpful in anyway that I can to support the transformation of hearts and minds by offering a philosophy, strategies, tools and ideas that work, allowing our relationships, our communities and ourselves, as individuals, to blossom. I can’t wait to get started! 

Roshaé Lowe
I have seen the reflections of inequity all my life, even before I drew my first breath. I know it very well. But, I also know that a freer future is not only possible, but inevitable. I know we are not all that we can be. I know that equity will be the means in which we realize our potentials.  And, I know that it will be hard work to get ourselves there. I am here to do that hard, but necessary work. However, it can never be done alone. It is, and should always be, done in collective, and that’s what brings me to Sound Discipline. I am humbled to work alongside a community of so many other people that are also committed to a brighter future, and to a world in which we are all loved, valued, and given the space to embrace the uniqueness of our lives.
Wonderful Ways to Love a Child
by Judy Ford
Anyone looking for ideas on how to create Positive Childhood Experiences will enjoy this book. It features short, 2-page suggestions on how to connect with your child. There is also a companion book by the same author, Wonderful Ways to Love a Teen. Find these and other recommended books on our website. 


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