Welcome to our July Newsletter! We're pleased to invite you to our free Regenerative Schools Webinar. Also, there's an exciting opportunity to become part of the GEN International team in the Findhorn Ecovillage. Further, we are excited to continue the journey from our Online Summit by offering access to eligible groups. We keep on sharing highlights from the Twinning Project looking at the twins Govardhan Ecovillage in India and Kibbutz Gezer in Israel. Watch our Living Solutions series and hear from the GEN Ambassador Orsolya and her new book. Finally, there is the opportunity to join an Ecovillage Design Education Course in Damanhur, Italy and a free mini-course on Tiny forests. As always, enjoy reading, thanks for joining us, and always feel welcome to share your feedback!

Free Regenerative Schools Webinar
14th of July, 17:00 - 19:00 CEST
(Find your local time here.)

In GEN, we continue to explore the interconnections between schools and communities, and how ecovillage principles can be applied in the most diverse contexts. The tools and insights can be applied by formal educators in traditional classrooms, informal youth facilitators in diverse learning environments, as well as community-based initiatives. 
We especially invite educators, parents and members of learning communities who are interested in integrating regenerative approaches and ecovillage design principles into their activities. 
Register for free HERE
Youth Opportunity to Join Us in the GEN International Team in the Findhorn Office

We are still open to receive applications for our 12-month fully-funded ESC volunteering opportunity in GEN's head office in Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland.

Starting on the 15th of November 2021, 2 young adults (18-30 yrs old) from Spain or Sweden with skills or interest in IT, Communications, Administration, Graphic Design, Fundraising, and Networking will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of GEN both global network and organization with an opportunity to sharpen their key interests and skills in IT, network-building, communications, NGO operations, sustainable development and ecovillage living on the ground! 

This is a fantastic opportunity to be at the heart of the network and experience life in Findhorn, one of Europe's oldest and largest communities!

Read More Information and Apply by July 15 HERE
GEN Online Summit Raffle

We give thanks to all who joined the GEN Ecovillage Summit - Living Solutions for a Regenerative World - and hope it has been insightful and inspiring. Our human presence on this planet needs to be and can be transformed from destructive to regenerative.

While the Summit is over, our journey together continues. We want to continue to share the insights, experiences, and stories and would love to support youth groups and organisations,  schools, universities, activists, and ecovillages all over the world to make the best use of this event.

We are excited to announce a raffle that will give full access to the Summit Package with extensive bonus material, to 10 youth groups, schools, universities and 10 ecovillages, community projects in June and July.

To be eligible for the raffle, please see the process and criteria below. 

  1. You are a youth group, youth initiative, school, university or other youth organisation OR an ecovillage, traditional or indigenous community, eco-community, eco-project (which includes permaculture farms, learning centers, restoration sites) or a transition town; 

  2. Your community, project, organisation or group has a minimum of 10 people, has a financially low economic capacity, and is actively working on and responding to climate change issues.
Apply by July 30 HERE

If you are a group that satisfies one of the above-mentioned categories and that has a high economic capacity, we would like to request that you buy the package (we offer a sliding scale of 35-100 GBP. This will enable and give the opportunity to other groups, who are unable to purchase the package, the chance  to participate in this raffle. Thank you so much for your engagement and participation in the summit and your support in this raffle!

Twinning Project Highlight
Twining for better engaged community, water and financial sustainability, creating wider impact: Govardhan (India) and Kibbutz Gezer (Israel)
Starting with an appreciation for the diverse cultural background and geographic contexts of the partners, these twins relied on open communication and a shared vision for better-engaged communities along with ecological and financial sustainability. Through community profiling, they shared a learning journey to understand the different approaches to community processes, decision making, and strategic planning.
The long-term plan they created together takes into account the benefits of rainwater harvesting, green canopies, natural ponds, and water conservation with the additional benefits of addressing soil erosion.
GEN YouTube Channel
Did you know the Global Ecovillage Network has an YouTube Channel? We just reached 3,000 people subscribed to it. If you haven't subscribed yet, please do! If you are looking for interesting content to watch, we suggest our playlist with Living Solutions from Ecovillages, a series of short videos with individuals and collective tools and practices that can be widely and easily adapted and shared!
Watch the Ecovillage Living Solutions series
GEN Ambassadors
GEN Ambassador Orsolya Lelkes spent years trying to keep her career as social justice and public policy researcher separate from the holistic, embodied, playful and spiritual practices she found in ecovillages. Through a courageous life change, she finally brought them together, completed a GEN Training of Trainers, and dedicated herself to spread the message of ecovillages in existing structures and urban settings. One fruit of this is her new book, “Sustainable Hedonism. A Thriving Life That Does Not Cost the Earth” published by Bristol University Press in May 2021.

In Orsolya's own words - "In the book, I present the notion of a “good life” based on ancient Greek philosophy, modern science and existing innovative practices, such as solidarity economy and ecovillages. I also show how the use of theatre and role-play can become a laboratory for a flourishing life. The book argues that we can become both “better hedonists” and “more virtuous”, and that can bring not only personal happiness but also contribute to the healing of our collective environmental and social calamities. It concludes that ecovillages and other existing positive practices can support us in our endeavor – as we are not alone with our aspirations." Read more about Orsolya here.
Check out "Sustainable Hedonism" HERE!
Partnership Offers
Ecovillage Design Education Course (EDE) in Damanhur Ecovillage, Italy 
Are you ready to step into a transformative learning adventure to build your capacity to contribute to a thriving society within planetary boundaries? Then feel invited to join the Ecovillage Design Education Course (EDE) in Damanhur Ecovillage in Italy!

The EDE was born out of the experiences of long-existing communities and cutting-edge educators in order to teach how to create a new way of living that brings together the four key dimensions of sustainability: social, cultural/worldview, ecological and economic.

Learn actively together with others, work on your own project design with team support, and gain a reputable certification while spending a month in close contact with one of the world’s most famous communities. Damanhur has been a center for spiritual, artistic, and social research since 1975 and is renowned throughout the world for the Temples of Humankind, an underground work of art, completely realized by hand.

If you have any questions please contact:, +39 348 6432318
More Information and Registration HERE
Rewild Urban Land with "Tiny Forests" Mini Course from Gaia Education

What are the causes of urban land degradation? This is the starting question that all participants will reflect on in Gaia Educations FREE "Tiny Forests" mini-course. Upon completion, you will be able to name the causes of degradation in biodiversity, climate change, and human wellbeing.

“Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot”
Big Yellow Taxi - Joni Mitchell

Get your FREE mini-course HERE!
If you have any news or events to share in the next newsletter (beginning of August), you are welcome to connect with us at by 30th of July.
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