Streets 3.1 learns the keyboard

Today's Streets 3.1 update brings keyboard support to the Street View app. It's a great way to search and walk through panoramas if you're working with a Smart or Bluetooth keyboard.
Simply hold the ⌘-key to display a convenient cheat sheet of the keyboard shortcuts supported in the current situation. The update also exports EXIF metadata and improves user location search. Check the FutureBlog for all the details.



Hook up Streets to  tv

Imagine you want to show panorama images to a group of people, for instance to customers of a real estate or travel agent, or to your family to plan your next holiday trip. The best way you can accomplish this is by using AirPlay to attach your iOS device to your Apple TV. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center and enable AirPlay Mirroring.

Here are some TV presentation #ProTips:

  • Use your device in landscape orientation. An iPhone 6(s) or 6(s) Plus has almost the exact same 16:9 aspect ratio as the TV.
  • When showing a panorama, tap on the screen once to enable full screen mode.
  • Prepare your presentation by adding the panoramas to be shown as favorites. Then you can find them quickly from the list of favorites.



Get Where To? at a discount

Where To? finds the closest and best rated places to eat, shop, party, and relax – wherever you are. Streets and Where To? work great together: From a Streets panorama you can switch to Where To? to find nearby restaurants, accommodation or transport options. And from any Where To? place listing, you can check the street panorama in Streets.

As a Streets user, you can get Where To? at a discount. Learn more… 



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