“Everything is inter-related. We have to use the system as we have it, but transform the system as we want it.” -Satish Kumar

Welcome to our June Newsletter! We're thrilled to share our Annual Report with you, full of stories and information about what we accomplished in a year of uncertainty. We are also pleased to continue the journey from our Online Summit by offering access to eligible groups. There's an opportunity to join the GEN team, and (at the end) we continue our look into the lives of GEN team members. Further, we continue to share highlights from the Twinning Project and provide a few free online learning opportunities. As always, thanks for joining us, and always feel welcome to share your feedback!

Our 2020 Annual Report is Here
As we celebrated our 25th year in 2020, and all the contributions that lead us here, no one could imagine the uncertainty the world would face. While gathering the stories and data to showcase our accomplishments for the year, we felt an enhanced sense of gratitude for the abundance in our members and collaborators. As a network and organisation, our resilience was tested and proven, and like a diverse ecosystem, we navigated challenges with creativity, flexibility, and solidarity. We were truly pressed to practice the ecovillage principles, particularly “clarifying vision and higher purpose” as well as “listen to the feedback of the world.” We believe our Annual Report reflects this and are pleased to share it with you here.
Read More and Downalod the Full Report HERE
GEN Online Summit Raffle

We give thanks to all who joined the GEN Ecovillage Summit - Living Solutions for a Regenerative World - and hope it has been insightful and inspiring. Our human presence on this planet needs to be and can be transformed from destructive to regenerative.

While the Summit is over, our journey together continues. We want to continue to share the insights, experiences, and stories and would love to support youth groups and organisations,  schools, universities, activists, and ecovillages all over the world to make the best use of this event.

We are excited to announce a raffle that will give full access to the Summit Package with extensive bonus material, to 10 youth groups, schools, universities and 10 ecovillages, community projects in June and July.

To be eligible for the raffle, please see the process and criteria below. 

  1. You are a youth group, youth initiative, school, university or other youth organisation OR an ecovillage, traditional or indigenous community, eco-community, eco-project (which includes permaculture farms, learning centers, restoration sites) or a transition town; 

  2. Your community, project, organisation or group has a minimum of 10 people, has a financially low economic capacity, and is actively working on and responding to climate change issues.
Apply by 30 June HERE

If you are a group that satisfies one of the above-mentioned categories and that has a high economic capacity, we would like to request that you buy the package (we offer a sliding scale of 35-100 GBP. This will enable and give the opportunity to other groups, who are unable to purchase the package, the chance  to participate in this raffle. 

Thank you so much for your engagement and participation in the summit and your support in this raffle!
Youth Opportunity to Join Us on the GEN International Team in the Findhorn Office

We are still open to receive applications for our 12-month fully-funded ESC volunteering opportunity in GEN's head office in Scotland.

Starting on the 15th of November 2021, 2 young adults (18-30 yrs old) from Spain or Sweden with skills or interest in IT, Communications, Administration, Graphic Design, Fundraising and Networking will have the chance to gain a deeper understanding of GEN both global network and organisation with an opportunity to sharpen their key interests and skills in IT, network-building, communications, NGO operations, sustainable development and ecovillage living on the ground! 

This is a fantastic opportunity to be at the heart of the network and experience life in Findhorn, one of Europe's oldest and largest communities!

Read More Information and Apply by 30 June HERE
Twinning Project Highlight
“Terra Preta Composting Twin Toilets” Collaboration: Nuestra Finca Sagrada (Nicaragua) and Familia Feliz (Spain)
Turning a challenge into an opportunity, this collaboration addressed the realities of rural living with no plumbing or access to groundwater. As water scarcity increases and soil health depletes, partners creatively saw human excretion as an opportunity to re-value and re-purpose this raw material.
Through the Terra Preta System (Dry Compost Toilet), a great low-tech solution achieved several goals, minimizing water use, reducing resource needs, enhancing soil fertility, creating closed-loop systems, and applying appropriate technology in a collaborative way. 
Education for Sustainability Online Event
June 10 at: 17:50 - 18:30 UTC (12:50 - 13:30 Ecuador time).
*Find your local time here.*
In Spanish with English Translation
Free, with registration required.
We are pleased to partner with FERIA Virtual in this online series exploring the educational vanguard, science, and technology in relation to communities and sustainability.

GEN's Education Coordinator, Taisa Mattos, will present the Map of Regeneration and connection with the Sustainable Development Goals. Fellow partner, Mugove Nyika (RESCOPE, GEN Africa) while share insights on the whole school approach relating to the curriculum. Ronald Sistek will share wisdom on Project Based Learning in Sustainable Education. And Pablo Ponce will position schools as communities, through cooperation for regeneration.
Find Out More and Register Here
Storytelling within the Ecovillage Movement
Humanity is now living in-between stories.  More and more of us are waking up from a nightmare of separation and ego and dreaming into a New Story of our essential interbeing with each other and all life. In this time of growing ecological and social crises, when millions are losing hope, sharing our personal stories about ecovillages and living in community can inspire others to build a new normal and a more regenerative, meaningful, and just future. So, what’s your story?
An invitation from Facilitator Daniel Greenburg
How did you discover your passion? How has being connected to ecovillages transformed you, surprised you or challenged you?

Dive into the art and craft of storytelling and develop a meaningful, personal story into something you’re proud to share with the world! Learn more in a free storytelling webinar on June 16 and/or join GEN’s 6-week online course on Crafting Stories to Build the New Normal starting June 23.

Together our stories have the power to change the world.
Pre-Register your interest to be notified with more info HERE
These sessions are facilitated by Daniel Greenberg who has been involved in the ecovillage movement since 1988 when he pursued his doctoral thesis on “growing up in communes.” Having lived and worked in over 100 ecovillages around the world, Daniel is co-founder and past Board Member of Gaia Education and served as GEN's President. He is now inspired to bring forth stories that can help put “flesh on the bones” of the New Story.
The UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration launched on World Environment Day
This week, the United Nations launched the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration in celebration of World Environment Day with events across the globe to kick it off. We celebrate the global recognition that one of the best ways to halt and reverse climate change and global warming is with Nature-Based Solutions.
GEN's Representative at the UN, Rob Wheeler, shared this with us, stating: "Most ecovillage communities are already taking action to restore the natural environment. And now many businesses, governments and organizations are making commitments to move rapidly towards Carbon and/or Land Degradation Neutrality. Hopefully GEN and our ecovillage communities will join them."

Events start today, June 9, and span a range of topics and countries. 
Find the Official Schedule HERE
Get to Know the GEN Team
Have you ever wondered who is behind the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) International? We are pleased to share with you the fifth interview of our GEN Staff Interview Series! Find out who we are, what drives us, and what we are currently working on!
Jake was born into the Findhorn Community, Scotland and has stayed active in the Ecovillage world since. From visiting close to 50 communities worldwide to co-founding NextGEN, he is now mainly supporting the IT and Operations Department of GEN International.
If you have any news or events to share in the next newsletter (mid July), you are welcome to connect with us at by 12 July.
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