Where To? 12: shared bikes and scooters

Where To? 12 is all about micromobility: Select a destination and go there using shared bikes, scooters and e-mopeds. The newest update supports more than 180 providers worldwide.
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Shared Bikes & Scooters in Directions

In bicycle directions view (requires PRO), you can now choose “Own Bike” or one of the available providers for your city.  Be it Bird, Tier, nextbike or any other, just select a provider and the nearby vehicles and return locations are shown on the map. The nearest bike or scooter with a sufficient battery range is selected automatically. Feel free to pick a different one according to your needs. Your complete route, consisting of walking and riding parts, is calculated, including an estimate of the total duration.

All vehicles from multiple providers

To get an overview of all shared vehicles around you or in remote cities, select the “Shared Bikes & Scooters” category under “Travel & Transportation”. You will be shown nearby bikes and scooters from multiple providers that operate in the city. Ready to ride with a bike or scooter? Just tap the callout bubble to launch the third party app.

Pay once, use forever

Some users prefer to “own” their apps rather than subscribing to them. So by popular request, Where To? PRO is now also available as a perpetual license, in addition to the yearly or quarterly subscription.
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Where To? and Streets on iOS 16

The next version of iOS is just around the corner. Currently, iOS 16 beta 4 is being tested by developers. We're glad to say that both Where To? and Streets are well prepared and run just fine on the new iOS. We’re also working to take advantage of some of the new features 🤫🤐.
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