Welcome to the November edition of the Global Ecovillage Newsletter. This month, we celebrate the incredible work and enthusiastic participation in the first online version of the annual ecovillage gathering, hosted by GEN Europe. We invite you to a range of further online opportunities, from discussions about schools, to research in transformative social innovations, to building the youth initiative in North America, as well as GEN Oceania & Asia's gathering and a workshop on Permaculture. From that, we are keen to hear from you what topics you'd like to see on our learning platform in the future. We're pleased to highlight an ecovillage in the UK which is recruiting new members. And proud to share updates from GEN Ambassadors representing the movement. We hope you feel inspired and welcome your feedback and requests to share your story with us for future editions.

Celebrating GEN Europe's Online Gathering

A beautiful success of last weekend's event: "What If? Ecovillage Solutions for Extraordinary Times" hosted by GEN Europe.

Welcoming 300 participants and almost 50 presenters/facilitators, it was a true celebration of community, hope, and inspiration for the future in extraordinary times. Despite the distance, thanks to the wonders of technology and such enthusiastic and engaged attendees, it felt like together we formed a global village across borders over the weekend.

Access to the recordings will come soon. For now, enjoy the incredible artwork of graphic recorder, Fanny Didou from @sketchingthemove who captured some of the highlights.

Upcoming Ecovillage Online Learning

The below offerings are open to all, though some are catered to specific timezones. For consistency, all are stated in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). Remember to always check your local time here.

GEN Introduction Course
Self-paced (your own schedule)
Would you like to learn more about the history and structure of GEN, tools, methodologies and resources that we developed over the past 25 years?

Learn about projects, accomplishments, examples of well established ecovillages, and further opportunities for anyone to step (more) into GEN’s work. Navigate the 25 hours of content based on your interests, at your own time, yet still post insights with each section, and read those of other participants. This can be seen as a first stepping stone to becoming an Ambassador (with future courses to step in more on the way)!

Extended deadline for 15 more spots for people from the Global South, from a non-majority background and/or from a crisis area. Scholarships will be allocated according to country of residence/origin, gender balance, diversity of ethnic background and cultural heritage, meaningful role and service in your community.

Apply for the Scholarship here by 30 November

Free Schools Webinar
18 November, 12:00 - 14:00 UTC

Schools are an important part of our future. In this webinar, we will show how schools can be used as ways to create resilient communities, in the different aspects of an ecovillage approach (ecological, social, cultural and economic levels). We will explore three case studies from Africa (Greening Schools Malawi), Asia (Auroville, India), and Europe (Gaia School Estonia). Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in group discussions.

Register for free before 17 November here

International Research Colloquium Series on Ecovillages and Resilient Lifestyles in partnership with the YEEES Project and others.
Special guest Dr. Iris Kunze will present Ecovillage Research and Transformative Social Innovations. 
25 November 15:00 - 17:00 UTC

The aim is to exchange experiences, increase data sharing, identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for collaboration, and also to map and systematize research on ecovillages and related topics. 
Iris Kunze holds a PhD. in geography and sociology. She has co-developed the field of ecovillage research since 2002. Iris is an expert on social movements, transformative social innovation and sustainable ways of living. She has researched and taught at the University of Münster, the Center for Global Change and Sustainability (GWN) at BOKU University, the Institute for Integral Studies and the Austrian Institute for Sustainable Development.
Find more Publications and information here.

Register for free here before 24 November
Next GENNA (Youth initiative of GEN North America): Building the movement in Quebec (in French)
28 November 13:00 UTC

By hosting educational events and reaching out to student groups, Next GENNA members share their knowledge about communal regenerative living. They host monthly discussion groups open to all (regardless of age).

Make sure to also check out their English podcast “Healing in Community” with a new launched episode almost every Friday!

Find out more or register here
GENOA Gathering
26 November 6:00 - 28th November, 11:00 UTC

This two-and-a-half-day journey will go through the process of Restoring ourselves back to resilience and Re-storying the regenerative future we want. Ticketing is based on trust and gift-culture, and no one will be turned away for lack of funding. This is an opportunity for collective healing and growing.

Register Here
Workshop: Introduction to Permaculture
With Morag Gamble
2 December, 3:00 - 6:00 UTC
$10 - $40 USD
Morag Gamble is a global permaculture and ecovillage ambassador who leads the Permaculture Education Institute, teaching and mentoring permaculture teachers on 6 continents. She has supported the emergence of the new Permayouth movement, led by her 14 year old daughter, which joins teens across the world, including refugee camps, in mutual learning. She is a certified Warm Data Lab host, Schumacher College guest teacher and youth mentor for the Capra Course.
Find out More and Register Here
With all of these offerings so far,
and already over 500 participants in our online learning platform,
we are curious to know what else you would like to see
and in which formats.

Please share your feedback with us for a chance to win a free course!
Complete our 3 minute survey here

Ecovillage Highlight

West Lexham Retreat Centre in the UK is recruiting new community members with potential paid roles.

An eco-friendly paradise, run on +90% renewables and organic principles in a pocket of Norfolk bursting with wildlife, this social enterprise has repurposed historic farm buildings to recreate rural livelihoods and local networks that farming used to. The aim is to be a rural idyll that explores the best ways of living, working, and being and attract like-hearts and minds, to explore and learn together.

They offer different types of training, retreats, and holidays focused around nature, healing, and crafts. Their vision is to grow into a larger Complementary Health Centre, so they are looking to recruit people with whom this vision resonates: who love nature; helping others on their healing journey, and are keen to build a Community Hub. Previous experience and skills is preferable, but heart, motivation, drive, and clarity will be the main determining factors.

As well as continuing to build a Social Enterprise, they are growing community based on the common values of a deep relationship with nature, an interest in self-development, and the wish to create positive change in the world through service. They are happy to assist with relocation for those of you called to come from further afield.

Find out More and Apply here

GEN Ambassadors

Three GEN Ambassadors participated in the Economist Virtual Sustainability Week last month: Alice Güntert (GEN Africa) participated in discussions, with support from Tanya Mottl (GEN Australia) and Amena Bal (GENOA).

The event gathered industry leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers to assess what businesses in particular—but also governments and NGOs—can do to rise to the challenge. The 3 Ambassadors brainstormed how to best represent GEN and add value to the event. Next steps include working out a strategy to follow up and continue to build relationships and highlight GEN's work.

This is a great example of GEN Ambassadors self-organising, doing what they are passionate about, and sharing the wisdom and power that ecovillages have to bring positive change to the world. GEN celebrates and thanks them for so diligently working together to represent the network and the movement at such events, paving the way for other GEN Ambassadors to do the same and to bring GEN into the global awareness.

Help Spread GEN's Message

We invite YOU, as commited members of the network, to help us disseminate information about the Global Ecovillage Network. Due to COVID-19, many in person events were cancelled and unfortunately our already printed brochures couldn’t be distributed, reaching people who either never heard of GEN or already interested in the work we do. Instead of keeping them in the GEN office, we invite you to find your role in spreading GEN’s mission and resources. Contact us by to coordinate.


We very much appreciate you supporting us in spreading GEN’s mission!

If you have any news or events to share in the next newsletter (mid November), you are welcome to connect with us at by 6 November.
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