Hildur Jackson Award
For Ecovillage Projects and Regenerative Solutions.


Together with Gaia Trust, GEN developed the Hildur Jackson Award, a €3,000 annual prize that supports and honours projects around the world that demonstrate regenerative best-practices in all dimensions of sustainability.

The prize is awarded to projects bringing the most impactful inspiration about ecovillages/ecovillage lifestyles to a broad audience.

The 2019 prize will honour an Extraordinary Project (€3,000) and is open to ecovillage communities or projects worldwide.

 Applications for the 2019 Award close 9 September - Extended deadline!

CASA Latina

From September 19 to 25, 2019, the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America (CASA LATINA) meets at Inti Kamari in Azuay, Ecuador, for the 2019 edition of ECCO - Latin American Sustainable Communities and Buen Vivir Conference.

The first 4 days are dedicated to Trainings for the the social, ecological dimensions of Sustainability and the Rights of Nature. In this international meeting you can learn about Permaculture, Agroecology, Ecological Architecture, Sociocracy, Transition, Participatory Leadership, participate in conversations and forums on the Rights of Nature, Social eco-regeneration and more.

CASA Latina's Assembly happens from September 23 to 25, and will be attended by representatives of the National CASAs of Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Youth and Nomads.

Participants will interact with the local community and the Bio-region to weave relationships of collaboration, support and network growth. Everyone is welcome!

ECCO 2019
September 19-25.
Inti Kamari, Azuay, Ecuador.

Access the full programme:
GEN Annual Report 2018
We are proud to release the Global Ecovillage Network Annual Report 2018. Our staff, network partners, and ecovillage members are diverse, creative, and driven by passion and commitment. We strive to ensure our projects and programmes are engaging, impactful, and contextually relevant. We hope to share our hope and inspiration with you.

Our annual report provides metrics, as we track our progress and set new targets for the coming year. It also encompasses stories, bringing together perspectives from across the globe woven into our collective narrative.

Together we can build the regenerative cultures the world needs.

Access now the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Annual Report, click here!
GEN Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo delivers its annual Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course

The GEN Democratic Republic of Congo network (GEN DRC) just delivered its annual Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) course in Mingadi, approximately 1 hour outside Kinshasa. With the support of Vodacom, this two-week course provided training for 44 participants from 4 villages and was one of the first steps towards developing an ecovillage demonstration centre for the DRC.

This event was the culmination of a very busy six months for GEN DRC and their lead organisation, Luc Lutala and his team from Espoir Pour Tous. Despite a challenging time for the country with its first peaceful transition of power since independence and yet an escalation of violence in parts of the country, Espoir Pour Tous has been working as part of a new consortium to implement large-scale change.

Read more about GEN DRC:



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