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Day 7: Moving to Action
As leaders of tomorrow, youth are called upon to participate in governance policy, the only way for us to do this is to understand that
‘In order to get to the top, we must start at the bottom’.

(Sonita Mbah)
Welcome, everyone, to Day 7 of our Online Summit, where we Move to Action.

As Communities for Future, let’s work hand in hand with Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion (XR) who are taking to the streets in climate protests, in order to create the tangible change that we would like to see in our communities.

Let’s dedicate ourselves to completely transforming our human presence on the planet - from destructive to regenerative - now. Let’s bring truth and honesty back to our public spaces,  our political dialogues and our media.

60% of Americans get their news from fake news sources. As of Oct 2019, within 993 days of being in office, Trump had made 13,435 false or misleading claims. But even worse, this did not  have a negative effect on his popularity.

On the 23rd of January this year, only a week ago, the Doomsday Clock, which indicates how close our planet is to annihilation, was moved to its most perilous position since 1947, just 100 seconds before twelve.

And humanity is waking up. 2019 also witnessed the largest climate protests in human history with more than 4 million participants engaged worldwide. 26 countries and 1,333 local governments have now formally  declared a climate emergency.

Let’s sensitise ourselves and become astute at distinguishing lies from truth. Let’s organise or join events today that catalyse shared climate action. Let’s urge our MPs, our local and national authorities to take more radical steps. Let’s stand up and speak out for what we believe in, just like our three speakers of today.
Calixto Suarez is the guardian and spiritual leader of the ancient culture of the Arhuacos whose sacred land lies in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Calixto shares with us about the importance of reconnecting to ourselves, contributing to our societies and dealing with the disharmony in the world. He works tirelessly towards the safeguarding of sacred sites around the planet and the recognition of our sacredness within.
Click here to access Calixto Suarez's video
Willem Ferwerda co-founded the Commonland Foundation in 2013 in order to kickstart the large scale transformation of degraded landscapes into thriving ecosystems and communities. With a background in nature conservation, he came to the conclusion that only if we bring everyone to the table, the farmers, landowners, the poor, business leaders, communities, nature organisations and politicians, we can start designing long-term restoration initiatives. The team at the Commonland Foundation are doers, not dreamers, committed to regenerating 100 million hectares of degraded land by 2040.
Click here to access Willem Ferwerda's video
Sonita Mbah from Cameroon is an inspiring example of the huge impact empowered youth can have. Before the civil war in Cameroon broke out, she, together with her friends, built an ecovillage demonstration site. They transformed people’s relationship to the land and to farming, but also challenged and shifted cultural gender norms. Inspired by this work, the local municipality of Bafut developed plans to transition 52 villages to ecovillages. Today, the ecovillage lies deserted and many of Sonita’s friends and colleagues have been killed or have had to flee. Nonetheless, Sonita continues her work of inspiring ecovillage development across Africa and received the Gender Just Climate Solutions Award of the UN.
Click here to access Sonita Mbah's video
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When are the interviews available?
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Welcome by Kosha Joubert - Day 7
Climate Fact - Day 7
The Climate Emergency is not going anywhere - but we are coming
together, as Communities for Future, to take action.

With love from the GEN Team

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