Streets 4.5 

New 360° panorama viewer for Apple Watch

In Streets 4.5, we revised the Apple Watch app and introduced a true sphere viewer without distortion. You can now look around in all directions, not just horizontally. Either move your arm or just pan around using the finger to turn around or up and down in the panorama.

Tap the panorama once to select it (visualized with a green border) and zoom using the digital crown.

John Voorhees of MacStories about the update: „The power of the Apple Watch has grown by leaps and bounds since its introduction, and apps like Streets are a great demonstration of just how far watchOS has come.“

We hope you like the new Watch app as much as John and we do. And for the non-Watch users amongst you, Streets also has something up its sleeve: The app fully supports Dark Mode, introduced in iOS 13.

Download Streets 4.5 Update

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