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Feedback and Follow up from
the Power of Community Summit

We hope you were able to tune into The Power of Community Summit earlier this month and we appreciate those who gathered their families and communities, shared their insights and questions, and engaged in the important conversation we strived to facilitate. We are also grateful to those who were able to purchase the conference package and financially support our work. If you missed the event, there are still several ways to explore some of the content and this newsletter will highlight some of the key take-aways.

Join the ongoing Facebook group discussion here

Purchase the Full Summit Package here.

Gain permanent access to the members area, which includes 30 video interviews (available as downloadable audio or video files) plus additional gifts. 

We were thrilled to see 8,745 registered participants, 145 hubs, and now almost 3,000 members in the growing Facebook group - discussing, sharing, and connecting over common themes.

The summit aimed to turn our conscious and compassionate attention towards a climate-changing world and inspire individual and community-led action for a regenerative future. We strived to catalyze community, explore the leading edge of the regenerative future movement, and increase our collective consciousness in a climate-changing world.

It was the very first ever organized by the Global Ecovillage Network - an entirely free, online experience in the first 10 days of February, featuring three conversations per day, including rich discussion worldwide on multiple platforms. 

It also aligns with the upcoming Climate Change and Consciousness Conference 2019 to be held at Findhorn in April 2019.  For more on CCC19, visit their site here

Participant Feedback

Rachel Bulter (Tiny House Community Bristol, UK)
"I am so happy and deeply moved to be able to hear all the amazing wisdom from your speakers. Many questions that have recently come to mind are receiving answers and it feels like there is a huge wave of knowing energy being emitted from you all. I'm having quite a profound time being immersed in it."

Christiane Boilard (Cohabitat Québec, Canada)
Your speakers were so inspiring that we bought the package. Next week, we will welcome the federal Minister to share our preoccupations about climate change [with him]. The members of our community will discuss how we can further reduce our ecological footprint. Thanks for your excellent work!"
Each day, Kosha introduced the theme and shared some reflections.
Find the 10 daily videos here.
Bonus Video Access for another 48 hours!

We appreciate that many of our followers lead busy lives and it was a challenge to access the wealth of content while continuing to honour your other commitments. For those who choose not to purchase the package, we're pleased to open access one more time to three fascinating and inspiring interviews.

Visolela Namises takes us on a journey toNamibia, and tells us how she has been part of greening the desert, how it is to work with governments in this region, and she inspires us with how she is creating change with the people around her!
Frédéric Laloux brilliantly describes the shift of paradigm from the old to the new way of seeing organisations, exemplifying with lessons from natural systems. He touches on hierarchies of power and hierarchies of growth, control and safety, and the power of listening to the inner voice with discernment.
Joanna Macy speaks to reconnecting, to community, to the greater human family, to fearlessness, gratitude, and relaxing into our original instructions. Caring for our planet, grief and the power of emotion, hope and despair. Connecting to the community which includes our ancestors and the future ones.
Participant Feedback

Gabriel Lechemin (C'est la Vie - ecovillage creation project, France)
"I'm very touched by the videos. Here in France, it's not easy to speak about ecovillages but it's also a good challenge. These concepts seem sometimes far from reality for some of us. The local hub that I'm creating is one first try to sensibilise on this question."

"I am deeply getting connected and learning a lot from the speakers... acquiring an in-depth understanding of climate change and how it can be targeted at an individual, community, national and global level. I [will] also share with my team in NASLA, a youth-led nongovernmental organization working to create a supportive and enabling environment for Sustainable Development of young people and the society."

Hubs of Hope and Inspiration

One of the highlights of the summit was the gathering of community hubs in every continent, who created spaces for active meaningful dialogues and to harvest the wisdom shared by the speakers of the summit.

Over 145 hubs organised events in communities, ecovillages, education centers, farms, institutions and people’s private homes, in 51 countries. The events took many different forms, from small circles in families to large ecovillages hosting screenings to organisations in capital cities hosting workshops. People gathered in groups as small as three up to 60, from young to old. A hub was also hosted by an ecovillage in Brazil hosting a 4-week Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course, where they tuned in every night to be inspired by the speakers, to reflect and to dialogue.

The energy created by the summit and through the hubs has had deep profound effects. With one hub in Cameroon sharing, “Mentalities are changing with regards to climate change and consciousness. People are taking resolutions in the roles they will play in preserving the planet”.

One of the summit hubs in the Philippines shared that they ‘were inspired by the deep insights that emerged such as climate grief and climate hope, creating spaces for collaboration, empowering unheard voices, and incorporating well being in our design for climate solutions’.

Some of the summit hubs will continue to grow into gathering and community spaces. The opportunities beyond the summit are wide open and full of potential. One hub in Canada purchased the summit package to use the talks as a way to bring people in their urban community, local government and businesses together, in their Transition Town strategy

Participant Feedback
Axel Perincherry (The Art of Relating, Germany)
"My whole family is watching every evening one speaker and I can feel how deep that goes in me. I dream about it, things in me come more to the surface - something becomes more real in me."

Kavita Byrd (Shakti Centre, India)
"We organized our hub as the first project of the Shakti Centre, a living community friends and I are starting to bring together spirituality, consciousness-change, and systems- change, with an accent on feminine wisdom. The power of community, consciousness and climate action are very central themes for us, and, taking off from this wonderful start, we welcome others to join us. Anyone from this Summit, please get in touch if you are interested!"
Positive Climate News from Around the World

While some of the discussion covered the immense challenges we face as a global community, we also want to celebrate the many positives that are taking place, showing us the possibilities for this balanced life we desire. Here are some inspiring news stories from around the world.


Translation Report

GEN Fertile Crescent ambassador, Pupak Haghighi, shared his experience translating some of the videos into the Farsi language and sharing them on a popular app in Iran, Telegram, which allows people to exchange information fast and freely. As a result of his earlier work with an EDE course in Iran, his network of ecologically minded people has expanded and he promoted the summit to hundreds of people.  

Pupak believes that "the messages and power registered in a small part of the audience’s back brain in Iran. The Western way of communication does not always land in the way we normally expect with the people over there. But I think if the message of the Summit would move to the forefront of people’s mind and consciousness, if hundreds of people truly grasped some of the conversations, we would make a difference in the destiny of our country, we would move away from the oppressing darkness in our consciousness towards more light of understanding."

He felt that the summit was a beginning to broadcast GEN’s message and work in a clear and comprehensive way for communities around the world. Inviting an envisioning for the next round of GEN's Summit, he hopes to have a strong and dedicated team in Iran to help connect the voices of GEN messengers with the voices of people in the Fertile Crescent, to hear each other and together step across the threshold to a More Beautiful World, one Ecovillage at a time.

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