3 Streets Gestures You Might Not Know About

Streets supports many gestures that potentially can simplify your workflow. Here are three gestures you might not yet know about:

#1 Double Tap
Oftentimes you want to skip several panoramas in order to advance more quickly into the distance. You can double tap in the panorama and Streets tries to take you right to that distant point in the panorama. Make sure to tap below the horizon.

#2 Hold and Drag
The mini map is the easiest way to navigate in your vicinity. However, especially on iPhone, the mini map sometimes covers parts of the panorama. You can tap and hold the mini map to enlarge it, then drag or flick it to the wanted destination and let go - all in one fell swoop. You save one tap to minimize the map again.

#3 Tap and Swipe
Zooming in the map or panorama can be done with two fingers using a pinch gesture. Alternatively, you can tap, immediately followed by a swipe-up or -down. We call it the 1½ tap zoom and it's particularly useful to zoom in the mini map where you can hardly work with two-fingers.


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Panorama Tip

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